Monday, July 06, 2009


This is the first blog I ever wrote!!!

Diesel Washington, age 30 height 6'6 weight 240lbs endowment 10inc, Dominating Forceful Agreessive Top. COME INTO MY MIND!!!

Okay i just started the venture, All my fans know that i was One of New Yorks Best Kept secrets!! I was Known then as Giant this cruel big intimdating figure but quiet in my movements i havent done any Porn that as come out, i have done some websites here and there but i wasnt focused. Now I have the opportunity to retune my thinking and grow larger as a force to be reckon with. As this is my spot, my little hole in the world come on this journey with me.
Firstly name change I was Giant then, Now im Diesel Washington same person but more focused to attain goals i have set for myself. I want to Come out full force and show their are plenty of Hot guys out there(Black, White , Latin, Asian Etc etc). Dont judge me by the color of my skin rather on ....How Hard I fuck Ya!!!!! Good Sex is good sex Topline!!!.

I read daily emails asking why im so rough or why i cant be nicer and more passionate???Why i dont kiss on the lips, or get fucked or fingered or eaten out bah bah bah bah. Im a Dominate Top, If im in a movie performing a scene, then i treat it as a scene for movie its not real!!! As far as fans goes, i cant fake what im not into, i wont have a good time knowing that im faking passion, U wont believe it Cause I dont believe it. I Love a more selfish approach, Do it like this, Cause this gets it hard or ur hole feels better in this position all the way communication so u know what i like without having to guess.
I Souly believe in being verbal as in want my needs are. How to suck it where to put ur legs, how much of me ur going to take and how hard or deep. Im not a pretty boy, chelsea queen, circuit boy, banjee boy, gym rat, musclehead. Im a fucking Man !!!!A Very Big Man who is intelligent, complex, i wear my emotions right on my sleeve and i speak my mind. Being that some many people dont know shit at about me.
In a nut shell, i have a day job which is cool. I have a degree in Telecommunications. Im heathy and fit as u can see and i have a dark side of me that u will learn if u keep reading these blogs. I guess it was time to open people to my world many think i live this fast and wild life. Its true, all of it is true every damn bit of it. But i havent traveled the Us yet. I can say i have been to Washington, Boston, Philly, Florida, North Carolina thats it!!! While that sounds not well traveled, I have been to Europe and had a Blast in Germany, Holland(oh yes), Austria, England. I have seen so many things and have so much to share. But u my fans, Get to Come with me from Ground Zero on my new ride to becoming Famous.(We all get to start from some where right)???
Posted by Diesel Washington at 12:52 PM

God so much has changed since this post........

It was basic!! Did I even spell checked it??? Hmmm....??? whatever it was my first post! Dec 2005!! This Dec 2009 will mark 4years writing this blog(I mean Award Winning Blog LOL) This blog has been through Wars, Battles, beaten down and then reinvented and stronger than ever!!! U came on this Ride of Passion, Depression(alot of that!!), Mighty Highs, and Shitty Lows.

I write this blog on egg shells now, every time I write something of interest to me. People read it like the Bible!! The Industry reads the blog, which is scary to me. I merely state "MY OPINIONS", some are crazy and some hit dead spot on. I say the things that some models won't and can't say, so don't hate me for being personal.

I figure, the world gets to see me naked with cum flying out of my dick(which to me and the rest of the world is personal)I figure I get to speak my mind at the same time, so I DO!! I talk about some models(Yup sure do), then see them in person at an event(Pool party, booth bah bah) they come up to me asking me about the blog i wrote about them...

They either say "Thanks for all the great things U said about me, Ur such a sweetheart"(followed by groping of my Penis LOL)


They say "Diesel U said such hateful stuff about me(which is followed by groping of my Penis yet again LOL) "I'm not as bad as you say, I wish u would say something nice about me"(Now their ass is exposed and now the butt hole is making kissing gestures at me!!! So hot!!) Funny Funny stuff!! Do I change the post about them? Write something nice???...

Showing me some Ass is one thing....... Giving some ass is wwwwwwwaaaaaaayyyy Different!!LOL... Do I abuse the power of this blog??? Damn right!!! People will say U have to have a certain Integrity when U write a blog... Ummm???If Ur cute and I want to fuck ya.... I will use this blog to bag GutterBunnies and then set them free....If Ur a Star!!! Then I will Co Sign it!! If not?? Be happy that U was able to get a facial from Diesel Washington(Sounds Cocky even for me LOL)

Where is this blog going...???? No where!! I just wanted to show the "New Folks" my first blog(I get new readers every day)to the readers who are faithful to this blog daily, I'm sorry that I have to write a certain way, Faithful readers know the history and the stories, but new people I have to keep giving a "Best Of" so they know where I came from(Does that make sense??)

To All readers....I still have alot to give.


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Anonymous said...

I have an overactive imagination. There was something that seemed just a bit final about this post. I hope everything is okay.

As always, thanks for sharing a part of Diesel Washington with the rest of the world.