Sunday, July 26, 2009


Now if U don't know... this is called the "Shot Glass" formerly the "The Chalice" this move and others are in the Falcon/Mustang movie called Redlight Diesel Washington and Steven Cruz came up with this move. It was featured in Butt Magazine(So honored), I like this Magazine it's an Overseas publication that has alot of impact here in the United States. I won't go all into detail..I'm figuring out the Mag myself..Some very interesting stuff!! Here is the article here: thanks for the head up Mike Stabile(Gaypornblog/TheSword)

So that is cool, also I may have some other projects coming up... I don't want to give details as things are always changing but its cool if it happens....

I'm getting more and more requests for interviews lately... and I'm retired!!! That is true!! but it doesn't mean that I have retired from Live shows, Personal Appearances, Endorsement deals, modeling, so keep all that coming people!!

I always love doing shows and Live shows are the best for me!! It allows me just to escape from the normal thing and just show that I can be creative as well...

I read around the Internet.... and I hear things!!

People say that I do all these moves that are pointless for a porn..sure I can pick a guy up in the air and fuck him...and???? I say to those people now.....CAN U DO IT???? probably not!! That is why I do the crazy things on film, its interesting and nobody does these wild kind of balancing act fucks!!! Those are the types of things that I want people to see. They can be watching a regular scene and I'm fucking some guy and then WHAAAAAM!! He's up in the air, like a little baby, getting fucked underneath like a beast. Or ur watching the scene and I'm putting each foot of mine in a different guy's ass(Telescope).. That is so Unheard of....

I have pee'd over trucks and people(its true!!)I have done it all.....

People seem to forget that I was doing Water sports(Shows, Films) in 2006 and back then.... people were like "Oh that is so Nasty and Gross" "U will never catch me doing something that nasty" bah bah bah......Fast forward to 2009 and these same models are now like "Water Sports" that's hot!!! Maybe that was a sign to retire, the newer models were Hip to performances and scenes in the past but now are more mature so they want to try different things now, which is fine. But I have to stay ahead of the game. Hi to Bobby Clark on that one LOL....

I was doing that a loooooong time ago.... To be Honest.. Diesel Washington, Damien Crosse, Zack Randall and others.. we became the young generation that made watersports Nasty but Hot at the same time.... Sure other guys paved the way for Us....But we stepped up that game even more!!(Probably Bold Words LOL)

Speaking for myself, I was doing Watersports gigs back at: Black Party 06,07,08,09..Hustlaball 2007, Erotic Expo 2007 Hustlaball Nyc2007 Magnitude 07,08 Folsom Fair 2007, Tim and Roma Show. Performances at the Cock with Damien. Performances in Pittsburgh I have done alot.

Speaking of which.... every time I turn around there is another Piss vid out left and right. It's interesting to see how people's taste change and at first it was kinda of Dirty....but after time people came to like it.

When I came into the Industry I was Mister Macho Fucker!! then it changed to King Of Piss!! I was the guy that liked to pee on people!! then it was the Guy that Picks People up in the air and fuck them Guy/The guy that shoves his foot in guys asses. Then it was the Guy that Bitches and Complains all the time(still does LOL)to the Guy with the so called "Signature moves"...

What do I hear the most????? People U know what I hear the most???

"Ur that Guy that writes that Blog!!!"

More than anything..People know me because of this blog and only that!! Never watched one porn that I have done!! They just enjoy reading this Train Wreck of a blog...

It's still amazing to me.....the fans that read this(THANK YOU)

I do have to say this?????DOES EVERYBODY HAVE A FUCKING BLOG NOW!!!!GEEZZ!!!

I love reading blogs.... I'm a blogger and enjoy reading what people have to say but come on.......???

Some of the models, have crappy blogs I'm sorry to say. I see some blogs that are not updated, Bunch of model shots, Everything is great and I'm so happy talk!, Tour schedules, or just the same ole pics of them hanging out followed with short banter on their blog, Stories with no real emotion or realness, it's just an endorsement blog..which is fine.....just Generic and plain.

It seems that the newer models entering the business have put the formula together. U just can't come into the business anymore and just do films, in order to survive, U have to do movies, Live shows(Sex or GoGo), Public appearances, Interviews, Blog/Youtube/Facebook, and now the next threshold Twitter.

But I have to tell you People directly, get off your ass and surprise me. Stop the boring posts, stop the gym working Vids(been there done that) All the ass kissing talk about the Companies u want to work with. The only time they put pics up is when they have the professional photo shoot stuff. It's time to get more personal.

I believe there is an art to writing a successful blog.... U have to take the reader on a ride with ya!! I see alot of blogs that are merely letters that porn stars write.

"Hi People I'm blogging from Bah Bah...."

It's merely a letter/note that was left for the fans and readers.. With my blog, not only do I take you on a ride, but I expose little things in the industry, about myself, my lifestyle, my view of the industry and the people inside of industry, with splashes of real life, Fiction, and just some crazy observations I have made over time. I try to keep it interesting and fresh!! Never holding back and basically when it's written it goes right up!

I didn't have the chance to write a really good blog lately because I was in pain and just trying to find a way to get comfortable when U can't lay on Ur back!

Hope U enjoyed this one!!


Nick Moretti said...

I gotta say I really like your blog and your style and I share your thoughts on the blogging process. Like you, I try to give a good mix of the porn world, the real world, my personal life and just some crazy, fun stuff. Where else can you find HOT naked photos and bloody, puss filled bandages all on the same page! (Ya... I posted my bloody post surgery photos like you did your nasty ingrown hair bandage photos.) Plus for me, I LOVE to write, love photography, and love making HOT BDSM porn. Mix it all together and I think it's an interesting read.
You keep me coming back to read more so you're definitely doing it right!

filmfanatikk said...

Hey Diesel! You are a sexy fucker now and always will be!! I have been trying to book you for "Cocktails with the Stars" for a long while now. Please-----when in LA, do our show. Retired or not!!! You have always been a true XXX Pornstar in my eyes. Awards or not, you are the REAl DEAL!!

Happy XXX Monday!

radbear67 said...

Take it easy! Those infections you had (still have?) are no joke, as you must realize by now. Make sure you are healthy before you hit the gym - or the trail.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ed,

I still think that "Redlight" would/should make a good stage play..nakedness and all... haven't seen the movie but the set shots have that stage/play bed, chair, two walls and a floor.. look... reminds me of the play I saw awhile back about a bloke coming out on a baseball team in the USA... shower scene naked etc....but it was a powerful show...Rgds..Laurie