Monday, June 22, 2009


I get in those moods when u want to look back at the things u have done, some people look through old high school year books, old photos with friends and family bah bah bah.

I can go through my blog, and relive all those times again and again. I have pics, vids, and commentary, all done by me. Since I write every blog on the spot, I can feel the energy that I was feeling that day when I wrote it. Yeah alot of whiny, anger issues and being the crazy porn model online blogging. Yikes!! the things I have said and done........

What a Ride!! All for me to read, some of it probably doesn't make sense to the readers. But the writer knows exactly what each sentence means to him, some good stuff.

At first I wanted to do the "Best of" blog, u know like Best of Live shows, Appearances, Film going way way back....

Would take me all day, I have some footage of stage performances back in 2007 at House of Blues (07,08), Black Parties(06,07,08,09), Hustlaball Las Vegas(06,07) Dirty Secret Party(08,09) Hustlaball NYC(07), Gay Erotic Expo (06,07,08) it would take me forever to get all the photos and vids and put them into one blog..

I will go back and show ya the beginning....... starting with my body.

When I first started off, I wasn't in the best of shape this is what my body looked like before I dedicated myself to look like a porn star.

After dedicating my body for my Art(Porn)

I posted about my body before, I thought I would bring it back as a reminder to people who think, I had it easy when I jumped into this game.

Nope!! to be honest I was rejected by Titan the first time around when I sent out my pics to them.

I was wondering why?? I wasn't good enough?? I was determined to prove them wrong!! Not only prove them wrong, but make them want me!! Job done!!

When I look how far I came...whoa it takes me back!!

So much hard work, I pushed and pushed!!

To those trying to break out, I hope this gives ya motivation!!

Now lets talk about the Up and Cummers......

I don't want this to sound rough but here goes:

All Up and Cummers(getting tons of emails from)U ask for my Help, advice and counseling on How to become successful. Bottomline Versatile and bottom guys I'm going to have to fuck ya, if I'm going put my name behind ya..I have to know that u can back everything U claim. To the Top guys(Gay/Str8)ur going to have to blow me!! If ur a gay for pay model, heterosexual doing it for the money U need to suck my cock!! Fuck that hetero bullshit, when "U" want to make money doing gay porn. U have to suck my dick first, because nobody likes a lame blow job no matter how hot u are.

Call me a dick or asshole or Say I'm exploiting these models. All true!!! I'm no saint if u want my help it comes with a price!! I don't want a percentage, finders fee(well maybe), or part of Ur scene rate. If Ur hot, I just want that ass.....

It's not much in return!! Simple as that!! If u don't like it then ask somebody else to help ya!!!

To some people that might be creepy or sleazy to do!! Hmmm?? a hot guy with huge dick and hot body wants to slam fuck ya, in return they give ya promotion, work on Ur image, blog, website and performances???? Hmmm tough choices!!

I guess U can cover Ur body in Cool Whip and Cheetos(Like some models LOL)to get Ur attention....I have done it(not that verison), but it was for fun and made sense and made me look sexy not messy!! These photos were from last year(copy kats out there) The way the Newbies are hungry for attention nowadays!!!!

Like I said been there and done that already, the Up and Cummers have to do it right, make it look hot and sexy!!

Do I have to teach those young ones to do it right????

Btw Steven Cruz used to a do segment on his blog called "Celebrity" Ask Steve Cruz here He would do these dares posted by Celebrity porn stars. Brilliant idea!!

The kids today are so hungry for press, they would get into a chicken suit, and get into a Hot tube just to get their pics on a website.

And the website will bill it Porn star chicken soup!!!

That's so wrong!! Funny but so wrong!LOL

Take the dick instead!!


mark said...

i love you so much! would love to meet you in nyc one day :D

radbear67 said...

The picture of you with a picture of a certain architectural monument is one of the best things you have done. Very clever, but still sexy. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Radbear67, I like the "monumental" picture the best.