Tuesday, September 22, 2009

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: Character changes

Okay I haven't spoken much but I wanted to talk about......

A new character emerging...........His name is Bishop.

What is different about this character?

He is a fighter...from the future..and He is Bad Ass!!

He came back to correct the mistakes of the past, and see that his future time is not destroyed!!

I really like to run with this character!!! I think He is interesting, fun to watch, and special effects added to the Tee!! I could even create a Website dedicated to the character!! I'm going all out and having a costume made for the character(Geek alert)So I'm working out the details on that..I don't want it looking corny but it needs to function

I have to give Co Credit to Jack Manly......http://www.dieselwashingtonxxx.com/2009/08/diesel-washington-through-jackmanlys.html

I was familiar with the character from the comic books and the Marvel cartoon version on TV. But now I want to take what they created and up that!!...... Over the past week I was creating the Idea and Identity of the Bishop character!! Which led to scripts and Scenes and so many ideas....

Whats great about the character of Bishop his scenes would have the feel of like Quantum Leap....(yeah alittle nerdy) but it would work!!

First off, Time Traveling is always interesting...Story lines are interesting...Character development is important...Branding important!! So many ideas....

I could make him a Mutant?...or I could keep him Human?.....or some kind of Super Being?....anyway alot of ideas are being thrown around..

The current Version of Bishop will be based on the Marvel concept......I will add some different changes but the overall character and look and feel will be that of the Lucas Bishop character.

Whats great about the Lucas Bishop character is that we resemble each other to the detail.. Both born in Brooklyn(Bishop was born in Mutant relocation camp) He's 275lbs, I'm 245(I don't want to get any bigger) Hair color is the same, Eye color is the same, Same Height 6'6 and I like his story lines.

The Big Boss is gone!!! I wanted to work with his character....But I'm focused currently on Bishop. So that version of the Editor is gone.....

Bye Big Boss!!!

Dexter DeLarge is making a return.....I'm excited about that!!! He has a performance at Hustlaball NYC Oct'11 2009 so look forward to that!!

Diesel Washington is always around, and he will be performing in Florida. Oct 2, 3.

Anyway.......I wanted the Fans to Know about a New Character this is being added to the blog.. His name is BISHOP!!!!! I want to get this character off the ground and make him into something.


royy4 said...

you are just amazing!!!!!!

Tony said...

Awesome! I knew you'd be perfect as Bishop and now he's going to be even better with you guiding him along!