Thursday, April 02, 2009


Hmmmm, well everybody knows about My Breakdown...but there is alot of stuff going on in Porn News..

I'm reading stories and stories and its bugged out!!!

Okay first lets talk about the M.L. vs Corrigan thing....I said my words about this... and even though I don't agree with alot of what M.L. says I do see his point regarding this situation. At the same time...Wow hearing news that long time model of M.L., Ryan Raz(Who I worked with in Asylum)is being signed by Raging Stallions.. That's Big!!! So M.L. lost Jason Crew... and now Ryan Raz.. that got to hurt. I guess We will all see the Best of Ryan Raz DVD by M.L. coming out soon LOL!!

Chad Manning.....WOW!!! I don't know what to say??? I like Chad and I like Brian Mills. Chad Manning is complaining about the Cover Pic for his latest Movie..Slow Heat, Hmmmm Chad, I have been there and done that my friend. U were a Titan Exclusive for 1year.. I was a Titan Exclusive for two years!! I feel Ur pain...but Move on Brother!! I did. U need to recover and hit the pavement now!!! Ur amazing looking with a great body!!! U will land on Ur Feet very quickly. And put it this way, Sagat is shooting Movies with Falcon(Eric Rhodes and Sagat scene), Damien Crosse(Raging Stallions) has his Own site, Diesel Washington has shot with Falcon, Raging Stallion, Channel 1, Bound Gods etc etc, Dillon Buck has shot with Mustang, Overseas Companies, Tober Brandt, has moved on to Raging Stallions, several studios and just Won Best Fetish Model. Titan is feeling the sting, it Lost some High Profile Signature Models, they are in a state of rebuilding..Also sites like and others are dipping into the Fetish Market, alot of competition going around. I wish Titan all the Best(that's being Honest) I am a Fan of Porn!! I watched when Titan was Huge with Dred Scott, and then He left..and Titan had to rebuild, it took some time... But I believe Titan Hit Huge Success with its Signature Line Up of Sagat, Crosse, Washington, Baresi, Flynn, Tony Buff. Times have changed now...I saw the change in Power Happen at the Grabbys 2008, Titan Won Best Picture, Best Leather, Best Extreme, Best Camerawork, Best Director, and One of its Model's singled out for Hottest Cock!!! U cant get any better than that!!! Titan was On Top!! That was my Cue to go!! U have to leave when Ur on Top!!

Now this Blog wasn't meant to be Rude!!! Or Point fingers its based on my Opinion. I feel I have the right to talk about these things...because I lived it!! I'm not bashing anybody... I do Porn..Fan of Porn and I Internet surf, reading all the News I can!!

And No Offense to Titan!!! Ur rebuilding just Like I'm rebuilding!!! I'm Hitting the Gym harder so I can be ready for War!!! U lost some Battles, I lost some Battles!! But the War on Porn is hardly finished!!! I have alot in store for the Fans.....and I know Titan has some Breakout Scenes coming soon!!! So stay tuned for that!!!


M said...

You are one sick messed up FUCK! I mean get over yourself. War on porn, get a grip! Real people are dying in Africa, gay men are being killed in Afghanistan, the world's economy and all you think about is you, you, you!

What happened to the promises of taking this shit blog down! Oh yes, of course you are a LIAR too!

You SERIOUSLY need mental help. When you have lived or even travelled abroad and have a better perspective of life outside and what is going on in the REAL world, maybe then you might get some focus. Then start posting, until then do us all a favor and SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!

Wonder Man said...

You feel what you I agree, you should speak your mind

Anonymous said...

LOL! You and Lucas are one in the both love stirring up drama and you are both sore losers!

You might both do better if you just kept your mouths shut and let your work speak for itself.

You both make yourselves look stupid and demean yourselves when you act like 13 year old school girls.

Grow up, shut up and man up!

Anonymous said...

Hey man. You know that I worship the ground that you walk on. Unfortunately, the point has been slightly missed. There was no war over the cover and that is not what started my beef with Titan. Was I upset with the cover art? Yes? Is there a Titan film that does not list at least one exclusive on the cover? No. I simply asked why I did not make the cover ( However, that body shadow on the cover is mine). The "drama" went on from there. I very much like Brian Mills too. My blog has done nothing but praise him since it's beginning. But the choice of words he chose to use in his response and his suggestion that I was a jerk,loser, and needed to go to rehab went WAY over the line. Rumors began to spread about the private conversation I had with Brian Mills. In doing what I thought was right, I posted the complete conversation on my blog, That post was published for an entire week before it made anyone notice. However, I did an interview with Muzophile and he asked me about the post. I explained myself to him. He then went on to ask if I was afraid of any backlash. I said, "no." I survived the massive anger I created with my crusade against Mason Wyler,also on the blog. But I stood my ground and was proven to be right. All I wanted to do was clear the air and show people that this was not just about the cover but about respecting me as a person and a model. Yes, I was an exclusive with them for 1 year. And being new to the industry did not mean I was new to the public stage. I had completed a campaign for French Connection as well as Abercrombie & Fitch and Banana Republic. There is a level of respect that everyone is entitled too. Calling me a drug addict and a jerk simply because I asked a question was not something I would think a legendary director would throw at one of his models of which he had nothing but praise for one my last project. In that 1 year as an exclusive with Titan I appeared in many scenes and a total of 6 films. That was a lot of work for a newbie. I don't want anyone to think I am a whiner in the industry. I love this biz. But enough is enough. It is bad enough that there has been a personal campaign against me by another model simply because my Boyfriend is Damian Rios. So, Chad Manning, the nice guy, decided not to bite back but set the record straight. I thought people would see it that way. I wanted people to make up their own minds. And they did. As of Friday I had many comments on my posting and they were all in my favor. Ricky Sinz commented that I had a lot of courage to say what I said. I feel the same way. But in the end there was backlash. So, I decided to move on and remove the posting. Just like you I will not allow people to say things that are not true. That is what was happening and I tried to put a stop too it. And yes, while under advisement, I pulled the postings, I made my point known. I respect everyone in the industry. I don't want war with anyone. This is porn. It's not world peace. So to set the record straight I released a statement on my site as well as sent an apology to those involved with Titan.

It can be noted that since I left Titan in December 2008, I have worked for Channel 1 and I am about to shoot my third installment with After that I have a film directed by Steve Cruz scheduled for the end of April. During the GayVN weekend I was able to meet lot's of folks in this industry. By the time I went home I had been approached by 3 studios and to appear in a music video. I took your advice when we spoke at Black Party in NYC last month. I am taking advantage of what I have to offer and roll with it. Titan is in the past. I wish them well and I hope Tony Buff's line is a smash hit. No one loves Tony Buff more than myself. So, since the posting has come down I hope that those who read this will understand that it was far deeper than it has been made out to be by the gay press. Plus, I doubt you will find anyone including Titan that will say I am hard to work with. My post may have given off that impression. That is the point of my PR blitz to really set the record straight. If I continue making films and doing really well in this industry I will have survived this. Otherwise I guess I will join a bowling league. LOL

Be good you sexxxy fucker! I will do a scene with you anytime!

-Chad Manning

Ryan Raz said...

It's funny there is no "official" release about me an Raging Stallion, but everybody knows. Shame you wont be in the M.L. Best of Raz.

You should check out the video on my blog where he states his thoughts to me on camera, quite upsetting, but that's the way it goes.

You are definitely right, the industry is changing way too fast. When it comes to sink or swim, I know you and I will be swimming strong.