Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Best Acting Bottom
Elmo Jackson
Mr. Saukei
Remy Mars

Best Acting Top
Breion Diamond
Ian Rock
Race Cooper

Best Acting Versatile
Carlito Rockafella
Shorty J.

Best Director
Keith Kannon of Flava Works
Marvin Jones of B.C. Productions/Chocolate Cream
Rock from Rockafellaz Entertainment

Best Black DVD
"Abuse the Rim" (Thug Overload)
"The Destruction of Shorty J." (Thug Overload)
"Freaks Come Out at Night" (Thug Overload)
"Raw Dickin' It" (Rockafellaz Entertainment)
"Raw Rods 2" (Rockafellaz Entertainment)

Best Latin DVD
"Alejandro the Conqueror" (Latino Fan Club)
"Santo Domingo Uncut 1" (Flava Works)
"Santo Domingo Uncut 2" (Flava Works)
"Teen Hustler 3" (Latino Fan Club)
"Thugz Paradise Rio" (Blatino Gold/Pitbull Productions)

Best Studio
B.C. Productions/Chocolate Cream
Flava Works
Pitbull Productions
Rockafellaz Entertainment

Most Notable Porn Star
Breion Diamond
Castro (a.k.a. Supreme)
Mr. Saukei

The web nominees are as follows:

Best Black Website

Best Blog
Black Boy Addictionz
Ray's Bleu Juice
Rockafellaz/Rock's Blog
Rod 2.0

Best Latin Website

Best New Website
Black Boy Addictionz
Ray's Bleu Juice

The nominees for clubs and club promoters are as follows:

Best Black Club
Atlanta 708, Atlanta
Bulldog Bar, Atlanta
Club Boi, Miami
Club Langston, New York
Traxx, Atlanta

Best Club Promoter
Bleu, HotBoyz NYC, New York
Ivan Daniels, Los Angeles
Urbano, Clubhouse Productions, Chicago
WassupNATL, Atlanta

Best Latin Club
Circus Disco/Arena West, Los Angeles
Discotekka, Miami
Escuelita, New York
Splash Bar, New York

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Congrats to all the Nominees, I mean that from the heart.......

I wanted to talk about a few things on a serious note, Looking over the list of nominees, I wasn't surprised that I would not be nominated for anything..

I have always been on that borderline of being a Cross over Star or a Sell out!!! I have been criticized by people, of being not Black enough(Stupid) or being too Black(Stupid) When I first came into the Industry I was supposedly the token Black that Titan had hired(this view came from Angry viewers) then even though I was hired exclusive, I wouldn't break out because "Whites wouldn't accept me"(another jaded view from Haters) When I went free agent, the abuse came even stronger!!! I was getting hate email in the tons saying "How do ya feel being thrown out" "Nobody wants ya anymore, Ur washed up!!" It was harsh email left and right!!! I had to take a step back, rethink my career and make some hard choices.

So not only was I getting hate mail from members of the black community saying "They couldn't support me because I only did white guys on screen"???? I don't understand??? Do U guys think I told Titan only to partner me with White Guys???? U guys really think that??? First off in my first year of my contract, I just wanted to work!!! I wanted to get my name out there and hit the scene hard!!! I wanted to hit Main Companies that were popular, for greater exposure!! I didn't think I would be called a Sell out!!!White boy chaser!!! and whatever nasty thing I read in the emails I get from angry viewers. AND FOR THE LAST TIME!!!! MY PREFERENCE IS EVERYBODY!!! (Black, White, Latin, Asian etc etc, no that isn't in some type of preference order)I'M GETTING SICK AND TIRED OF PEOPLE, JUDGING ME AND TALKING ABOUT ME LIKE THEY KNOW ME!!! I live in NYC one of the most diverse cities in the world... There so many types of people to chose from in this great city of mine!! Why would I limit myself??

Not to be outdone by that type of email.... then comes the hate email about my Fetish work!! I'm some kind of nasty piss drinking, disgusting human being... Allowing myself to be portrayed as this Dominate Aggressive Mandingo type, and all I was doing was fueling that Stereotype that White America only accepts that Big Darkskinned Muscle Black Fucker, into its ranks of types of Performers it will allow(I don't make this up!!I get these type of emails all the time!!) It seems that I can't please anybody!!! I do have tons of supporters that enjoy my work, and get the way I approach business. I'm just venting...

I will speak openly here, I was approached by many "Black"(Just because it uses only Black models doesn't mean that its Black owned, remember that!!) studios, wanting to do a scene or work out a deal with me.... I told each company the type of demands that I wanted. I have been in the business for 3 years, I have promoted myself hard!! I built a fan base from my movies and this blog(which is still amazing to me). It might have came off as being Cocky or Hardball.... I wanted to Direct my scenes, Write the Script, pick the models, and just have greater control over the product that I was helping to create, and my Scene rate. I don't think that is much to ask for, I performed my ass off, to get a name in this Business!!

I will admit I was nervous throughout the time of being a free agent.....I was caught in a Catch 22, After two years of working with a Major studio would other Major companies want to work with me?? I was in a unknown place for the first time of my career. Also if I decided to work for "Black" companies would the fans accept me??? Off the bat, I know there would have been a huge backlash people would say "Now that Diesel is Free agent and the other companies don't want him, look who comes crawling back to the Community that He turned his Back On!!" I could hear all the critics casting stones at me saying "White Companies don't want Diesel anymore, so now he comes to the other side" Angry emails coming to the "Black" companies saying they shouldn't work with Diesel because he is a Sell out and only is working with Ur company for the money!! Or even worse, "Yeah Diesel is doing scenes with Black guys now, but he looks like he isn't into it and doing it only for the money" Either way, it would have been a hard transition for fans and viewers!! I'm not a Thug!! Nor do I want to play one! I made a career for just being that Hot Black Guy that turns in some of the most intense scenes in recent years!!

Maybe that was all in my head??? I'm not sure?? The past is the past!! I'm retired now!!! I quit the game when I hit the peak of my stardom!!

To close this post, am I upset about not being nominated? No...just alittle sad that when I tried to create a character that could cross over in mainstream porn. It made me somewhat of an Outcast to a community that I belong to...

All I wanted to do was Work with MAJOR studios and prove to people that beauty comes in all forms, Black, White, Asian, Latin...........

I broke that Glass ceiling that once was there.....

But I didn't think it would cost me the respect of my Own community!!!

Maybe I'm wrong!!! I just have been getting so many emails lately calling me a Sell out and White boy crazy!!! It gets to you sometimes...... I'm only human!!


BigAssMouth said...

I'm glad you let it be known that most of these "blatino" studios are not owned by Black folks. They mainly portray us as thugs and drug dealers. You forgot to mention the bareback nonsense they have going on as well in some of their films. Wasn't there a story about one of them spreading STD's around to their usually poor and vulnerable young male models? Hmmm. You got in the porn game as a grown man and knew how to get the money and demand respect. Give me a break. It's just porn.

mark said...

i think i actually saw you on the train today. you are so awesome!

i love you for your entertainment, and i dont believe that you were biased during your porn career, but that you were just doing what you needed to do to be a good porn star. your efforts excelled onscreen, and because of that you are one of my favorite porn stars. :D would love to run into you one day

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't take your snub personally. I am black and have seen most of your movies. I've seen you in scenes with black, white and latin guys. The people criticizing you really don't know anything about you.

Len said...

Just read your latest blog entry. If you have truly retired, it's a loss for the industry. I've enjoyed your movies, in particular "Folsom Prison" & "Fear". And I like that you try to add something new to what are mostly cookie-cutter productions. I'm a Black man who enjoys almost all types of gay porn. My preference is having sex and love with other Black men, but I would (and have) enjoyed sex with men of various races. I don't understand the criticism you receive for performing with non-Black actors. And I never
understood the criticism you received for your work on the Bound Gods site or your fetish work. I don't know if Race got the same backlash from his Bound Gods scene, or if Simon Cox and Marc LaSalle got criticism for their fisting videos. And I definitely enjoyed Joe Simmons in some of Christopher Rage's videos. I'm sure I'm not the only Black man who enjoyed all of those scenes. And your praise of the FlavaMen awards was very generous. Especially considering the poor state of all-Black movies. I mean, it has to be bad if Castro got a nomination for best actor. I'm digressing, but when the man attempts to fuck, you can't tell if his scene partner is nothing more than a lump of clay waiting to molded to whatever suits Castro's needs. I didn't see anything from Forbidden Funk or Marc Williams get mentioned either. But then, these are Men, not twinks, and FlavaMen seems to be heavy on the twinkish side. I could get off a rant about twinks and barebacking, but there is something out there for everyone without attempting to slam someone into the "self-hate" or "pervert" box simply because they have set themselves as the arbiters of what a SGL Black man should and shouldn't like. Actually, the people who are criticizing you sound very similar to right wing christian nut groups who want to control what everyone should do except themselves. And there are times when I'll inform a prospective partner of things that I like and I'll see the judgmental look on his face. If he simply said, "I'm not into that", fine, we can compromise and find something we both like. I actually heard a brotha tell another brotha that "no self-respecting Black man should be involved in those types of things". This was about fisting. I don't know if he was upset because a White man was fisting a Black man or if it would have mattered if they were both the same race. But he didn't say "no self-respecting man", so I would have to interpret the former.& nbsp; Can someone please tell me who made that decision and where the line is? And if someone can define that line, I'm a grown-ass man who can make my own decisions without consulting whatever list some gay Black group came up with. However, I would quote a line from "Skin Deep" for those judgmental people: "Don't be too quick to call what OTHER people do perverted". I've discovered that more people write to whine and complain, rather than to complement. Do not allow these hateful and judgemental people to get you down. I guarantee if the same standard they applied to you were applied to them by a "religious authority", they'd be up in arms protesting. So if you're getting some mail from haters, know that there are many more of us who enjoy what you do Diesel. And I'm sure whatever endeavors you pursue will maintain the high quality and enthusiasm you've always maintained in your work. Your fans will keep watching and reading. Thanks for providing some great fantasies for us.

James said...

Listen. You are who are and if biyatches like me don't like it, just tell us to kiss your ass. And this is coming from a guy who has had issues with a few of your comments in the past.


Tyler said...

I think when you say you created a character that would work for the mainstream companies you acknowledge that you use the stereotype to your advantage. I wouldn't make the choice you made, but own it dude. You are nothing if not beautiful and talented. People feel like you turned your back on the community because you pretend like what you do doesn't have deeper meaning. It does. It doesn't mean you don't have that choice, but be honest.

I appreciate, on the flip side, that you disabuse people of this notion that studios that use lots of black and latino models are black-owned. That these studios wouldn't pay you a competitive rate is instructive.

I think we have to understand what the catch-22 of being black is. You can be exploited with white folks and your own people (or what appears to be your own people).

I'm sad you retired. I think you display a kind of vulnerability that is lacking in porn characters. The Diesel character never felt totally real to me, or rather, it felt like a wink-wink joke. Similar to Dred Scott, in your best work you subvert the character nicely.

This blog is amusing, but also disarmingly sad, in its frankness. You have here, with some editing, I think a really good book of essays about what it is really like to be a black man in gay porn in all its glory and sadness. I'd consider publishing.

Last thought - start your own company.

Ian Rock said...

I first want to say, sincerely, "congratulations" to you on your GRABBYS this year and your career.
This is Ian Rock btw, one of the nominees for the subject of this post. I am honored to be nominated as the vote is fan based and I thank you for your words in congratulating myself and the other nominees.

I read your blog and I feel what you're saying alot of times. This time? I had to post.
There's been alot of dialogue this year about "race" in the gay porn industry and applied in many different ways. I don't make excuses Diesel, because I for one agree with everything you say on the subject, but those other African Americans who want to detract from you and pull you down I think are frustrated. They are frustrated with the fact that there are very few "yous" out there, I know excuse the made up word...and so, unfortunately, they vent at the wrong person and miss the issue completely.

So I want to say to all those who have tried to detract from the steps this man has made, "don't hate, celebrate" and use what he's done and the doors he's opened to your advantage. And if you're just as consumer of porn, email/contact the porn companies and let them know your feelings. Take that same negativity and aim in the right direction; the direction of those whose decision it is to only cast brothers of color, when the plot "deems" it or when they are being "hilighted".

I feel there's room in this business on the thug side and on the quote, unquote..major company's side. I just want the doors opened equally and the understanding of all that brothers have sex with all different races and creeds and in all different kinda nasty ways..but that's how it's supposed to be. Now, I just want to see that representation.

Again, had to post; enjoy your blog; do u as I'm sure u will continue to do and thank you for the acknowledgement!!

Alwayz kepn it xexi!!

ToddyEnglish said...

I am so glad you clarified. As one of your African American fans I almost felt guilty about enjoying your movies because of the vicious rumors. I'm glad to see that you what the naysayers have said isn't forreal.
Anyway, regardless of who you're doing, I love your films! I love how passionate and sexy you are!