Sunday, September 13, 2009


Okay..... I had to put this post together..

Lately alot of People have been talking trash about Me.....I talk trash about other People, so of course People are going to talk about Me(its expected Duh). But I was surprised to see all forms of Hate!! To Highest Level this week:

I was Hated on by some model that was like 6 scenes ago, And they exposed themselves to be the USER they are...And Now they live in a Cam House!!! But Somehow they still want to talk about Me??? Living Off my Name???Again??!!! Umm Bro...Our scene ago?? Don't use my name anymore...Ur a Big Star in a Little Cam house...Wish U well......... I wonder "Why U still think about Me????"

Then to Haters on Twitter(and I don't even have twitter)Hated on Twitter??(that is New for Me)They like to answer things I said to them on Chat and answer them on Twitter.... People, I talk to alot of PornStars onlilne... I tease alot!!! I mean alot!!! But its words that go across a screen....But somtimes I forget that People only have the movies and this blog to understand Me. In Person I'm a ---------(yes there is a word taken out, I know ur counting slashs, its 9 LOL)But My Question to this person hating on me on Twitter, "Why U still think about Me???"

Neg comments on, I like to stay ahead of things when it comes to Porn News!!At the same time, I make Vids for just entertainment(Purely that)So it's funny to See people Who get so bent out of shape over my blog or Vids.... Someone clearly thought I stole one of my Moves from another model... And they fought so hard to get footage to Shut Me Up...... and all of that but.........THEY WERE PROVED WRONG AGAIN!! What was more interesting, that they had so much passion to prove Me wrong, So Much Passion!! I loved it!! Kinda of Scary too!! ...... "Why is He thinking about Me so much?????"

Maybe its this, SO ML, KS, AA, JT, DH, NB and the rest of Ya HATERS READ AND UNDERSTAND THE LYRICS:

Now some People say that all I do is, Get on this Blog and trash people!!! THAT IS NOT TRUE AT ALL!!.....I give alot of Shout Outs on this Blog to other Models, Movies, Bloggers, bah bah everybody...........I just trash People that I have met in Person, If I find you Rude or Ignorant or just some ASSHOLE I will let ya know personally!! When I write my blog(esp about events) I go over in my head the event, and the People I met there, to form the post that I'm going to write....Now!! If someone stood out that was like a total DICK to me(takes alot to Piss Me off at events)of course I'm trashing them(In the Nicest way)....It has nothing to do with their Talent onscreen!!!I want guys to work so........

NO MORE BASHING!! I won't call ya Gutterbunnies, Trash, USERS Fucking Douchebags... I won't talk about the People that Lie....PEOPLE THAT JUST USE YA TO GET AHEAD!!!Brown Nosers!!! Ass Kissers. The Fake, Phony, Talk behind your Back, BackStabbers.. I won't talk about U Cumdumpsters, and every Dirty whore out there that tries to make money off another escort STANK FUCKS!!! NO MORE BASHING!!!

Did I mention I talk too much on this blog:

Random Dance Music to lighten the Mood, after all the things I said Up there^ I had place that Vid that calms the Storm, here it goes (if u watch closely the colors change):

I have been to Vegas so many times......And I remember days like this. Big ShoutOut to Barrett Long "What Happens in Vegas" Quick Vid of my Last time to Vegas I had to get that Plug out there LOL:

Yeah Rock!!! I like Rock(Surprise Surprise)I like alot of music.... I really like this song, when I'm having a hard time(I mean a Bad one)I like to listen to this song a few times... Just something about the Lyrics!!!.... Yeah this is a Deep Song for Me:

And to be all romantic....this song comes into my Head with every New relationship at first, I'm all happy and shit, just in love and loving every minute of being with special Person. AWWWWW Diesel is getting Mushy I wanted to be the one U trusted JT(You know who Ur are)!!

This is the Song when my Slave boy is acting UP and I have to Lay the SmackDown!!!

Anyway I like Prodigy, and that music makes me jump in the Pit......MOSH PIT!! Yeah sometimes I hang with a Rocker crowd. (I have all types of friends)

These are New/Old songs that I put up, I like all types of music and the type of music I listen to reflects my mood. I'm in good standing nowadays, some days are harder than others but I'm here and still alive.

Yeah I had a busy week, and I can't believe How many Hits the FUCK LIKE DIESEL vid got....... Geez 20,000(almost) hits in 5 days!!! That is hot!!!

I want to thank all the Bloggers for picking up the Vid, THESWORD, UNZIPPED.NET, FLESHBOT, and QUEERMENOW(First blog to pick up the Vid)

Thanks for all the support!!!

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James said...

No more bashing? Really?! I don't believe it! You love this stuff! LOL