Thursday, August 20, 2009


I'm surfing the web, and then I came upon this picture from Randy Blue, this scene stars Brandon Kent and Christian Sharp doing this move.... Now not to be an asshole but this move looks very Familiar to Me. In fact I did this same move in my Movie Telescope(I filmed that Scene in 2007, so I must be ahead of my time)...I'm flattered that alot of the younger porn stars are using my moves in their scenes. I'm thinking I should ask for a check because that is my move!! Only difference I was rimming the bottom instead of sucking him off. Its a slight difference but still the same move.(Naughty boys)

Better Yet, Randy Blue if Ur reading this....Hookup a Scene between Diesel Washington and Reese Rideout that would be a FUCKING HOT SCENE!!! I retired from DVD work but I can do Web based work!! It's Just a thought!! Think about it Randy Blue Diesel Washington and Reese Rideout!!! Would be hot!!! Think about it!!

I always surf through the web, and then I see a release from M.L. called FEET Extreme so its a fetish movie involving Feet....Hmmmm? I seem to remember a movie I did involving Feet called Telescope. In FEET Extreme I heard there was a scene involving Heavy Ass play with Feet!!! Hmmm??? I seem to remember there is a footing scene in my Movie(Telescope)I heard in FEET Extreme there is a scene where one model is footing another model, interesting????? Here is a screen capture of my Footing scene from Telescope.

So there are more models trying out things that I did a long long time ago!! I'm really flattered!!! I did not know that I impacted the Industry in such a way that people are trying my moves. I'm really flattered!!!

But let me tell ya this....while U guys are trying things I did almost two years ago I have moved on and have created Newer things......

U guys can do my moves...but People remember when they saw them first. Viewers saw the same move being done and remembered where they saw it first check out here:

Not only did they remember the move but also the creator of the move. People are smart nowadays....

And as far as Footing goes....... There are tons of Footing scenes out there.... What makes my scene different???? My scene is a double Footing, while pissing into my mouth at the same time!! Try that on for Size, I dare ya!!!!

Now I guess I will see People trying to do the "Bully" "ShotGlass" "Motorcycle" and "CannonBall" next...

I'm still flattered though...

This is one of the reasons why I retired!! I created move after move after move. Now I'm starting to see people trying to recreate these same moves.


But its funny to see People trying things I did years ago.....

More WOLF HUDSON coming Next!!!

I just had to write this blog because when Fans alerted to me that people are using my moves I was like "Oh Really????"

I'm not Mad at all!!!

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