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Im in the middle of editing..... I already see images from the Event on other People's blog.... but I got the Good footage myself cause Im a Rentman(LOL)and I always help out the Fellas...they have always been good to me..(ALL U BLOGGERS OUT THERE!!) BIG SHOUT OUT TO he caught some really good pics....I was there and its hard to get Pictures some times.... I'm living in the moment....and at the same time I want to play reporter for the Fans that read my blog. Its like.... Im part of the Action that I want to record so its Hard doing both jobs!!! but WilsonModels.blogspot was dead on and got some really good shots(Alot of Diesel!!LOL)

I read the Sword... and they are talking about the Drama at Hookies with Barrett Long and Jason Curious......

Now its Funny!!! I was standing right there when Jason Curious came up to Barrett!! I didnt hear what they were saying... but they looked at each other. Talked Briefly and Jason went about His Way!!! So whatever Hype is just Hype!!! This is the Entertainment Business..... Gossip is Gossip.... its all for Press!! Some like to Use the Hype from Blogs and Websites because they use them!!(Diesel Included) So U have to take the Punches when U talk about People Online(I HAVE TAKEN MORE THAN MY SHARE!!STILL DO!!) Speaking of which... Here is Ryan Raz and Kameron Scott(yes that Kameron Scott) If people remember I had Words with Both of these Two!!!.....

It was all Hype for the Movies... I came out Crazy and Wild for Asylum..Going out there against Eric Rhodes, and then Co star Ryan Raz.... I thought It would be good Press for the Movie Asylum(Duh it was Set Up Mental Ward Hospital)so I made this crazy story... About being Mad and taking Out My Pressure on Ryan Raz... You People Ate it up.... but at the Same time called Me "CRAZY" for talking Badly about Eric Rhodes... I took the HEAT...That Situation was all over the Internet(Press is Press I will take any..LOL)

Then U all know the Kameron Scott story..... It hit the waves like Wild Fires!!!! I got email after email... from Models, Studios, Blogger writers, Everybody!!...... Some knew that it was all for Publicily and some were... Defending My Honor or Kameron Scott's Honor.... I took alot of Heat for that as well!!...... I didnt want to tell anybody the real story....IT WAS ALL FOR PRESS...AND TO PUSH OUR MOVIE!!! I was focused.... Sometimes I forget that People believe everything they Hear or See Online.... I write openly about "Things" so I guess People "READ" too much into things... Its funny that Im speaking about it now.... Usually U do the "Hype" and then People are All Up in Arms!!! And they will Talk and Talk about ya!!!!! I just never spilled the Truth until Now.... DO I KNOW HOW TO SELL A SCENE OR NOT!!! LOL

Back to Hookies... It was a Good Event..Splash was Packed!!!! This is My Hometown so I dont go out much.... But Barrett and Jason Crew were in town..and We are all I came out with Barrett and his assistant, Jason Crew...had some drinks and just Helped out Rentboy..

The List of Winners can be seen on any of the sites........I was Up for Best Top and Best Escort Website....

Best Top went to Brazilian Hunk(U know Him as Rafael Alencar, Fire Island Movies)He's so cool I was Happy for him... I have "Worked" with him Off Screen(ClientWise)so lets put it this way.... I have worked right along side of him....He saw My Stroke!!and I saw His!!! He knows the Deal.....(LOL)

Best Escort Website went to Tommy Deluca

*****BREAKING STORY******* I was Informed today that I won the Award for Best Escort Website.... WOW!!!

It really means that I came In Second Place!!! but I will take it!!!! It was My Own Fault for not giving the Link So People Can Vote for me Until the Last Moment!!!! I always Support So Im Happy that they gave me the award... U guys Rock!!! I got that Story Before any of the Other Blogs that had a Chance to Report it!! U can see the Winners at

So for the rest of Evening I Hung Out with Mr Pam, Jason Crew, Barrett Long, Mike just getting "Dazed and Confused"

And I already Wrote about Seeing My Best Friend and Having the "TALK"

Highlites of the Evening.... Watching People's reactions to seeing Diesel Washington and Kameron Scott in the same Room Laughing and Hugging(Fooled Ya Bitches!!)

The Same with Ryan Raz..LOL

Eating some Cory Koon Ass!! (Hey it Won for Hottest Ass!!I have to taste it LOL)

Being Interviewed by Angel (who is turning into Great Interviewer)

"Running" into Jake Havoc again.... Hot guy

Also running into Talvin DeMachio.... Fucking Hot guy!!

Just chilling with Barrett, Mr Pam, Jason Crew and everybody else that came over to Barrett's Place in NYC..

The Bullshit that Night!!!!!

Not Really Winning the Best Escort Website Award..... but still gave the Crowd a little Show and took my Off my Shirt and Clothes Just to show some Skin!!!

Running into M.L.(East Coast Producer) it wasnt the place to talk about Internet Blog Shit it was a party...But I spoke my Words about that already...

Not having a Big enough VIP area (it was Black Party Weekend)the place was packed WALL TO WALL!!

Thats it I posted the Pics of the Party and working on the Vid now!!!


I still have to write about the Black Party and Dexter Delarge makes a rare Appearance!!

Seeing Nick Capra... was looking Good!!

Congrats to Brandon Baker!!! Dude U deserve everything.... We have worked together at so many events.... U deserve the Highest Award given for Us Escorts....

*This was Put Out Fast so (Grammar, Spelling, Sent structure sucks!!) Quick Post!!**

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