Thursday, November 12, 2009


Hello People...

I had time to decompress and relax and then hit up the gym(Hard) I had to tease you with some Footage of Levi Johnston. Now I was tipsy....and drunk blogging. So to recap the event:

Levi Johnston, Jude Law, Geez go to this link of some of the performers that were there.

There was so much stuff was hard to take in the whole event. And that Open Bar was a motherfucker!!!! Trying to balance looking sexy and getting the vibe of the place and knowing when to pull out the camera(hard to do with Tits in ur face)was getting annoying...Hot girls/Hot guys all walking around half naked and showing off inside of the club Whew!!!! It was like anything goes kinda of feel but very sexy....not slutty!! Anyway I had a great time, glad I was invited....

Big ShoutOut to Fleshbot.Editor:
Lux Alptraum

Contributing Editor:
Brian O'Brien

D. Cypher
Madeline Glass

Senior Erotic Consultant:
Gram Ponante

Founding Editor:
John D.

I was drunk as hell talking with Brian O'Brien and calamitous of Fleshbot..I such a geek sometimes... I love chatting with the guys behind the Sword, Unzipped, Fleshbot, bah bah bah that write the posts(I Don't Kiss Ass at all) I like the way certain bloggers have a way of reporting the current events, or passing on Industry news, Pop Culture whatever...

It's not easy to come up with content every single day that is fresh and edgy. Being the Diesel Character...allows Me to talk about the Industry through my eyes and at the same time use this blog as my Journal. Speaking of which...

In interesting news, I see fellow porn stars coming out with books detailing their lives. I have alot of experiences!!!!I have enough experiences just written in this blog alone that could be turned into a Best Seller!! Without Question!! Stay tuned!!For more info on that!!

I was on the MOC blog the other day, and they wrote an article on Me. Everybody has an opinion of Me, Good or Bad and I respect that!! There was a comment on the post that I didn't like. One of the contributing editors of MOC(retired Porn star who didn't make it big and is now Jaded and Bitter) left a comment that I want to address, at first I thought we were friendly.... Sadly that is not the case!!

Dear Contributing Editor:

I came to you like a man to address something that u wrote on Ur blog about Me. I was open and honest about why I didn't agree with your post. You didn't understand Why I took offense, and I will tell you why I took offense yet again. We see each other at events and chat, and I thought We were cool, then to prove a point that U wanted to make on Ur blog, about Racism in Porn, U used Me as a Negative example, to illustrate Ur point. When I read that post I was like....Ouch!!

So I came to you like a Man, expressing my feelings about that post. And U acted puzzled as to Why I was upset. Here's why...

Don't use Me to prove one of Ur Radical posts, U have problems with Blatino Awards, FlavaMan, Thesword, Unzipped,, Hustlaball, Guys who use Poppers, Pierre Fitch, Wolf Hudson, Levi Johnston, Randy Blue, Corbin Fisher, Falcon, put it this way U have problems with everybody!!!! Now U want to leave Neg comments on posts that MOC has about me. If U have problems with Diesel Washington, U can come to Me like a man and express those issues directly. Shit U could have written a Neg post about Me on Ur blog!!! Ur an Editor at MOC, U could have written a Neg post there.... But what do you do??? U take a jab at me in the Comment section. WOW!! That's so brave of you!!

Dude Ur jaded and bitter about the Industry.....There is alot of truth to the lack of Diversity in Gay Porn and I agree with you that there is a problem..... The problem I have with you is that... in person U have nothing to say when I approached you. U acted like u didn't understand the problem I had with Ur post. We discussed it!! And that was that!!! Then u want to email Me to talk about the post again?? We exchanged alot of emails that day....I thought it was over that day!! But NOOOOOO!!! U want to take jabs at Me in comment sections.....Dude Ur lame!!! I hope U find that DP you want!! Or that European White boy that U want to fuck you.

Ur blog sucks, your posts are boring, and you were an average performer at best. I keep asking people in the industry if they know Who U are and nobody has a clue. Stop riding my coat tails, I have more than enough models that try that game, Ur not using my name to get yourself Press!!

Your Lame!!!Keep talking about all Ur slutty activities, and how you love getting fucked and used and all that stuff. Those are the posts that are slightly interesting...

Your Wack, Your Blog is Wack
Diesel Washington


Tré Xavier said...


If you are going to ATTEMPT to call me out, it would be in your best interest to (1)leave my friends out of it, and (2)get the title right.

You referred to me as being a Contributing Editor of MOC Blog. I'm sure this was an attempt to make me look weak for puting my response to him in a comment, instead of an entire post. Well that can be easily explained. For (1) I make it my business to never take a title that is not mine, and Contributing Editor of MOC Blog is NOT my title, it is as a Contributing WRITER. Therefore, if I write anything, it has to get Victor Hoff's OK to get posted, and (2)I never suggested writing a post about you, because I was not about to waste Victor's web space on your cry for attention. I'll use my own space for that. Furthermore, that one instance didn't warrant an entire blog post. A combination of events - maybe, but not that one instance. And lastly, with all of my recent creative endeavors, I have no desire to waste my time and perfectionist nature on satisfying your steretypical ego. Instead, I'll use that energy and nature to display the FACTS that prove me to be correct.

Diesel Washington said...


For one thing, Ur blog is still wack and borin. And the big question?? What friends do you have???U go on to Rant about everybody... And U don't want to waste Victor's space. Victor emailed Me looking to do a interview with Me??? And as far as ur title so ur not an editor, Ur just a contributing Writer...Awww too bad for U dont have as much power as I thought...Hmmmm?? oh well..... Oh and I read ur post on Me. I loved it!!! It really shows U have nothing to do with Porn yet U feel the need to rant about it. Other bloggers don't give you any Press about ur posts because...... they are lame and so misinformed get a life buddy...