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So its the Day of the show and Look who is coming for a Visit:

Ryan Raz and Austin Wilde

Now I already know Ryan Raz from ASYLUM get the movie Vote the Scene with Diesel Washington and Ryan Raz for Best Duo..

I met Austin Wilde briefly at the Grabby's, Now I know He won Raging Stallions Man of the Year(Rightly So) but I never had the chance to hangout with Him and I was curious about all the Hype. Good looking Man...but I wanted to find out more....

Then Rusty comes to visit...Rusty is a former Rentboy I met years ago, before I got into the Industry. One cool dude, I love talking to him.

And finally Krist Cummings, short little guy(More about him later)

So now the House is Full of Porn stars, Diesel Washington, Austin Wilde, Ryan Raz, Krist Cummings, Rusty(he doesn't do porn though)Uri(Newcomer, I mean he has been doing Porn for 2 days)it's interesting to watch Uri, He has so much energy and is just excited about the Industry he has goals and plans and its Nice to see He has so much energy!!! Here are the players, Rusty was in Bathroom:

While we were taken pics Gio wanted Us to stand together......What Famous Commercial does this photo look like?????:
In order, Diesel Washington, Ryan Raz, Austin Wilde, Krist Cummings, Uri

So here is some Vid from the House....All the guys are getting ready and We are heading out:

The photo that Gio took in the Vid is this one:

So We head over to JOHNNY'S and the place is packed!!!I mean the place is Packed....With a Long line outside...I instantly got Nervous.

Here I just came out of Retirement and I'm already working a Huge Party in Fort Lauderdale JOHNNY'S

I get to the Office to talk to AJ Cross, now this is the funny thing about AJ, he has done porn before, and I have watched his work before... U might remember him as Dr Rimmerman on Collegeboy Physicals:

So We are in the Back and Security is Tight!!! Guns are coming out for the Event and everybody is ready for tonight...I did not believe that the place would be so packed with People!!!! Security and AJ stay packing!!! It gets wild in Florida I was told, So I'm ready for anything!! Here I am in the Office with AJ Cross and Austin Wilde and Howard from Fabscout(The rest of the guys were getting drinks and having Fun, Ryan Raz was having too much Fun.LOL):

So I have two shows at JOHNNY'S here are some Pics from the First Show:

And then I had the Second show, I wanted to do the Same Entrance that JayZ did at the MTV awards, when the camera followed him to stage....I thought that was a slamming entrance so I did the same thing, Here goes:

It was a great show..... also Rick Van Sant(Hot House Exclusive)was in town and came to the Club to support Me and check my show.... Rick if ur reading this.. Thanks alot for coming out to see Me. It was a major shock seeing you in Florida!!! U were so cool to come to show. Wow!!!! Talk about Support from the other Porn stars!!

During my performances I pulled Austin Wilde on stage and Krist Cummings, Uri(The one swallowing my Face) I really had a great time at JOHNNY'S thanks to all the guys for having Me

Shout Out to AJ Cross, Jordan, Victor and Sean all u guys at JOHNNY'S ROCK!!!

I was tired as hell from the show...and the crew went back to the House!!


I had my own Drama..... Krist Cummings did the show with Me...and lets say there was suppose to be some Action back at the house... NEVER HAPPENED!!! He crashed in another person's bed that night.......But its okay I will get my revenge against Krist Cummings(more about that story later)

So the Weekend is still just starting I have alot more stories to tell...

Stay tuned!!!

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