Saturday, July 18, 2009


A deal is a deal.........

Now I wrote a post called "Things are Changing"

The post was about the Porn Industry moving away from Manly Men and moving in the direction of Youth appeal. I took alot of hits for that post... I was just pointing out that since I was a Fan of Porn before I got into it. I have seen the industry change in alot of ways...

I tried to make the blog funny and entertaining... but something interesting turned out from writing that blog. In the section of baby twinks, I have had contact(online/ in person) with two of the baby twinks. One of the baby twinks I took under my wing....JUSTIN TAYLOR

Now I have said before....I know the Porn Industry.....but I also know the Escorting Business!!! I worked both ends of the business with great success!!! I started out an Escort, and then moved up to working in the Adult Movie Industry. Business is business.

In this economy, the smart Porn star has to branch out in other areas of the Industry. Those who do Porn, and prefer not to escort, resort in Go Go dancing or stripping, personal appearances bah bah. On the high end, they either create their own business, Company, Studio, website, Talent agency, behind the camera etc etc. So there are other options for the Porn star.

Back to Justin, now we are very similar in nature...both Tops, Aggressive, alittle cocky, and even have the same taste in guys!!! When I say we are similar I MEAN WE ARE EXACTLY ALIKE!!! Which was one of the reasons we clicked at first. We both like to get the last word, and come from similar backgrounds. He is a Porn star that prefers to Escort. here is his Ad on Rentboy

Now I have said before, I don't give advice for Free and there is a price to pay. Moving on....

In first meeting Justin, he was quiet, shy and timid at first. But he soon broke out of his shell with me, and the business at hand was making money. His Ad on rentboy needed work, his wording was vague and most clients want him to bottom for them. Justin is clearly a top, there is no bottom vibe in this guy at all!!! With some tweaking of his profile, the message came out Loud and clear that he is a Top!! Justin stands about 5'5 and about 120lbs, so most people assume that he is a bottom, but the surprise is that he sports a 8.5in thick cock, and has some Impressive Topping skills. Here he is in Action!!

As far as Escorting...Those who like big dicks on little guys, he is Ur Man!!! He speaks well, highly intelligent and is very professional. He is the Ideal companion for Dinners, Shows and just being out on the town with. He is a rare breed of escort that works hard and cares about his clients. He is upfront, real and down to earth!! I highly recommend him to those who are looking for a Younger companion that has all the tools, He has more to offer than Ur average Twink Escort.

Now moving on to his Performances in Porn...On screen he is all Top and knows how to work a bottom very well. He got his start in the Twink genre of porn, He can be seen In:
Twinks finally 18 (PZP productions)
Gettin fucked (Citiboyz)
Teen Fuck Buddies (8teenboy/Helix)
Breaking the Rules (8teenboy/Helix)

Then He finally broke out the Twink mode and got work in Major Studios such as Falcon and Channel 1 releasing and Raging Stallions also Black Scorpion:

He can be seen in Falcon/Jock series "Road Trip Vol. 7: Napa Valley"

Channel 1 releasing "De-Briefed" "Seizure Ur Bottom" "BeachBallers"

Raging Stallions "Untitled"

Black Scorpion (Black Rat productions) Sex Sessions II

So the Kid came up the hard way and has made some good choices in roles and is quickly climbing the ladder of success.

Chronicles of Pornia really broke the story about this Performer seen here:

He had a good Interview with them. And from dealing with him first hand it was worth repeating about how good of a Performer he is. Justin Taylor is managed by Howard for Fabscout entertainment. here is link

Only Flaw I see in his game..... He can't take a big dick at all!!!

Now here is the funny part, I'm 6'6 and 240 and he is 5'5 120, he is so small!! When I put him on my dick, I slid the whole ten inches inside of him to the balls. Seeing my Huge dick going inside of that little body was jaw dropping!!! I could basically put him on my dick, stand up and walk around the room or walk to the refrigerator and grab a drink, that is how small he is.

I give him credit though, most guys can't handle my dick. But he was a trooper for taking my dick, he put aside him being Top only (Onscreen and Off)and rode my dick trying to take it all before he couldn't take anymore and bust his Load!!

A Deal is a Deal!!!

We ended on a bad note...We are too similar in nature, and both are Tops that like to be in control. It winded up too much of a power struggle between Us. I wish him well...

I have nothing bad to say about him...He is a professional when it comes to Escorting. He is a True Performer On Screen!!!

He deserves some serious attention!!!! Look out for this Rising Star!!!

Now Finally a Twink Performer that I can respect!!! I don't hate twinks People!!! So when I finally meet a Twink that is smart, driven and knows what he wants I have to give him Props.

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Anonymous said...

How's that for an endorsement anybody would kill to get! He's quite the looker. And that story of your encounter has supplied me with some dirty thoughts for later...