Monday, November 23, 2009


I guess U missed me.....

I have been busy.... so shall We begin???

Last time I talked to you I was heading to Fort Lauderdale, well that trip is over and I have Vids and alot to talk about.

I went to Fort Lauderdale to help out Wolf Hudson, Howard from FabScout, Gio and to just enjoy the weather. So Howard, Wolf Hudson, Bobby Knight(A New Model) picked me up at the airport(Fort Lauderdale)we hit up Fabscout Headquarters. We start teasing Bobby Knight(new Model)because he claims to be 8.5in cut, so I make him prove it and tell him to wip it out. He pulls out his dick, which clearly isn't 8.5in cut, he says "U can't tell cause I'm not hard" Okay????? So I suck his dick to get it hard to see if He's really 8.5in.......

Close enough.

We go out for some food and drinks at BoardWalk(Big Shout to Boardwalk)and then head back to the house. I was tired, the night before I was in NYC and had a early flight in the morning, so I stayed up all night and I was ready to crash. Went to sleep early because I had a scene in the morning with

So its up early and back at Fabscout Headquarters, its time to work. Steven Ponce picks Me up at the Office and then We drive down to MIA. I love hanging out with Steven, he makes Me laugh and He's just cool to talk to. Here We are driving down to MIA:

Interview with Steven Ponce before the scene:

After We shot Our scene for

The scene went smoothly and I have another scene at that is a banger!!! So when the scene comes out I will make sure I let the fans know!! This is one hot scene!! We drive back to Fort Lauderdale to Fabscout Headquarters pick up another model that flew in from San Fran, Krist Cummings and then head back to Fabscout's House.

We are sitting around the pool watching Skits on SNL(love Saturday Night Live)and We start watching James Brown celebrity Hot tube(Old School footage with Eddie Murphy):

So I'm back at the house and tired!!! I have to go to bed early because I have another scene to shoot tommorrow!!!

So Far U have Thursday and Friday of my Fort Lauderdale trip!! More to Come!!

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