Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Okay, U know I will keep going back to the Grabbys every now and then........and Now is one of those times.....

I forgot to thank Some People when I was on I'm taking the time to Thank those People Now!!!

I mentioned on stage thanks to Titan!!! and I left out Keith Webb(it was by accident)so I will make it up here!!! Big Thanks to Keith Webb.

Mr Summers...I got Ur email and Youtube and thanks Little man(Remember I interviewed him a month ago)Thanks for the Shout Out!!

Dean Tucker.... Ur such a sweetheart thanks.

Howard from Fabscout..... Dude we are Family.. Thanks

Kawai and James Sheridan(Titan's Editing Team) I'm so sorry I didn't mention U guys on stage...I was nervous, when U get on stage U have so many People to thank U lose track. But Big Shout Out to Titan's Editing team.....U Dudes made Me look hot!! Without U guys I would look like shit on screen.

Markus Ram....Dude, When I first met ya at Folsom I was like "Who is this Guy with his Fangs Out for Me??!!!" LOL Since then... U have had my back and even gave Me support when nobody else would have spoken Up!!! U always told Me!! U would come out of retirement to do a scene with Me... and U did just that!!! Our scene in Folsom Prison rocked!! It will be around forever and its one of the strongest scenes in Folsom Prison, it become an Infamous scene in the coming years. I was Happy to work with ya!!! And the finished project was amazing...that scene wouldn't have gone over big without ya!

Steven Ponce..... Our Scene in Telescope should have won Best Duo at Gayvn's...Anyway most People give me the credit for the scene... but a Strong Top needs an equally Strong Bottom to be paired with to make that scene shine like that.

Damien Crosse.... Dude U are my best friend..I hope U don't Hate Me for not making it to Ur Wedding... But I was in Chi Town winning some awards...Anyway.. I wished U the best on stage and I Owe ya a Wedding present!!! I'm coming to see ya soon Baby boy...give my Love to the Bunny Raper!!! Damien U were the one that listened to me Bitch and complain when times were rough.... U were my buddy!!! When alot of people turned their back on Me.. I love ya!!!

Slaveboy Bill(U know who U are!!) U gave Me the best advice when the chips were down...U remained at my service in more ways than one. Good Boy!

Jeff, Brandon Baker and Sean Van Sant (the Rentboy People) U make it Hip to be a Hooker.... U invited me to so many events and took care of Me. There is nothing else I can say but Thanks!!

Angel Benton....My little Peter Pan!! U were one of the first Bloggers that gave me any type of Press..For that Thanks.

Gayfleshbot.. I thanked all the bloggers I could remember on Stage and I left ya out...I'm sorry...U guys gave me Press after Press when nobody else would touch me.

Tony Di Marco.... the first director Post Titan that called Me Up wanting to work with me...Everybody else thought I was done!!! Everybody wrote Me off when I went Free Agent.... U were the first Director to Call Me Directly and ask me to work for Ya!!! Even got me on the Cover of Rear Deliveries

Steven Cruz... dude U put Me down on the Movie that U were working on.... Most Porn stars would say We should do a Scene together and Never really Mean it! U asked me and Bamm We were filming!!! I'm Over the Redlight issue...And Congrats on Ur Performer of the Year award.

Falcon for hiring me to do Asylum.... Again People put me on the Washed up list but Falcon took a shot and put me on the Asylum Cast......And that Movie was Huge!!

Chi Chi LaRue... There were alot of People that were talking in Our ears about the Black Balled project.... In Hind sight I'm sorry I didn't do the Movie because it came out Big.... But then again...U saved Me for Ur biggest budget movie this Year "TAKEN" and I know that movie will be an Instant Classic!! U rock Chi Chi...U gave My mother a hard time at the Grabbys...but I know U did it all in Fun!!! And my mother was laughing the whole way Home!!

Mark and Stacy(Grabbys) U guys set the tone this year... Ur awards show was Huge..It opened the door to more Men of Color performers trying to get into the Industry. The aftershock of the awards will be felt for years down the road. I'm sorry I didn't Thank U guys on Stage...but I will be forever indebted to U guys. U Started the trend in this business.... now Performers of every race and back ground can come into this Industry and get equal shine.

Just Us Boys Mag..... Ur issue on Diversity opened the curtain on the Industry....When most publications wouldn't touch the subject, U not only touched the subject but wrote honestly about Studios not using more Men Of color in its casts. That was Big!

Again I have to thank and U GUYS ARE FAMILY!!! I thanked U guys on stage! But I have to Thank U guys again.... The awards really belong to Ya!!! People had Me counted out...and u kept bringing me back to life through Ur stories and News reports!!!LOVE YA GUYS!!!



And thanks to the Haters!! Without Ur constant Hate!!! Shit talking, Finger pointing, Rude comments, Name Bashing I wouldn't have found the energy to keep going!!!

I went from a Guy that Jerks off to Porn....... to the Performer of the Year in this Industry!! Wow!!

Cinderella Move Over!!! There is a New Story in Town!!


James Sheridan said...

Hey Diesel,
Thanks for the shout out.
Mad Love for you always here in the editing department at Titan.

-James Sheridan and Kawai

sixsixty said...

LOVE IT! We're always rooting for you here in the editing room. Soo thrilled you're finally getting the recognition for your amazing work!!! Diesel has always brought it to everything he's worked on. And props for loving the editors!


Anonymous said...

mmmmmm were was that comment...ah yep..."Slaveboy Bill(U know who U are!!) U gave Me the best advice when the chips were down...U remained at my service in more ways than one. Good Boy!"....if that means what it sounds like... wouldn't I like to be way its good to see the rewards for the hard work...Regards Laurie

Angel Benton said...

You are so sweet to include me! Trust I am certain I will be writing about you for years to come my friend.