Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Okay...Its Nice having Ur Homey around..when U need someone to talk to.

That's It. I just wanted to make that statement.. Moving on

More Mud slinging from M.L.

This comes from the Village Voice:

The Naked Truth About Porn Prince M.L.
Wear a condom while reading this: My sit-down with the Russian-born gay-porn czar
By Michael Musto
Tuesday, April 21st 2009 at 2:32pm

MM: And now, you don't shut up. What's eating you? (As opposed to "Who's eating you?") ML: I put on my blog that there aren't enough black models in porn because of homophobia in the black community, and Diesel Washington [black porn star] said I didn't know what I was talking about. He's a moron. I lived in Harlem for a few months. I use more African-Americans in my movies than anyone. But those that come to porn are literally thugs that you see on the street. I need guys—black or white—who are in good shape and clean-cut. Why does everyone attack the Mormons, but they'll never go after African-Americans? Because it's not politically correct to do so.

MM: Let's switch topics, please. The Middle East? ML: I did a lecture at Stanford, and Muslims boycott bah bah bah.

Above was from an Interview in Village Voice.

Okay, I see that I have to once again put on my Armor.....sigh****

I'm a Moron?????

I merely stated my Opinion the first time around...... and U came back with, I was Antisemitic!!! M.L. I'm getting tired of this Showboating type P.R. U use. Its Wack!!!! In other words, its passé, U use old Reruns of Press Releases that dont have that punch anymore!!!(Remember the Fake Suicide for a Press Release by M.L.,I forgot the Movie, Wack self promotion!!)... Its So..... Old Hollywood Glamourish!! It doesnt move me. I self promote as well(and do a Damn Good Job)...Your starting to Lose Your Touch...Borrrring!!! You should spend more time Promoting Ur Exclusive Models then giving Me Press!!

And Finally....The Old Grand Dad Move of P.R.(I almost Fell out of My Rocking Chair reading this LOL)..More Nonsense coming out of the Mouth of M.L.

"I use more African-Americans in my movies than anyone.
"But those that come to porn are literally thugs that you see on the street."


Are You talking about Thug Porn with Tiger Tyson???Thug??? Whats is your definition of a Thug?? See on the Street??? I'm confused??? Isn't there is a "Specialty Class" In Gay Porn for Ethnic Films that are dominated by "Thug Type" models and those Movies have a Strong Fan base and seem to be selling well(Thug Porn, FlavaMan etc).... probably Out Selling Ur Company. But Who knows??? U Own a Company, I think U know. Don't Ya???(LOL) That is Why you use so many Black models because U see the market for it. I'm not a Thug, sorry I stated that Over and Over in past blogs.

So back to Your Broad Statement, African Americans in Gay Porn(including Myself, I'm African American duh!!)are Literally Thugs that U see on the Street???.....

Tsk Tsk Tsk....

Flat out People... M.L. is Mad because I don't want to Work with His Company, I Speak My Mind when People talk about Something they Know nothing about(Black Gay Community) and I live It!...He's Mad that I Wont let Him Suck My Dick Anymore!!..... I still remember the Casting Couch Special We had Years Ago. I let him Suck My Dick, and I fucked His Face!! http://www.dieselwashingtonxxx.com/2006/11/money-hungry-dogs.html

That was one of the Reasons, why I waited so long to become a Porn Star. Bad Times!! But I changed My Mind and the Rest is History..anyway...

M.L. U Still Want My Dick, Dont Ya????, U must want it again, U talk about Me all the time... For Gods Sake in the Interview, I get a whole Paragraph... To make Matters Worse, during the course of the Interview, U didn't talk about any of Ur Exclusives???????Not One of Them??? But Diesel Washington Got a Whole Paragraph?? I'm Flattered!!

But No M.L., I don't want to Work with Your Company, I'm Sorry!!!

And It Sucks because I FUCKING LOVE MR PAM!!! FUCK!!!!I WOULD KILL TO WORK WITH MR PAM!!She is Full of Energy and Has the Mind of a Dirty Freak(So Do I!)!! I FUCKING LOVE YA MR PAM!!

But I cant work for M.L., I can't! Come on!! He writes comments like this:

Porn is not recession-proof. Whoever says it is lying. But because of the recession, everyone wants to be a porn star now. To balance things, I pay them less and I pay less for renting locations. Everybody's making a deal now!!

by M.L.

Are You Kidding Me??? Work for Someone Who Talks like that????Ummmm No thanks!! Before that It was, He didn't want to Pay for Model Flights because they kept canceling on Him!! So the Model has to come out of pocket for his own Flight?????. That is some Funny Stuff!!! No wonder why Jason Crew left, Ryan Raz, Tony Di Marco, Chad Hunt,Bruce Beckham, Spencer Quest all gone!!

And when each one left, then came the The Best of DVD for each of them..... Trashing them at the same time. Bruce Beckham(He Sucks, He Fucks, He Farts!! something like that) then U started calling them Fat, Or warn them against Diseased ridden Cocks at their New Company!!! Nonsense!!!

Dude I don't have to Bad Mouth Ya!! Every time U open Ur mouth U do the Work for Me!!!

Anyway I was walking on 23rd Street and 6ave today I saw something that reminded Me of M.L.(minus the money bags LOL)see picture above.

U cant Bully me, I use the "Bully" as a signature Fuck Position my friend LOL.



Anonymous said...

If ML uses more black actors than anyone else, I must have missed them.(Are they "passing?")He lived in Harlem? And I'll bet some of his best friends are black, too. I can see why you are pissed, DW, but is ML powerful enough in the biz to be taken so seriously?

Anonymous said...

Another interesting blog entry. Thanks to the internet, I was able to get some background information. You live in a very interesting world, I enjoy reading about it.

ReggieH said...

Michael Lucas is all about Michael Lucas, and 99% of what he says is an attempt to make himself look good. The other 1% is to get himself more press. You should just ignore him and move on.