Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Constantly thinking......... it's a curse that I have.

I find that my style is the Over thinker....the Next move, My path, Direction, all sorts of things...pushing and pushing to be better.

So there are some things that I want to clear UP!!!:

Yes I'm attracted to GayComicGeek, No!! there is no Sex going on....He has a BF and I respect their relationship(alot of emails on this one)I'm a good guy, strictly Interview...

NO I WILL NOT BE GOING TO FOLSOM FAIR THIS YEAR!!! I had second thoughts about going...there is no promotion for Me out there....And been there and done that for the last three years. Last Year at Folsom I had the chance to perform with Terry Nunn and Berlin.....I carried Terry Nunn on my shoulders during Her performance. Don't believe Me guess U have to see the Vid:

Basically I went out with a Blast!!! I told myself that it was time to retire from Folsom(Loved it but that is for the Younger Guys Now!!)I performed at Folsom three years running and My Last Show was Big!!!Check that out here!!!


Hmmmm What Else????

I think I can give ya One Hint about the Secret Project that I worked on while in LA, here is Ur hint in this post: http://www.dieselwashingtonxxx.com/2009/05/chi-chi-s-skin-trade-party-grabby-kick.html I said there were Two standouts at the Party.....One of those Standouts I had the Chance to Work with... There was Ur hint!!!

What Else??? The Florida trip, I'm excited about this I get a chance to Network with Howard from Fabscout, Giophotography(Vision behind Dexter DeLarge pics) and just in the Florida area, alot of models down there(think of all the trouble I would get into)

Oct will be very busy......

Florida Trip

I have the Naked ambition Exhibit at Museum of Sex from Oct 1-Nov 1,

Hustlaball is coming Ur way Oct 11, 2009 and I will be performing again, representing Diesel Washington....

Maybe U will Hear about that special Project I worked on.....Cross Ur fingers!!

I have other Movements to report but I want to wait..........

I need all the Haters energy for this one!!! So I want to build that Suspense for them!!! Then they can run with the Hate......I love it..

Anyway this post sucked.....was almost like a fuckin letter and I hate those type of Posts

Tomorrow I'm working on a really smart post...

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Anonymous said...

i think you quite possibly are the most trashiest porn star i have ever come across. you're all talk and little game. you say one thing and do another. you'll always go back to porn not matter what you say...it's the ONLY thing you are somewhat good at. You think you're going to have a career in acting in LA? HA! They don't hire or cast porn stars except in trashy reality shows to exploit them and their trashy pasts to bank another buck.