Sunday, September 06, 2009


It's funny.....

This weekend has been News City for Me...

I was talked about on for my post on Integrity(to who ever left comment, I'm not a bottom, Sorry)Love you guys over on you Zac, Kidding LOL, Love UR sense of Humor)and Hello to Mister Bubble Butt Rick..... followed up on my Behind the Scenes of "JOJO" with the throat slashing Vid.... Love U guys over there at the Sword, I miss Michael though..... If Ur out there Michael....What's Up Man???? I hope Ur doing well.... I see U still write for as long as U keep writing and doing your "Pieces" I'm happy. Big Shout out to Paul, Jay, and the rest of the people at Sword.

Added to the Mix, Manhunt ran a story about Me on their Blog(Lots of Pics) so check out that story:

I wanted to talk about something that Dewitt(author of the post) wrote, I think maybe I might have retired too fast. Dewitt wrote:

Not only does Diesel have a great cock, but he really knows what to do with it. He's one of the most imaginative tops in recent porno history, with his crazy positions and double foot-fucking endeavors. And the icing on the cake? This man isn't just some pretty drone. He's got so much personality, and you never know what he's going to do next. He needs to come back to porn and become the icon he deserves to be!

Icon???? Who Me???Really????

I had to retire.......

I needed time just to relax and take in everything that I have done. People don't understand, I came up with the "Bully" "Motorcycle" "CannonBall" "Shotglass" "Human Spit Roast" all these new and creative visions for sexual positions. The Double Footing(Pissing at same time)and countless scenes of Hard Plowing and Manhandling. Every time I do a scene, I'm trying to outdo myself from the last scene that I did. That is alot of pressure on me to keep coming up with things that shock People.

When I read the reviews of my scenes, my signature moves that I repeated in other movies. Reviewers were like "He used the same position in another movie" I was like "Really???" I thought signature moves U can use anytime????..that is why they are called signature moves???(I used the "Bully" in Telescope and "Motorcycle" in Playbook, For Redlight, I put the model in the "Bully" and then transitioned to the "Motorcycle" all the while having the model in the air and his feet never touched the Floor) But that got me thinking......People want to see Me doing something different every single time I do a scene. There is only so much that U can create without People having seen it done before. I don't see reviews saying "The model used the Doggy style/Missionary positions that are in every single movie."

The best way to show People that I had somewhat of an Impact on this business was to retire....... People take for granted What they have sometimes... In order to show People what I brought to this Industry......was to step back and see If Ur missed!! I get tons of emails saying "Come Back" at events models seem to ask the same questions over and over....."Are Ya really retired???" "Will You ever come back??"

Maybe.......time will tell.....

I just want to enjoy my time pressure from shoots or trying to outdo myself. Enjoy the Fan time!!!and do some traveling I want to just have Fun.

And to the Haters, No I don't think I'm famous at all!!! The Icons of this business tell Me your not really famous until U have certain things....... Magazine Cover and spread, Dildo, Greeting Card, Underwear endorsement Deal. Well........ I have none of those things.....

I'm not famous, I'm just some Porn Star who has alittle fame and done a few movies here and there..... 14 scenes in 3years...that's like a drop in the bucket.


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