Friday, September 04, 2009



Ummm.... These pictures will be on display at a new exhibition on October 1 called Naked Ambition. It is based off Michael Grecco’s work will be at the Museum of Se[x] here in NYC...... Wow!!!!

Did U hear Me???

The pics I took above will be in the Museum of Se{x} Here in NYC!!!! That is fucking Huge!!! Diesel and Sagat.... !!!!!! Here is the link to Exhibit:

I had to post this when I heard the News...........

Just to think I remember going there with Damien Crosse and just messing around with the Stuff they had there... Now to hanging on the wall.....

Here is Diesel and DamienCrosse at the Museum of Sex 2008:

I told ya people even though I retired......doesn't mean that I wont still try to get my name out there somehow!!!

Okay......there will be other Female and Male Porn stars pictures as well, Like anybody heard of Jenna???? I was in the same book... Tommy Blade and Eddie Diaz also has some Pictures this is going to be good.

The exhibit is running from Oct 1 to Nov 1 so check it out I know Im going...

Shit there is a release party!!! U know Im going there..

Peace bitches

Haters U can start ur emails Now!!!

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Gray Moon Gallery said...

Naked Ambition fever is starting!
so said the Museum of sex. We have a painting in our portfolio which is a possible item for the Museum : The temptation of Anthony, a work made by Jan Theuninck in 1999.