Wednesday, June 10, 2009

THE LOVER SPEAKS OUT!!!! by the Editor

I'm alittle nervous writing this blog, but lets start here first. I'm writing this blog as the "Editor", but there is a new twist to this blog. For the first time in history, I'm sharing this post with my lover.

I'm getting alot of emails asking about the Lover and wanting to see pics and all of that stuff..... Not just yet People. My lover is still adjusting to the Diesel Public persona.. Speaking of which it sparked several conversations about the Whole "Diesel Thing" "Blogging Thing" "Performing and all that sort of stuff.

I groomed my Lover to be ready for this, the Diesel thing, Blogs writing about Us and Our relationship in general. I am a Blogger, I use this media for Venting and Ranting... For the First time Ever!!! I got to see first hand, how my blog effects People esp the one person who I care for deeply. They were surprised at article and the Unzipped article because Now they were being talked about.

So I attached a mini blog that my Lover wrote about his feelings on the subject.

These are words from my Lover:

by the Lover

I feel the need to respond to all this hoopla because there seems to
be a bit of confusion going around the world of blogs.

First and foremost, let me set one thing straight...

I am not (repeat NOT) in a relationship with Diesel Washington.
I am in a relationship with the man who plays Diesel Washington on

Granted, Diesel is a part of the man I have feelings for, and I do
understand the confusion as the character of Diesel exists beyond
movies, but in the end he is still a character (and a character I
personally have very little to no interaction with). While Diesel does
write on this blog, he is not the one writing when our relationship
comes into question and that fact seems to be lost on a great many.

I've been thrust into a very unfamiliar world, and it is on me to
adjust to the fact that I'm with someone who lives a very public life
in that world. And it's on him to help me as best he can with that
adjustment (we're both doing our parts). I don't resent the fact that
he discusses our relationship on his blog at all, that's his choice
and i'm not the type to demand someone change their habits. i
understand that he uses this forum to vent his frustrations and
emotions as his way of coping with them and i respect the fact that
he's found a way of doing that so well and i love that i can get
further insight into his life and mind even when we aren't face to face.

But bitches need to back up off it. My bidness ain't yo bidness, ya

The beginnings of a relationship between two people with strong
feelings is a delicate time of adjustment. The fact that the editor
and i exist in such drastically different worlds means we both have
further to go to meet in the middle than most new lovers do. We both
recognize and appreciate the effort the other puts in. Those who read
the blogs and forums and watch the movies and interviews need to
understand that you don't have all the facts on our relationship.

I'll lay it out all here as clearly as i can and hopefully that will
give you all enough insight...

as far as the sex goes:
i am, ahem... tight, and relatively inexperienced as a bottom, I'm taking the
steps i need to take to give my man what he wants, but it takes time
and he has been remarkably patient. The wisdom teeth issue isn't an
issue at all. One just started breaking through the gums... it hurts
and it bleeds and i'll make an appointment to get it taken care of.
It's nothing more than unfortunate timing, and once my mouth has
healed all will be back to normal on that front.

as far as our relationship goes:
we are in a great place. i can only speak for myself, but I am
deliriously happy experiencing emotions i have never felt for another
person before. Diesel and the Editor are very different people. You
all know Diesel (and you all know Diesel much better than i do) but
you only get what the Editor is willing to give you of himself, all i
can tell you is that there's so much to him (much more that can fit on
a blog) that Diesel's fans don't know. The person you don't know is
who I'm in love with.

I am a part of the Editor's world, Diesel belongs to another part of
the Editor's world, the borders are beginning to blur and these two
worlds are colliding, but as they do it's important for the rest of
you to understand that this isn't my domain and I'd like to come into
it on my terms in my time.

In the end, all you need to know is the Editor is happy, the person he
is with is happy... and all is good

by the Lover

So those words are from my lover, they still need some adjusting time.....but I care for them alot.

Wish them well...they are a big part of my life now!!!


Kirk Cummings said...

Hey Diesel it is Kirk Cummings I just wanted to say hi and tell you congrats on your wins at the Grabby awards

JNez said...

i am enjoying reading about diesel, the editor & the lover. i wish you all content and success in your relationship and hope you continue to share it with us.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your relationship! It sounds like you've got a good head on your shoulders to handle this type of relationship. I, myself have a little experience on the subject, as I have been involved with someone who was originally just my favorite pornstar and then it became a little complicated, so GOOD LUCK!