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Hmmm? I read the first review over at and it was a great review!! I haven't seen the entire movie yet, I watched my scene only. I will check out the movie as a whole over the weekend. Anyway here is another review of "Taken" and the reviewer this time around gives a glowing review of my scene.

No offense to, but the reviewer didn't go into detail, how Intense my scene was. I created signature moves for this movie, I worked my butt off in this scene. here is the review on :

As Aubrey orgasms, Killian seizes him and brings him to another place, puts him in a cage. Aubrey’s head will fit through the bars, and Diesel Washington’s cock is there ready to be sucked. Not far away, Lucas Knowles and Zack Jamison are sucking and fucking. Diesel lines everyone up on their knees and eats every ass, but he singles out Aubrey to fuck. In what has become one of his signature maneuvers, Diesel hoists Aubrey bodily in the air and bounces him on his cock. In what has become his other signature maneuver, Diesel swallows the cock and balls of his “victim” simultaneously. Aubrey is ballistic. A guy could go an entire lifetime and not have his hole subjected to such animalistic treatment.

by A review by Onan the Vulgarian

Thanks finally a great review of my scene, and finally Someone mentions my "Signature maneuvers" the position is called the "CannonBall" remember that and its called the "Cannonball"

So that brings the number to four, I have four New Sexual positions that I gave the Industry to enjoy!! So years from now, when someone looks back at my Career, they will know that I gave something back to this industry.

So Far People have seen the "Bully" which debuted in Telescope by Titan Media.

People saw the "Motorcycle" which debuted in Playbook by Titan Media

People saw the "Bully" and then the transition to the "Motorcycle" in Redlight by Falcon also the "ShotGlass" was created for this Movie as well.

Now People will see the "Cannonball" in the Movie "Taken" Sort of looks like this, still waiting on Screen Captures of the position.

And finally the "Human SpitRoast" which was filmed for the Movie "What Happens in Vegas"(which is still in the Can at the moment) U have to picture Barrett, Diesel and Kirk naked with our dicks going in Kirk's mouth and ass and twisting him 360 degrees all at the same time. Difficult Move Yes!!!

I did a post before about all these Moves I put to film....It's not easy!! Since then, I see all these performers trying to do new positions, I'm kinda of flattered that I raised the bar, It just makes Performers work harder.......and that is a good thing!!

There is a difference in my Signature moves that other performers don't realize...... there are no camera tricks, my bottoms (co stars) are off their feet and in the air getting fucked. They are not held up in the air by rope, not holding onto to counter tops, edges/ends of the bed none of that. I pick these boys up using nothing but brute Strength and skill. I'm such a Cocky Top(which probably takes away from the sheer genius of the movements)but there u have it.

Below are some other Pics showing my Skill and Creativity

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but you are old.
you can't be cannonball to big or muscular guys.