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Okay People this will be a long post........

Lets jump right into it:

Surprise People!!! I will be in LA working on a project that will be huge!!! Yes I have retired from Making movies....but that doesn't mean I have quit the porn business entirely!!!

So Diesel Washington will be in LA Thursday Aug 13 - to Sunday Aug 16 working on something Hush Hush!!!

I tried to contact Scotty B, I see on his schedule he has two huge stars showcasing at the time I will be down there. Sorry Scotty but I get in late night so I'm going to mess that gig. I still want to do Cocktail with the Stars....... *sigh moving on...

I'm putting Jason Curious on blast!!!!! I tried to send word to Mister Curious that I will be in LA, I guess I will sneak into his gig and show some support!!! Besides he has some cute boys at DV8 casting(his talent agency)I got my eye on LANCE BENNETT, CHASE HARDING, Trent Magnum they are yummy. I'm sure there will be some hotties on hand! So to the Fans in LA I will be at Jason/Josh's gig "INDUSTRY" so I'm giving u Fans the heads Up about that....

Also I'm working very closely with, Speaking of I will be featured in their 2010 calendar seen here:

I'm in this year's calendar right now!!! Also will be having a monthly gig, at one of the Big Gay clubs here in NYC I was offered an MCing gig, I was honored that I was offered the Gig. Look for more Information on that(coming soon!!) Hustlaball NYC 2009 is on Oct 13 and I will be working with the Rentboy people on that gig as well..... so Book Ur tickets now!!! go to, I'm told that Hustlaball will be big this year, and I will make sure that Hustlaball will be one of the hottest parties in NYC that weekend!!! I will be very hands on that Project.

I was asked to be in a Independent movie being filmed in Late August, I was cast as a Leather Slave Master, but this is not a porno. I will have a better Idea when the script is sent to me. What I get from the Writer/Director its some sort of Dream sequence that the main character has and I will be the Abuser in his dream/nightmare. Trying to break out and do other things, Acting being one of those things. Wish me Luck

Since I have retired I have alot of free time and I still want to be a part of the industry in one way or another!!! I reported last year that I wouldn't return to Folsom Fair........ I might rethink that idea....... I have some slaves that want to go badly..... and really want Daddy to go!!! I will Update the Fans if I decide to go.... that Decision will come after the weekend!!! Folsom is usually on the last Sunday in Sept, due to recession I will pimp out my boys to cover expenses on trip(if i decide to go)moving on yet again....

I hear Raging Stallions has started production on their Big Epic movie.......Why did I decide to retire before being a part of that??? Oh well...... Good luck to the models that are apart of that production.... I'm sure the movie will be the biggest hit this year!!! Grunts....To the Last Man..... what's next????

Speaking of what's next.....Who the Fuck is Jason Crystal???????? This guy is everywhere..... He has done site after site after site...... When I came into the industry, I was warned about becoming too overexposed. I was told that being overexposed was a bad thing... I'm starting to question that, Leo Giamani worked for every company out there(almost)and even did a huge number of bareback Vids, but the Industry embraced him open arms, since then he has fucked or gotten fucked by every Up and Cummer, and then had the pleasure of being partnered with every Big name model in the industry!!! U can't get more Exposure than Leo got!!! At least that is what I thought.... Seeing this Jason Crystal on everything!!! I guess he will be embraced like Leo Giamani, and then signed to a dual exclusive deal with Randy Blue and Falcon.(I still don't get it???) This doesn't take anything from these guys, Leo is smoking hot and Jason is a hottie as well..... but there used to be rules in this game, I guess anything goes nowadays!!!

Lets explore this:

There was a time when Studios only wanted to sign New, Fresh faces as Exclusives. Or sign someone that had done limited work in the industry... That seemed to be the norm..
I see the new trend happening, and I will give examples. First off the bat, it seems that Studios are calling upon models that have done extensive Amateur work now!! These veterans of amateur work are being called up to the Big leagues for work, and it makes sense. These so called amateurs have a built in fan base from the amateur work. So they are like a win win situation.... Studios don't have to take a chance on hiring someone that has no experience in the porn world. There is a recession going on, so every penny counts and not one penny is going to be wasted on some New Jack that can't perform properly when u have a budget to deal with. Examples of this, David Taylor worked on many amateur sites, then was used by Jake Cruise, JetSet, Channel 1, and then signed with Raging Stallions, Vince Ferelli worked many amateur sites on his way up, then worked with JetSet, Colt, Mustang, and then was signed by Hot House. Leo Giamani we talked about already, Ryan Raz did a ton of work on amateur sites, then worked for Hot House, Colt, M.L.'s company, Falcon and then signed with Raging Stallion. Samuel Colt worked on various Fetish sites, Jet Set, Raging Stallions and then was signed by Mustang. Will Parker did alot of amateur work for Chaosmen and then signed with Titanmen.

This isn't a bad thing...... If I was running a company I wouldn't sign anybody sight unseen either. But I remember a time when studios wouldn't sign somebody who made their rounds at every studio. Times are different now!!! Money is tight!!! Nobody wants to take a risk on someone nowadays, they are willing to cast them in a movie but as far as signing them.... that is a whole different story.

I know someone will read into this post and say that I'm finger pointing or some kind of bullshit like that.....But Diesel Washington made his round on some Amateur sites as well...... I started on Gay4pay shit)then I then did an "Audition" for M.L. and then was signed by Titanmen. But it seems that Studios are looking for models that already have a built in audience nowadays.

So some free advice to New Models looking to break into the business..........start with Amateur work first and build Ur fan base(don't go the gay4pay way)when u built a strong fan base then hit up the studios they will hire ya exclusive based on the new trend I see.

So lets keep Our eyes peeled, Jason Crystal will soon do Studio work(if he hasn't already) and one of these companies will sign him Exclusive.........but which company will it be???? The Countdown has started!!

I know people will hate me for this post...... but don't hate me because I speak the truth!!!!

I want to speak about some Observations I have made lately:

I know there is a recession...........but

Hot House hasn't put out many projects lately.... and alot of stuff they are filming is for their Backroom.. I see Johnny Gunn is a free agent now...Ty LeBeouf free agent hmmmmm????

Colt has been quiet lately.... and the only thing coming out of there is their BuckShot line of twinks productions..... the last thing they had with their "Men" I think is "Muscleheads" I know they have something in the can lets wait and see.

Titan is working hard and with Full Access and some of Tony Buff's projects hitting hard they are staying busy over there. It was leaked that they have another Folsom movie due out in time for Folsom Fair.... Oh and they signed another Exclusive and I heard this one Can suck his own dick.....Nice. If I could do that I wouldn't leave my house.

JetSet has been working hard this year, they have so much in the can with their Str8 edge serious and they are turning out hits like Tackle, Screwed, CarJackers Im glad they are releasing work left and right.

Raging Stallions has a monster Hit with the Visitor and soon to drop is I think The Trap.....they are in production with their Epic so they are making hits as usual.

Falcon is hard at work all the time.....they have The Trainer(in heavy rotation in my watch time) Ringside is out...Soon dropping is Dripping Wet 2 and they have an untitled movie with Nash Lawler getting fucked dropping later.

I usually don't do this...... but I have to give M.L. a big shout out for MEN OF ISRAEL!!! It's good!!!...... I want to hate it, but I can't, it was shot so beautiful!!! OMG the men are hot!!! and the action between the models is hot, it seems that every model performed to the best of their ability in this movie. The Men are dark, hairy, and sexy....... The Men of color in his movie really are standouts in today's market of Pale/tanned twinks or Twunks. He has Men in this Movie!!! Hairy Dark, Men. I have to give you credit M.L. u gave the Industry an amazing glance into Israel.

And finally........whew!!! SOMEONE TELL ME ITS NOT TRUE!!!!

That Mike Stabile is no longer at Naked Sword........this has to be a rumor!!!!! Mike if U are reading this Please email me!!!!

If it's true(which I hope its not)Mike I had a little crush on ya. I never hit on ya but I still remember the piece u did way back in 2006 with Factory Video. Ur report on Cum eating from coast to coast was something that I have thought about even to this day.... U were so casual in Ur interview with that Cum slut!!!! U asked the hard hitting questions like "What State has the best tasting cum" "What turns U on about Cum?" And Ur interview style was impressive, seems like Factory Video made you a believer in Cum eating(at least I hope they did)

Oh and a big shout out to Paul and Jay at u guys still give me press..... and I really thank U guys.

Well I really have to thank all the bloggers and Webmags


And every other site that showed me love.


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