Tuesday, August 18, 2009



I'm in the middle of editing more Vid and already people are talking about DIESEL VS SAGAT!!! I love this guy...We go way way back!!!It's all love!!

Well there is more and more footage....

I want to start off by saying IT'S FUCKING(using the word alot) HARD BEING DIESEL WASHINGTON AND THEN BE A REPORTER/EDITOR and all the above!! ...so lets put it all together, what the trip was about!!

I'm in La working on Project(THAT WAS MY MAIN CONCERN), some clients, being interviewed, interviewing, networking, and getting footage of Hollywood, running from party to party. It was a crazy weekend!!! Very crazy!!


I left off at leaving "INDUSTRY" and getting some food with Sagat and Wolf and some of the people that worked on the LA Zombie set. I was very curious to hear about the movie. It stars Sagat, Eric Rhodes, D' Macho(love ya),Adam Killan(superstar), Wolf Hudson(My buddy)and others. I was just Floored at some of the pics on set(which I saw on theSword.com)!! Whoa!! but let me go back a bit:

Let me be honest with you people!!! I'm all way on the East Coast and I always read the Blogs and Web mags to find out what is happening in LA. So when I have the chance to see first hand what happens out there I'm honored. I'm sitting home and hearing about this movie LA Zombie....and then Bam!! I'm having dinner with Sagat, Wolf Hudson, and talking to the people who are editing the movie, starring in the movie, Directing the Movie, and the photographers on set bah bah. So I'm seeing all these images of the movie before it even comes out(Top Secret stuff).

Back to Dinner, I hate to be one of those guys that always has the camera on. I do porn, so I know it because annoying when someone has a camera in Ur face. But how many times am I going to be in Hollywood??(Hopefully many more)

I gave the camera a break at the table and just relaxed, Its great having two Huge performers around to bounce ideas off of. We had a chance to talk about the business and the movie and just relax without being Porn stars....

And on Record!! I love Sagat's Duck tape Vid.....at the same time I got props for my Buffalo Bill Vid from both Sagat and Wolf!!(Means alot)And they agreed that I took it in the best direction and stayed committed to the character... Anyway...

U ever notice when Ur out with People for Dinner, and everything is great. Why does everybody tend to get awkward when the bill comes? Everybody has to look at the check to figure out Who had what?? How much to Tip???And all that stuff???. Luckily there were no problems and we paid the check and headed to the LA Zombie party Here is the Vid anyway:

And Love the Pimp ring line(Same Ring I wore in Redlight)

Here is some footage from the LA Zombie party. So I was invited to a Post Production party of LA Zombie...

And More

Sorry about the quick Vids but U have to understand I'm out at the Party and having fun just chilling...... I don't want to keep pulling out my camera left and right to get footage. So U have to bear with me People..... I'm not in LA very much so I was trying to get as much as I can...but at the same time have fun for myself.

So.....after the LA Zombie party I headed over to the HERE Lounge with Wolf Hudson....

Let me say something about Wolf Hudson..I like him alot... He is very Laid back, Myself??, I tend to be an over thinker and everything has to be thought out unless I'm living in the moment!!! I'm alittle crazy, abit Bipolar but Wolf didn't seem to mind and I enjoy his company highly!! I really mean that!!!Big Shout Out to Wolf.

Moving on....

Quick Vid of Chi Chi LaRue tearing up the turntables!! Work that shit!! Chi Chi!!

So I'm at the Here Lounge sucking on Tory Mason's ear, playing with Ryan Raz and his Ass. And just hanging out, meeting new People. So many People was out this weekend and too many stories to tell.... to many opportunities came my Way!!


I left the party and headed over to the hotel.....Alone(I was exhausted)!!

So be ready for PartII tommorrow...

Hint, In Hollywood with Wolf Hudson having some fun.... LOL


jeffnumberone said...

Tell your server to give y'all seperate checks next time. Ha ha.

And you are wondering why you retired... Please un-retire. We need you. Our dicks love ya! If Cher can retire and go back and retire then go back on tour again then you can decide to not retire after all.

Think about it... uhm, please!

Wolf Hudson: The King of Kink said...

I have much love and respect for you my friend. You're a class act. I'm glad I got to spend time with you in LA. Much more to come!

Wolf Hudson