Sunday, May 31, 2009


There is alot going on on this page..

We first have up the Vid...Driving back to New Jersey from Chi Town. We left Chi Town at 8am in the morning, we didn't want to get stuck in Traffic(Memorial day Traffic)so we decided to leave bright and early(that is why I missed the Porn star Brunch)and it was a long drive home.. Im just sitting in the back of the car napping away. I have to admit I was stuck on Stupid for the entire time in the Car back home. I simply had the Time of My Life!! Check out the Vid.

I really Love this One!!Hooker Bunny and Bunny Raper made up this Vid for If U dont know whom I'm talking about...that would be Damien Crosse and Francesco D'Macho. Anyway Congrats on Ur Wedding!! Love ya Guys!!! And yeah I finally did it!!!

I love it!!!

Then the Pics above.. On stage with Spike(Congrats on the Hall of Fame thanks for Pic Cool Tom)..Talking with Wolf Hudson.... Pissing Into My Mouth( and Super Agent Howard from Diesel with the Vid Camera getting footage(still need to post some of the Crazy stuff that happened!)

Whew!!!! that's alot of stuff right there..

Okay What else?

I know what I wanted to talk about... Now I was really Low key at alot of the events..I dont know? At this point of my Career, I tend to stay away from doing Interviews.. And I'm getting alot more Nervous when I'm around crowds.... Its not that I'm scared of anything happening.. Its more that I feel that I have to be "On" and its getting funny now because I feel I have a target on my back now!!

I ran into Race Copper a rising Pornstar...We talked briefly..what was strange? I saw photos of him Online and he has been getting alot of Press lately. I'm happy for him!!! I encourage more Men of Color to step into the Ring(Industry) Not to sound Cocky!! But I really set the Bar high for other Performers in the Business(Wheter Black or White) But I see alot of Stars bringing their A game.. Matthew Rush working with Titan and doing Watersports with Sagat... Eric Rhodes and Sagat, and I heard they were doing some Fisting????...

Wow!!! Sagat is going to Come Hard this Year!!! I'm not Hating at all!!! Congrats!!!U HEARD IT HERE FIRST!! MARK MY WORDS!!!

He is coming Hard!!! I love watching Sagat!!

Okay the Song and Dance is Over!!

The biggest questions for me is "What to Do Next?" "My Next Goal?"
This should be easy to figure out..... But its not!! I still want to be recognized by the Gayvn......Moving on(LOL).. Working on my Own projects!! Working Big Time!!! Touring Dates still working on that...

I might go to the Rentboy Pool Party in Palm Springs..The guys were so Nice at the Resort last year, so it makes it worth while to go again.... Also Hustlaball NYC is coming in Oct.

Trip planned to Washington DC this week..... I'm announcing it alittle late but I will be in Washington Jun 1-3 leaving in the Afternoon on the 3rd. From there I will announce where I will be going next... Possible Florida? possible LA. I'm still figuring out the details.

I wanted to announce the the Blatinoawards by FlavaMen it is an Erotic Awards Show for Men Of Color. I think its a Great Idea!!! Now I'm not writing this to be nominated or anything (I'm not a douchbag like that LOL) I wanted to announce the Show because I believe strongly that Men of Color should have their own Award show.. U figure that Gayvn has an Ethnic themed award (Special Class) its still treated as a Niche in gayporn...Same as Twink porn.. another (Special Class). If the Twinks created their own award show, I would support that too... Equal representation!!!

I'm getting off subject..I just wanted to give my support to the Blationawards!.

Another Topic.. How to Keep My blog from sucking???? I trying to think of New ways to keep the blog fresh... Its hard!! U win an award for writing a blog.. U now have to step up Ur game even more now. Take for example, Eric Rhodes blog...When he was single... it would be story after story of How he hates Porn and Performing...the Drugged out Nights and all of that stuff.. Soon as He gets a Bf the blog changed... he's not miserable anymore!! He found Love!!! Nothing to Rant about when Ur happy... Eric's post used to come from that Dark side of being Single and Lonely.. Not any more!!

I dont want my blog to suck, I won all these big awards so I'm happy for now! No more whining about Awards or getting recogition from the Industry!! But alot of that energy went into my writing because I had that drive to keep pushing for attention. Now I just have to maintain. People are happy that I won!! And some people are sad that I won(I will tell ya why)because some of My best blogging has been when I was upset or mad. Don't worry I'm sure I will find something to be Mad about(LOL)

I have alot Up my sleeve as far as content goes...Dont worry about it though, The blog will remain Fresh and Up to date!!!

Moving on yet again....... I told People before, I do not Text or Twitter.... I'm sick of that Twittering Shit!!!! I really dont want People knowing where I am every second of the day(U got to kidding!). If I do not text, What makes ya think I would Twitter????? I'm Ur basic Blogger, I was blogging when it was first called writing a Journal online.. So stop asking me...I do not have a Twitter account... I do not Text.... Stop blaming me for not getting Ur text messages or Twitter. I will experiment with Vlogging... Chi Chi, Wolf Hudson, Mr Summers are all Vloggers, I would try that.... Here is example of Vlogging

And Congrats to Mommy Washington for winning a Messy Award from Chi Chi LaRue Coolest Person in the Room award!!. LOL thanks Chi Chi!

More to write later


Jannx said...

Yep. I think the Vlog would be a definite step up "in your game". I think it would add another positive edge to your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi.."Ethnic themed award (Special Class) its still treated as a Niche in gayporn." that's just so weird they feel a need to do so... I guess everyone's supposed to sit neatly in our little way thanks..Laurie