Friday, June 19, 2009


????? at this point???

I sit back questioning everything... My life, direction, focus and lack of it. Rants and Rants of nothing....

Moving on.....

I'm watching the Industry now... Alot of stuff happening. Jason Adonis is back...hitting up JetSet(long history with them)and getting to write his own stuff and concept..Good for him!! I never met him before but props to the Veterans(I'm one).

So Far major match ups coming out that I'm excited about....Remember Eric Rhodes and Sagat(Huge)the fisting scene dropped, Interesting(In a Good Way)the concept sounds hot and Eric and Sagat always bring A games(Shit I'm Jealous, smelling Best Duo for them)...not to forget.

Matthew Rush and Sagat...Watersports???? I'm Sure Titan will find a way to include this scene in an Insane Movie!!! Damn!!! Looking for that one!!(Its not a suck upto Titan,!Just two great performers I want to watch)

Oh Wolf Hudson and Jesse Santana, U Cockyboy Fucks!! I haven't had a chance to watch it yet... Wolf Did U put the smack down on Jesse????? U better had!!! Jesse needs his Ass blown out just because he looks so beautiful when he's getting fucked!! The Eyes!! Its all about the eyes!! I'm sure their scene was smoking, so Def check that out!!

Hmm???Checking news online about Raging Stallions movie with Ricky Sinz and RJ Danvers(that is my baby). Now I don't have to tell ya that Ricky puts it down in every scene that he is in(that goes without question)but RJ????? Can this boy get an award already???? I read his blog(which is great)and he performs off his ass.. People say I was overdue for an award.. To the Industry, this Boy deserves something. Being an entertainer, U have to use every form of media out there(I don't text or Twitter and still survive)but he does Youtubes, Xtubes, Rockettubes(whatever)writes with passion, performs off his Ass, tours, dances, and on top of all that reads comic books, he does it all!! Okay that is enough on RJ(Love ya little boy)

Logan McCree(My fellow Comic book geek) The Visitor, when I go to these events I can always "Sense Out" the true performers. GayVn Performer of the Year Logan McCree(I"m Jealous!! I was up for that award, lost)at first when he won the award I was like "Really???" I recently had a chance to watch his scene in both Drifter and To Last Man and some of his prior work, and this Man can Act and Perform with the best!! I'm sorry if this comes off rough... I underestimated Logan and his abilities on screen. Whenever we meet, we start talking about Comic books and back issues of X Men and I always forget that he is a great performer(looking at it from another performers view point)he's cute as shit and I feel his passion for the "Characters" because As performers will channel that passion into the role(We Fuck like its Our last Piece of Ass).

To say it in a non corny way, he is a fireplug on screen!! Damn!!

Oh I forgot, Ty Colt, and Adam Killian in "The Trainer" that is in my deck of DVDs to watch.. Adam U was working off Ur Ass in that scene man!! Jack of many traits. U film, perform, write, dance and model??? That is alot of hats to wear, and U do it well..My friend. Ty Colt what more can I say??? Insanely hot!!! I feel weird because I'm lusting over Ty, and I see him at all the events. We talk hangout and then I walk away going "I WANT TO FUCK HIM SO BAD" "Let me get the fuck outta here!!" No but really, He's cool.LOL

And who is this guy?? Nash Lawler?? I caught glimpses of him at the Grabby awards, Let me put him on blast, I was suppose to present with him(Award winner Spike filled in, Big Shout Out)So I was backstage waiting to get on stage and no Nash??? So I see on that he is trying to give his ass away to the highest bidder(I know its a Joke)for his bottoming debut......Hmmm???? When ever I hear someone that is a top, and wants to do a bottoming debut scene. My ears start burning!! moving on...

As u noticed I don't talk about too many Websites, only because I don't have that much time to watch porn.... I do Porn!!(used to)but when I hear two High profile models are going at it, That gets my attention!!!

Ur probably reading this and saying he has way too much time on his hands...Ur right. I was a fan of porn when I first came into the game, I remember when I was nervous first meeting the stars that I used to watch and jerk off to(Bobby Blakes, Matthew Rushs, Colton Fords, Mister Marcus, Lexington Steeles). I just stood there and stared like everybody else, hoping to get a picture (that sort of thing)then I craved my name into the books and made my name. I started to see People nervous around me and staring like they want to get a pic or talk to me. And I'm like Whoa!! It's so different now, I mean I have gotten used to it, but I had to go through an adjustment stage(still going through it)

Anyway I wanted to write something else for a change... as one of my fans say(James)I'm the King(not Queen)of Drama and right now I'm drained(of the Negative Energy)which is good.

I had like 2 days to sit inside the house, get in touch with 420(and myself) and watch some porn.

Is it weird that I jerk off to people whom I met before and hung out with, partied with, even slept in the same bed with(shit that I had sex with). Is it weird to jerk off to Ur friends who do porn??? When U do porn?? I don't know??? I mean I have my limits.... I don't jerk off to Best Friends(that would be nasty)just people I have seen in passing.

Which is another thing I wanted to talk about....In three years, I probably jerked off three times by myself(yes just three times)meaning no cameras, no clients, or shows nothing...just laying on my bed with some lotion and jerking off watching porn. Three fucking times!!! I used to jerk off alot as a teenager, when I got older I stopped and just saved it up for when I did get action!!(Huge Cum Shots)and when I got into the Industry(Porn, Escorting)I really had no need to jerk off(Shit that cumshot is worth money now!)

So I had the chance to be normal for once and throw on some porn and jerk off. So refreshing!!!

It's funny while most of ya out there have Ur favorite porn stars that u jerk off to and want to watch and meet one day. I not only meet them, fuck them, I used to get paid for it, then I would come on my blog and brag about it...

What a ride it was!!

I will admit it, I'm going to miss the energy and the nervous energy on set.



Anonymous said...

It seems like this blog entry has a bit more positive energy than your previous entry, I'm glad. We all have our moody periods. I'm just glad you didn't let yours last for too long.

RJ Danvers said...

You're such a sweet guy.

Miss you,