Sunday, September 06, 2009


Okay It was crazy at Splash on Friday.....this was the first time I hosted a Gig and I was nervous.... The Talent on Hand was Avi Dar, Matan Shalev, Jason Tyler, Shane and the Legend Nick Capra.

The evening was Star studded with Porn Star sightings the whole night. Wilfred Knight, Blue Kennedy, Max Scott, Mr Pam, Jake Havoc bah bah bah...

It was a great night out......I wanted to introduce each model and get the spotlight on them.....right before the show. I was notified that I couldn't introduce Avi Dar or Matan Shalev Hmmmm.....?

Although I have my differences with M.L. I was only going to show my respect for his Models, Avi and Matan(Not only are the models Hot!! but very very Sweet!!) I respect M.L. for wanting to protect his models, but I had a great Introduction written for them, and in no way was I to embarrass them or make them look bad!! They are STARS!!! And for the Recod yet again I LOVED MEN OF ISRAELI!! I wanted to plug their movies and scenes and get their name out there even more but I was denied the chance. *Sigh........ The crowd loved them!!!

It's hard sometimes, Studios want to protect their models and rightly so. But I had nothing but respect for these performers. And I give press to all models, this is a hard business.... So we have to work together!!!! Avi and Matan worked the crowd and gave a great performance.

Then Jason and Shane these guys put on such a fucking dirty show!!! They pulled out all the stops and gave the crowd a real show!!! The place was packed!!!

All in all it was a great night.....I was limited in some of my duties.....but I still got paid for standing around.... I helped out when I could. Nick Capra was on hand signing calendars and I had a chance to talk to him. The Man is a Legend and has his own site with some good content on it so check out his site it was good talking to him and finding out what this Porn Legend has in store.

I dont know Ty Colt.......Avi Dar is fucking hot!!! Seriously Hot guy!!! Yummy!! He is giving you a run for Ur money!!!LOL

Here are some Vids of the Night:


More shots: Matan working the crowd:

And more:


And more:


Great Night and Fun was had by all.....If U missed out Too Too Bad

The guys were Hot and the drinks were Stiff...Hmmmm?

Maybe I want the guys hard and the drinks hot?

Anyway I had a great time!!

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