Tuesday, July 07, 2009


I was voted to the top 50 porn stars for the year of 2009 wow!!! I thought I did pretty good in 2008, now voted to Top 50 for 2009!! This is such a crazy ride for me!!! Here is the link:

ARIES • 9.5” CUT
Diesel is a hung, no-nonsense top who has filled a void in the gay porn industry by being a black performer who doesn’t feel the need to play a thug to fit in. Not only has he appeared in great movies like Breakers, and Asylum but he just won a Grabby for Best Blog, and is working on starting up his own production company.

Hmmm???? They left out Performer of the Year(Grabbys)LOL anyway I'm happy about the honor....

In more news....Jack Manly predicted good things to happen to me this year, in his Whats Ahead in 2009 blog(Yes Jack I read everything) I recently read his His blog the link is here http://blog.jackmanly.com/2009/07/05/halfyear-in-review.aspx
And he talked about me getting my due in the industry..... and left this note:

We expected superstar Diesel Washington to do more work (he too was in Taken)and when he finally got recognition with two Grabby awards, we figured that more good news was on the way. However, Diesel shocked everyone by retiring from films. His blog pretty much explained why and he's still continuing with the blog, but frankly we are still disappointed.

by Jack Manly


I'm sorry Jack!! Sorry to all my Fans out there!!! Everyday I get emails from Fans asking me to come back, I haven't been gone long.......

I don't know what to tell ya.... I accomplished my goal!!

Could I do it just for the money??? Of course!!! The Economy is so bad right now!!

I left nothing but hits under my Belt!!

Where to go besides starting my own Porn Company??? That Idea is stalled because of Economy so scratch that!!

I can't do the Gay for Pay thing and hit all the websites!! I'm a Pro so I can't get any Amateur work!! Most Websites are looking for Fresh faces!! Or those models that didn't have break out roles yet!!

I'm not a "Thug" and worried about the Back lash for pretending to be a Thug and trying roles portraying that in Gay Porn.

The options left:

Doing Something for Randy Blue(who I met at the Grabbys) Mister Randy Blue approached me and told me that he liked the blog that I wrote about Reese Rideout. Hmmm? The Old Vet handling some of boys of RandyBlue........that would be hot!!!

Naked Combat at Kink.com, this was made for me. Diesel Washington wrestling on the mat, and the Loser gets fucked!!! Tailor made for Diesel

And working with Hot House and Jet Set(still haven't worked with these Studios)seeing How they went back to Jason Adonis(Major star for JetSet)I still haven't had the Pleasure to work for them. Makes me think???

Hot House, Hmmm?? this is a funny one??? they have Club Inferno, I have done two fisting scenes my entire Career both Hit Movies(Folsom Filth, Telescope) I have done Double Fisting, Double Footing not one call from Hot House. I see the whole roster of Hot House, and they have some boys that I could Power Fuck!!! I'm confused???? I'm not calling Hot House out....but I always wondered why I never had that pleasure of working for them???

Shooting scenes for ManHunt.net that was an Idea I had, its my fault though...I never got around to contacting Manhunt for the opportunity.

And of course the Company that has all the money right now, Raging Stallions, I did one release for them "REAR DELIVERIES" it was a hot movie....Of course I would work for them again... Hopefully get a project that has Big role for me!!!

U see there is not many opportunities left for me, besides doing a my own studio or my own Website!!

But that is an Idea to work on my own Website, and come up with my own content. But I want it done correctly and on my own terms!!! Hard to do in this Economy!!!

Another Rant and Ramblings of a Crazy Porn star!!

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