Sunday, June 21, 2009


Nice nice....I hear the Buzz for "Taken" is going very well..... indeed there are many people in this movie... and there are "Break Out" scenes!! Umm... this is my blog so I have to talk about my scene. Me Me Me Me

Thanks to the boys over at, I might have went overboard talking about my New Position called the "Cannonball"...LOL

Anyway these are shots from the movie(the ones I could find with me)so as u can see I really go all out in this movie.

So "Taken" is out!!!!

So lets talk now.....

I'm alittle slow to this Fame thing, and it gets alittle annoying at times. I'm often recognized in New York, and fans, admirers (whatever)sometimes get carried away with letting me know they are interested!! I mean certain people follow ya, and watch Ur every movement, its creepy!! I would call it very aggressive flirting, I don't do the whole "Gay Sex Look". U know when the Guy stares ya down, licks his lips, "adjusts himself" pulling at his pants(front and back). I'm watching the person that's doing all that and I'm laughing. I'm not laughing at them(personally) I'm just laughing at the gestures and the ugly faces they put on. Of course its accompanied with the heavy breathing, moans and gasps for air, I mean they go all out!!

It's just alittle creepy..... that's all I'm saying!!

Wait it gets worse....

Apparently, the fame has found its way to my gym...*sigh

When I go to a gym, I'm there to work out, not sit around and watch people. So I'm catching more and more people staring and watching me at the gym. I'm cool with that, I personal train, so alot of people ask me work out tips and the sort. But I will draw the line at the staring in the lockerrooms.

Gym lockerrooms, yup that is a basic staple of gay porn. Guys fucking around in the locker rooms and all that stuff. This might be a boner killer, but I'm not into the whole locker room thing. I'm a personal trainer so that is hitting kinda of too close to home for me. As it stands now, I change in the bathroom stall, yeah it has gotten to that point now. So when I change I grab my things, head to the stall and change. I don't have anything to be ashamed of, I just can't stand the Locker room shit!!

I have certain rules for Locker Room behavior:

No I will not have a conversation with ya, when Ur Buck Naked!! I see more and more guys talking to each other, with dicks out swinging and having a whole conversations. Ummm call me a prude, but talk to me when u have some clothes on. I can't even look at ya until u get some clothes on.

Foot powder people, u have the right to powder Ur feet after showing....just choose an area without traffic, I don't need to breathe in all the crap in the air from Ur Foot fungus powder.

Pretty boys that go to the gym, God I hate u people. This is a gym!! A fucking gym!! U come in, work out and go home!! U can take a shower there(I don't for good reason)but what is the whole hair product, gel, powder, oil, grooming thing going on in the gym?? Whoa!! I see guys that go through the whole process of grooming....this is a gym. Ur going to leave alittle sweaty and dirty, that happens when u go to a gym duh!!! These people clean up like they are going on an interview with Martha Stewart live on TV!!(U get the point)

No more Mirror showdowns!! I see these muscle guys in the locker room, as soon as they get done working out, they are in the mirror and posing off their asses!!Nothing wrong with looking at yourself...but there should be a time limit. Lets say 5mins Max!! Longer than 5min of looking at yourself in the mirror is just being a Tool!! Nobody should have that long to look at yourself......esp when ur in the Locker room and people are getting changed. Some of Us can do the 10sec look over and we are good and out the door. Not oiling up their bodies in the mirror, getting a hard on from looking at yourself.

Where am I going with this post????

Oh yeah "Taken" is out now!!!

CannonBall, Cannonball!!!


Dominik said...

I just started to read your blog. I'm enjoying the sarcasm. I'm a fan but I know what you mean about the boundries between reality and what you see on TV. I actually feel bad for you, I'd be so pissed off if I had to be bothered while doing routine things. And don't you find it offensive that whenever people meet you, they think that all you think about, all that you are into is sex? It reduced you to one label as a human being. I'll keep reading the blog though.

James said...

Be honest now: if no one paid you any attention you would be writing a post about that?! Come on. Tell the truth! LOL

Anonymous said...

Another (very enjoyable) open and honest blog entry. Thanks for sharing.

Ray Avito said...

Okay, that first shot is making me have ALL KINDS of indecent thoughts. Not to be all graphic but...that butt...

Raymond said...

You got to eat all 3 of those hot asses?? You lucky devil you.

mystik said...

Please don't leave the business. YOur scenes are always HHHOOOOTTTTT

Anonymous said...

would LOVE TO SEE DIESEL IN THIS MOVIE,A "TUCKER PRISON" ELECTROTORTURE movie,check it out,they laid big bucks,and white prisoners on tables,shocked them into being "sex slaves",sure would love diesel gettin it on his cock and balls