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First off the bat is the Interview I did with Dennis and Ewan for I forget my manners when it comes to blogging etiquette(there is one) People Link my site to their site, and Ur suppose to Link their site to Ur blog list. I will update my link list soon, I promised other bloggers to include their site on mine. Anyway I wanted to send a big shout to Maleflixxx. I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Dennis(cute little fucker)


Yeah Yeah I know Awwwww!! How cute, Diesel gives shout outs to his Lover!!! AWWW...Geez. Writing this blog is getting hard...esp when Ur Lover reads them as soon as they go up!! They don't read over my shoulder while I"m writing(A writer as well). They read my blog post just like everybody else.... at work(LOL). I'm glad that people take the time to read to this shit!! I'm rambling now....

Anyway here is the link to the Interview With Dennis below:

Another Vlog for the People!!!

Now let's get Our hands dirty....THANKS FOR THE INTRO DIESEL!!!!!

Lets start at I read the story, It had to be Paul that wrote that story!!! All I can say is "Jealous much?????" (Kidding, Cute boy) I love the guys over at't I the only Porn star on stage to thank theSword and the other bloggers that report the news???)they always show me love!! And cuddling and foreplay isn't bullshit.... but if Ur not getting the real thing yet!! u would be annoyed as well.....So let this go on record "I HAVEN'T HAD SEX WITH MY LOVER YET" So now, People will understand the venting......we haven't had sex yet period!. All we have done since being together is foreplay and cuddling, which is fine for me. I do admit to being a Big Baby when it comes to Sex!! U go from being this Famous Porn star that everybody wants to have sex with, to People wanting to hire Diesel for Sex(Go to having a person that Turns you on so much but they have the "Wisdom Teeth" issue and simply cant handle ya in the bedroom. Ouch!!

Anyway to Butt plug starter kit???Hmmmmm? I don't know about that one?? They did go out and get Anal EZ(something like that, some gel shit)but I wouldn't do the butt plug thing or Dildo thing with them... It's not their style. And I called it "This Dating Shit" because We all know how hard this dating and relationship thing is....Its maintenance everyday, growing and getting used to each other. We are headed in the right direction though, there is alot of communication and passion between Us. Oh Geez another AWWWWW!! moment I'm having. Anyway we are stronger than ever!!! So go on and start hating bitches!!! I know People are dying to see my Lover. Nope not yet! I share alot of things online, sometimes too much!! I want to share my lover with the public but it has to be done properly!!

Seriously my lover is smart as fuck, and they understand the "Internet thing" they understand it so much.... they want to be introduced as a character(they are such a Ham) I thought it was a good idea as well. They are not Porn stars and have no desire to do porn!! Its like I have to make a disclaimer.. THEY ARE NOT PORN STARS AND HAVE NO DESIRE TO DO PORN!!

To add to this blog, I'm going to take it in another direction, expand the blog into doing Skits that are funny, Music Vid spoofs bah bah bah. So give me time to include my partner(It will be funny I promise!) But U as the Fans need to judge the blog on content rather than looking for Hot guys!! I need to say that. It would help me to get more characters for short skits and movies when it has nothing to do with Porn. So there will be some characters on this blog that are not Porn related in any way. I will still give ya the sexy shots and talk about the business and that kind of stuff. But I'm having fun with "Media", taking pictures, learning how to use my camera(Yes I finally have cameras) and learning how to Edit Vids. In my downtime while I'm not shooting for any Studios(the recession is a bitch!!) I now have time to work on projects, I don't care if they are short films or Youtube skits I need to keep putting out work.(I said this before, I'm repeating myself LOL)

Now lets get to the things that piss me off:

People who wear socks with sandals(I know that is the style somewhere)but come on people. If Ur going to wear socks with sandals, u might as well wear shoes or sneakers, Maybe I am the only one that feels this way.

Skinny Jeans...Okay!! I have said before I like them, because they are form fitting.. But I don't understand skinny jeans, that are tight on Ur legs and calves but people wear them sagging off their ass... While It does show off Ur ass(Yummy). I cant help think "How Do ya wear tight pants and they still sag off Ur ass?????"

Skinny Jeans again but skinny jeans on Fat People????? That bugs me out. their gut is hanging over their belt...

Guys who wear sunglasses at night on the train, that is so annoying to me. "Ummm We are all high on this train at 3am on Sunday morning, Ur not fooling anyone!" This is a NYC thing I guess?

Guys who wear two polo shirts together and Pop their collar...What Guido bullshit is this??? U not only have on two polo shirts, but a t-shirt and then wife beater underneath. U guys must be sweating off Ur ass!!

People who Text or Twitter while driving!! I mean don't we have laws against using Ur phone while driving????

Twitter I hate that shit!! I can't do it!! Let me break it down to the fans. U all should know what Twitter is. But get the Noun and Verb action, Twitter (the Noun) and when Ur on Twitter, U tweet (the Verb) and get tweets(i guess that would be a noun LOL) I cant believe this shit. I cant do it!!

Gutterbunnies (U know this already)

Good Close friends who have no money, now we all have that friend that is always broke and we pay their way, they are so cool to hangout with so we do it. But come on Dude, get a fucking Job!! Shit sell Ur dick or ass!!! I want to hangout with ya so bad(Cool people that are Funny), But when u don't have any money, I'm not going to invite ya out, so u can sit at the table across from me, watching me eat(they just drink water or eat the free bread)sorry dude. God that annoys me!!

People who blow their boogers from their nose into the sink(Common Area sink), that is some nasty shit!!! U know who u are!! Use a napkin or do the Booger Plucking method..

Fat People that go to McDonald's and order all the food they want, but when it comes to the drink, they want a Diet Coke or Pepsi..... I mean come on!! Ur eating at McDonald's which is so high in fat but want to order a Diet drink?????????

Wet Blunt smokers!! God when the blunt is coming around in a cipher(for people who don't understand, a joint being passed around in a circle of friends)why is it that there is always that guy who smokes the blunt and when he passes it to ya, the blunt end where u smoke from, is all wet from spit and saliva??? Dude u sucking on the blunt or smoking it??? Hate those guys!!!

This one is for the Sluts and Pigs, Don't U hate when u go to the bathhouse or sex club and u find the guy that u want to hook up with. U make out and fool around in public(granted its in public)there is always some guy that watches(staring at u guys) and cant keep their hands to themselves, and wants to join in the action. U have to say" Yo get the fuck outta here man, We want some privacy" Fucking Asshole!!

This one the Escorts will understand, Don't u hate the client that hires ya for an hour session, they take up the whole fucking hour!!.... Meaning the session is going over the hour limit(by 10mins), U tell the client the hour is over(not clock watching)and the session will come to an end soon. When they realize the session is over, they shoot their wad in less than 20secs!! "Ur thinking, This client could have cum anytime and they were holding off as long as possible(getting their moneys worth). Yuck!! Shoot the wad, and leave the money on the dresser.

Okay I wanted to hit ya with some of things that piss me off... I did a few blogs about things that piss me off...there are new ones to add to that list now.


Yeah another Awww moment!!

Fuck u Haters!!!! I may have a new love interest!! But I will still bring that Fire to Ur Ass and this blog!!!

Watch out Now!!!


Anonymous said... is all up on you again...

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Why didn't you include "snow queens"?

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Letter to the Editor,

lol.... That's so funny seeing your shorts puffing up with the air bubbles. u pushing them down..I used to get the same problem and rather embarrassed that "down there" was all plumping Mate....Rgds..Laurie