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I get jealous of some porn stars because they had a fast climb to the top.... I did not!!

This is a revisit to some of the memories of How Diesel came to be....(its a Sucky, relying on old posts kinda of blog, LOL)

Hustlaball 2006:

This was a defining time for the Diesel Character, I was just an escort at the time. I was deciding if I wanted to do porn(I wasn't sure at the time) I was asked by the Rentboy people if I wanted to go to Las Vegas and help out with Promoting and running the show HUSTLABALL.I went as Stage talent and made sure we had dancers on the boxes and on stage for the crowd. But before this......

I worked in a Sex club:

I used to Host a Men Of Color party on 28th st 6ave, which was a private sex party for Men of Color, (bi monthly on Sundays) I was the guy that checked ya in and took Ur clothes and put them on a rack and U would pay me the fee to enter the club. So I used to work in a Sex club!! Funny times!!! I remember having to clean up the club, after each party........Yes Gross!!! I was the guy that was picking up the dirty condoms(with gloves) and cleaning the Fuck tables and benches from all the cum stains. It was two Sundays a month, from 1pm- 6pm and I was making about $400-$600 most of my money was in "Tips" I made sure there were plenty of condoms, lube, kept the garbage clear, made Fisting lube for the "Boys" and helped set up all the slings. So I was gaining experience from Escorting and then gaining knowledge of the BDSM community... From Master Lou....

Master Lou and his then manager Paul showed me the ropes of running a successful sex club. Master Lou owned the space and rented it out for parties.. Paul did the promoting he would hit up the web, promoting the Party on various websites, gay chat rooms and mass emailing customers about upcoming parties!! I watched how he would hit up the web and in 20mins there would be like 20guys coming to the party, He was a Master of Promotion!! I learned alot from Paul...

Master Lou, this little white bald old man(at least 70's in age)taught me alot!!! He was from the Old Guard... Classic Leather Man with a vast knowledge of Roping, Bondage Tech, Fisting, Impact play, wrestling(yes in his 70's can give ya run for Ur money in wrestling)taught me How to Tie my bottoms, Work them over, bah bah bah... I had to learn from the ground up!! I was taught how to make homemade slings, and how to install them, creating play rooms, setting up and cleaning Ur equipment and space and tools and toys. Ground floor entry...I wanted to learn and I wanted to become a "Major Player" I followed Master Lou for 3years and learned all I could. In the BDSM community I wanted to learn from a Pro and that came with a price... I worked in his club, and shared many of my bottoms with him...Just to gain knowledge of what it is to be a "Player" I learned fast!! For those who don't what BDSM stands for?? Google it!!! Then read and understand the Lifestyle. moving on... Hustlaball 2006

So Hustlaball Vegas 2006 was the coming out party for Diesel Washington...This was the first time actually working with the Rentboy people. I was first introduced to Brandon Baker, Rusty, Angel Benton(this is going way back). I stayed with a bunch of porn stars the entire time down there. I saw first hand the Mess and Crazy shit that Porn stars do!! I wanted to be a Porn star and at the time Matthew Rush was the Star!! This was 2006!! this was the first time I ever Met Matthew Rush picture here
I wanted to be where he was, I wanted the Fame he had I wanted to be that big of a Super Star!!!

I was staff at Hustlaball 2006, I remember being at Club Krave and was helping to pack the VIP bags with Free stuff and giveaways. I was the guy that was putting up Posters and getting the club ready for the fans and stuff, This is my badge!

The show was amazing and there was some good performances.... I went on the last show. I was to come out first....The Announcer Said "Introducing Diesel Washington"

From there, I was Diesel Washington Look at the pics!!!

I thought I would just write a blog and show People that I came up through the business from ground zero.... I went from thinking about doing porn... To Meeting Matthew Rush(the fame I wanted) To being Introduced to the Industry as Diesel Washington.

I met alot of people who I have a friendship to this day with.... I first met a small agent of porn stars at the time named Howard who went on to create the Mega Power House Fabscout Entertainment!! Howard's model of the time was Brad Star, I put Brad on stage to dance at Hustlaball 2006. I met Gio the photography and the list just gets on and on!! Ricky Martinez who I talk every now and then by phone. Anton Harri from Colt Fame just alot of good memories!!

From here I was later signed by Titan Media and came back to the Hustlaball stage as an Titan Exclusive.

Hustlaball 2007:

I come back to the Hustlaball stage and marked my spot!! Live Watersports on stage in ur face and Raw!! Diesel Washington, Tober Brandt, Alex Baresi on stage Nasty Wet and all Real!!!

All real look at the close up!

Then Hustlball 2008 I was to take the stage with Damien Crosse and Dean Flynn

Hustlball 2008:

Now the Hustlaball 2008 was back at Club Krave and the owners did not want any part of me this time!!! People were nervous about the performance and had their eye on me the entire time I was there. Basically I was kicked out of the Party and the Club by Howard of Fabscout, there was too much pressure on Howard about the Show!! The Rentboy people were Nervous and I was like whatever!! I went back to hotel!! When I perform I want people to remember what they saw!! I like to push limits. We are Porn stars that is what we do!! Anyway I got my revenge at the Dirty Secret party!

I was still able to do my Water sports show with stand out Zack Randall shown here.

Major shows done in Las Vegas that year, alot of people remember that show it was big!!!

I had the chance to perform yet again.... the Dirty Secret Party in Las Vegas

Dirty Secret Party 2009 and just happened to be there this time around to capture all the memories!!

Anyway it has been 4 years of Performiing Live shows.....4 years!!! I have done it all people!! I have done some of the Best shows in Las Vegas!!!

To all U new Models in the Industry!! U want to be a huge star!!! It takes more than doing Movies, It takes the Movies, Web shows, Live Shows, Personal appearances, Blogging, u have to hit the pavement every which way u can.

Most people know me from this blog, some haven't seen the shows, seen the movies, or has even seen me in person!! I could train the new stars on how to reach the top, I was there at the bottom.

So a Big Fuck You!! To people who thought I had it easy coming up........

I worked to gain the knowledge of BDSM, I learned how to promote myself!!! Nobody did my work for me!! I learned step by step everything.....

So when people ask for handouts from me..... I make them work hard as hell...... And nothing comes for free!!! Nothing....

So when I had to work and clean up dirty sex clubs to gain BDSM knowledge. I busted my ass to reach this spot. Nothing was handed to me!!!

I see all these new models...wearing a leather Harness and some have no knowledge of the BDSM lifestyle.... its funny!!! All these twinks!! wearing leather and was never taught the discipline, rules, and respect of being into the lifestyle!! I just laugh.....

Still active in the BDSM community...I had to take a back seat because of the Porn aspect.... I play with real "Players' and since doing porn I have met alot of Wannabee's and they put a dark cloud on BDSM for me.

Wannabees' and fakes...... and it sucks!!! Fetish porn is hot right now!! But alot of people wear the leather like its Fashion now!!!!

Gives me an idea for another blog!! I will stop right here!!

Writing another right now!!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I would be one of those people you described in this blog entry. We've never met. I only know you from your blog. I've never seen one of your videos, nor have I seen you perform. You moved to the top of my favorites list for your honest and open blog entries. I've learned a lot about the adult industry that I would not have learned on my own. I enjoy reading your blog, and of course, I enjoy the photos. I'm hoping you continue your blog for many years to come. Thanks for all that you share with the readers of your blog.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ed, "And nothing comes for free!!! Nothing.... " well I cant let that go free...I understand the sentiment but some thing are free.. sunrises etc...good feelings... Piss!!!!! That's one thing us blokes do for free!! Love I guess is also free.... doing something for some one freely.... you know what I mean... Looks like your mentors did a lot for free teaching you etc..Interesting insite into you btw....yeah I agree with the fashion aspect of leather etc.. that's the aspect of the Gay thing I don't like...hard to find some one who means it etc... Once again an interesting read...Rgds...Laurie