Sunday, November 08, 2009



Shocking!!! Just shocking!!!

This post will handle all the emails, atkol, facebook, Geez...

Oh and I will respond to U Tiger!!This is not the post for that!!Stay tuned!!

I opened the blog for discussion about the scene, I even put a poll on it. So basically, I was ready to be trashed by people....

What tripped Me out the most was People saying that:

I had gotten stale...????

Or my fucking style is "robotic with little variety"???

I don't suck cock??

I need to redefine myself???...

Be more edgy??...

I'm not going to go through this whole rant like you people are wrong!!!There is alot of truth to what you people are saying. Firstly, I don't think my style is "robotic with little variety" and I laughed at hearing that...That commenter has no idea about my work. I suck cock(rather well), so No I don't play that Total Top role where the top doesn't suck dick, or rim an ass, or play the Gay for pay role. I'm an attention whore(was honest about that) that is correct!!! If U don't promote yourself nobody else will, esp when Ur a Free agent. So before U blame Me for getting press or putting myself out there....that is what I do and will continue to do. So get over that.....and real quick!!

Now the redefining thing.....I will admit to my image needing a change or an updating... To continue in this business, I have to keep evolving, I get that!! I thought I was heading in the right direction and I am. When I started in Porn, I had to come into the game as that Angry Black guy.. It was to come in shocking and mean!! I did that.I thought I changed the character by allowing myself to get tied up in Folsom Prison, and get gut punched and pissed on...from that role I did my first romantic scene in Double Standard..I did a very passionate scene, complete with Shower scene...and it got good reviews. I was able to show my jock side in PlayBook and bring something new to the table yet again. I went through six months(long period) where I didn't work when I went Free Agent. So I had to put myself out there and get one commenter said "I was going to fade away" and I had to stop that from happening. I did "Rear Deliveries" by Raging Stallions and had good reviews, I then did Asylum which opened Diesel to a whole new audience(Falcon audience) and then I did Redlight, I enjoyed that part and was able to get alittle creative with the role and started understanding how to Act. Then it was Taken by channel 1 releasing... I played that movie like it was a 360 to my career... and then I retired.....

But I shortly came back(I was bored)and wanted to keep pushing further with my character Diesel Washington. I worked hard just to start the Buzz that I was coming back into the Industry!! Which I did with great success!!!

So I'm working on redefining my character yet again......

Is bottoming???? the way to redefine my character??? Or is that just what Fans and People who watch porn want to see???? It seems to Me, that its a power issue with "certain fans". Rather then putting a Hot Scene together that works, they want to see Me getting fucked...... only because....... they are Curious to see Me get fucked!!!That only!! Me being a Top, on and off of no concern to them!!! Like the only way for Me to prove how good I am is by...... finally taking a dick in my ass.


So the double fisting and double footing scene wasn't showing skills??? Me getting pissed on and then allowing another model to piss in my mouth wasn't showing skills??. Getting tied up???? Coming up with all the New Positions, I guess that isn't big enough!!! Writing the blog...and doing the Youtubes isn't good enough either??? I really believe that I spoiled you people!!! I'm constantly trying to outdo what I did in the last movie. But I think U expect Me to do some Superhuman stuff, I'm human, I try to raise the bar with every role and some people still are not satisfied.

I think alot of this comes from this perception of what people think is the Diesel character. I'm called an Oreo or Uncle Tom because I don't film with Black themed companies.....My answer to that???If the black themed companies were paying the same model fee for a performance, I would be over there filming scenes as well.

As far as the Rentboy events.....I go to the events because it's a paying gig and throw some hot parties........So all these emails saying that Diesel only parties with the white boys is fucking nonsense!!! I would love to do any of the Black Gay pride events....but I'm not asked!! And if I'm asked, I have to pay my own flight and hotel expenses to get there.....and the Performance Fee is not worth the hassle of the flight and hotel expense. I don't care what color or nationality or religious background U are...If U can pay my Model fee and accommodations I will perform. I'm no diva and don't expect Star treatment(but maybe I should) I'm fair and love to perform and give the fans a good show.

But I guess I have to take a lower model fee.....just because the Fans want to see Me fuck a Thug!!! Sorry Folks!!! This is a business!!! I have to make money!!! Mainstream actors can take a part in a film with lower pay because they make Three to Five million a they can afford to do a role for 200,000, because they got money already. If that was the case with Me, I would have started my own company....But I was putting the budget together for a movie and I came to about $26,000 for a movie that I had in my head. $26,000 for one movie in this recession..... I didn't want to take that chance(Funding wise).....well not yet anyway!!! A website is a great idea, but there are so many websites out there!!! I want to wait until the time is right to put that into action. But its coming....

Like I said before....... this culture is built on Idol worship, one minute they love you, build you up and then the next minute they are ready to throw you out. I am prepared for that.....when that happens I will quietly fade away.

But My point is....I have shared so much with fans and industry already, my personal business, Family, my Image, my body and mind all there for people to see. My Virginity is something I'm not willing to give at this moment.

This is being honest:

Picture of My Ex who I tried to bottom for........the short story. I wanted to bottom for David, because I was in love with him and was comfortable with him after 3years so We try.....He couldn't get hard and that was that!!! If I couldn't bottom for the guy I loved....... then it was not meant to be for me. Ding Ding!! How would that make you feel about urself??? The first person ever U wanted to give urself to after being in relationship for 3years.And no go, He felt so much pressure and shut down!! Which jaded that idea for me a long time ago..... That was another revealing post from Diesel Washington. Back to the topic...

After all the movies, clients and the shows when my time has come to leave the Industry. I will have my Ass as the only thing I didn't give to this Industry. So when I do find that person to fall in love the very least I have something to give them(Besides my love and support and emotions) that money couldn't buy!! No offense to those who love to bottom or will bottom when the price is right. But I'm not holding out for more money.... I don't bottom off screen so its not like I have some macho thing preventing Me from bottoming. Or I would think it would hurt my image or something!!

I just want to give the Virginity of my Ass to someone who I fall in love with... Sounds strange I'm 40 and a Ass call Me a Romantic if U will. When I bottom for the first time ever!! there will be no cameras around, or bright lights in my face...there will only be Me and the person who I fell in love with.

So basically when I find a Bf who I fall in love with....then I will bottom for him. And give him something that I never gave anybody in my life!!! Then.........I can come back to the Industry and start getting fucked.LOL!! Makes sense to anybody?????

So bear with Diesel Washington for now......I'm working on being paired with other Big names in the Industry first....... So I do agree with some of the comments saying, I'm not being paired up with other big names in this Industry!!! And I'm working on that..........

It's all baby steps in this Industry.....I'm not an exclusive, I have no sponsors and I do all the leg myself or I get a helping hand from my friend Howard from Fabscout. So be patient......Geez some of you people have short attention spans. It's fuck the past!!! What are you doing now???? thinking.... To be a power player I have to pick my battles and hit them hard and this is all thought about beforehand.. Be patient!!! I have some stuff coming..........

It will shock the Industry!!!

And I didn't forget about you Tiger, I have a special response planned for you!!


Anonymous said...

If you could have Tiger Tyson as your Lover, would make it easier.

Anonymous said...

why would you even consider bottoming for Tiger Tyson? just because the poll told you to...who cares about him're right about doing it with someone you really like..because it seems like you're not really into doing it anyway

Anonymous said...

Re your latest Nov 8 post. There is a lot of specific new good advice to you on the
" favorite videos/pornstars" forum

Dre said...

I think that seeing guys bottom that are tops is over rated. I have seen Matthew Rush, Marc Williams and others do this and I was not as thrilled as I thought I would be. I think it is because the actors were doing it for business reasons and didn't have their heart into it.

If you do decide to bottom please do it with someone you are really into and put as much into the performance as you have with your regular top performances.

It is very romantic that you are saving yourself for that special someone and I commend you for sure for sure.

Anonymous said...

All i can say is dont regret the things you've done within this industry, because all your hard work will pay off. This business I'm sure is hard, and you cannot please everyone. I will say you do have loyal fans, and I'm progressively becoming one because of your blogs (YOUR VERY RELATABLE)... Anyway, stay strong man :D

Anonymous said...

Diesel I think a video where you'd be gangabanged by the bunch of twinks you're usually paired with would be a lot of fun ! :)

Anonymous said...

Matthew Rush bottoming is very very sexy and dammnn hot !!! and damn popular !!!!

Also Marc Williams bottoming is damn hot and very popular too, his Marc Hawaiian Dream's DVD, where he bottoms in 4 scenes is often voted the best ethnic dvd.

If Diesel either topped or flipped with Matthew and Marc it would be very hot indeed.

Anonymous said...

If you had Topped Marc Williams in TED4 instead of Tiger, it would have been twice as good and Marc would have been much happier with you.

I've seen the video where Marc gets topped by ex Titan Star Ben Jakks in a leather Bar, and Marc certainly knows how to take dick.

Anonymous said...

don't let the haters get u riled up...haterz need help too, so let them hate and continue to raise the bar...PS I wouldn't like to see Tiger fuck u, but I would love to see ya'll tag team someone, that would be HOT!

Anonymous said...

"I just want to give the Virginity of my Ass to someone who I fall in love with... Sounds strange I'm 40 and a Ass call Me a Romantic if U will."

I completely get this reason for not bottoming-- I'm not either and it is because I want a serious connection with someone before taking the leap; this or any kind for that matter. So i completely understand, and I like you more because of it.

It is really difficult; especially sometimes I wonder if I'm missing out on something fun. So at 40, I'm sure you've been waiting and waiting but to no avail.

I'm giving myself time, til 35, then its going to be like--what am I waiting for!?!

Life's too short.

I'm curious, no penetration but do you play around with fingering or toys... supposedly that is a way to help introduce something as intense as anal. Getting the feel for what works in advance versus just doing it without any preparation. It really can be of two extremes, really pleasurable or really painful.

You really need a partner that is patient and willing to take time to introduce this act--otherwise it wouldn't be a good experience. Supposedly you need to practice a lot in order to be a good bottom.