Sunday, November 15, 2009


Now U might remember this guy from the Freestyle Comedy show on MTV called "Wild N Out" This is funny shit, I had to steal it from I had to comment on this myself, this Vid is so funny because its so true.... Now I get alot of people that want to touch or feel or grope Me, that comes with being a porn star. But I get tons of Str8 guys that touch and feel me every single day. Being a personal trainer surrounded by other personal trainers its like almost going to massage school..

Maybe its a gym thing??? It's common to see guys in the gym touching each other in a gayish kind of way. For example, a guy can touch another guys pecs...IF... its in the context of showing the muscle in action during an exercise, helping with posing, and even in admiration in slapping them lightly or the "Bro tap on the chest" saying "Damn Man Ur chest grew huge!!" To confess something, I used the T.A.D.S thing just to grope on a hot guy(s). I mean come on, I'm asked for pointers all the time(even when off the clock)so if a cute guy is asking for pointers, I give him pointers alright..I don't care if gay/str8/bi He asked for my help so I'm going to give it.

In thirty seconds, I can touch every body part of his(except for penis and balls)without revealing....I'm a Freak and I'm getting in some groping action. But the key is to do it without the Guy knowing it....and everybody else in the gym. Moving on....

I went to a GBU party(college boy piss party)this weekend.....I needed my piss fix.....I have always been into piss play, U the fans know this already. I like going to this party...I do porn and clients(Escorting), so I really don't have the opportunity to "Play" and not have to "Perform". It was funny at the party, a few people recognized Me and came up and told Me they loved My Vids which is Cool and awkward at the same time..... I wanted to come to the party and "Unwind" but some people want to talk about the movies and certain Co stars. Others want to talk about my blog...One party goer(Hope Ur reading this)came up to Me and asked if I was from Staten Island...I am from Staten Island(born in Brooklyn) I asked him "How did U come up with this Assumption???" He said "I read it on a blog or something??" Clever!! I have to give you props little guy, it was an unexpected question which caught my attention. I was polite right??? Nice meeting you.
At one point of the party, I had a bunch of chasers that basically followed Me around hoping to see a show!! So needless to say my "Playing" time was severely limited!! I'm not the show off that some people think. Porn and Live shows require Me to be "On" so I get into the Mind set and handle business. This was alittle different, Yes it's in public and I should be that "Porn Guy" but I wasn't feeling being Diesel. I wanted to be another guy at the party trying to get his freak on. So No nutbusting for Me at that party. *Sigh

I like Sex(DUH!!)but sex means different things to people. Some can have random hookups and sex is merely busting a load and its done, Others need to have an emotional connection with somebody in order to have sex, or combo of the two. Being a porn star, I can turn it on at any time. But Intimacy is something I have been working on lately....I used to be that guy that as soon as the cum comes out of my dick...I'm up in the bathroom washing off and ready to go!! I want to be that guy and shoots that load and falls asleep in the sticky goo after we are done.

But We are talking about Sex right??? Bubble butts!!! God I love them!!! Its kinda of sad really....When I'm in the city I'm constantly looking for Bubble butts!! Girls/Guys...yummy...Gym searching is not allowed!! When I'm inside of a gym, I'm there to train clients, or work out!! I don't get involved with the "Gym politics" I don't hangout by the showers or steam room not my thing...Sure the gym locker room is a staple of gay porn, but not something I practice in real life, Sorry folks. On the street its hot Esp the train....If U haven't gotten on a NYC subway your missing out!!!Alot of Sexual tension on the's all around and U can feel that energy!! NYC is so alive right now!!!! We are the Champs!!!

More sex news, remember JOJO the Movie????? Finally it's out and ready to been seen by the public.. I'm joining some of the other cast there for the releasing.. If u didn't read that far back(to the people who just started reading this blog)here are some of the Background of the movie and Vid of said Movie:

So at the releasing...I will get some more footage of the actors and talk about the project.. I'm excited, I wanted to broaden my experience in the entertainment step at a time, so first I have to see the finished project..get some footage of that and then come back when there is an audience watching and get their reviews of the movie(esp my scene)I think that will be an interesting post for my blog.

More Sex??? I think I'm the typical Ass fucker!! I love Doggystyle!!! Something about that position, I get alot of power from my legs and I just love to see the dick sliding in and out... Tied for second, Reverse Cowgirl/boy and then simply the bottom riding that shit!!! I know the bottoms that are reading this are like "Oh no What if I like it on my back??" Well take this advice.... U guys should know as soon as u lay on ur's time for you to bust and call it quits!!! After taking a deep plowing from doggystyle and bah bah.... by the time I lay you on ur back ur hole simply is worn out, pop that cork and its a wrap!!

Alot of sex talk on this post the reason why.....Im starting another scene next week for and the model I'm working with.........Steven Ponce!!

If you dont know who Steven Ponce is:

He was the Red Head in Telescope that I used my first Signature Move on!!! Basically I Owe Steven Ponce my career, it was that scene that We worked together to make happen!! I approached Steven and told him the idea that I had for the scene, it was a move that I came up with, but it was unnamed at the time.. We worked hard on the scene..and needless to say(Nominated for Best Duo Scene GayVns)bah bahbah..

That one scene has been down loaded millions of times(illegal downloads)and the footage has floated around the net for months on Sex sites, Xtubes, all that crap. They keep calling it "Interracial Sex" this and that......that term "Interracial Sex" I still have problems with.. AGAIN!!! It's two hot models doing a scene together!!! Tired of that term...enough venting!!

Since this our second time working together....I will use our scene as a platform to showcase other positions... Now some people will say...Don't show your whole game plan and introduce all the positions!!
IDEA 1 I will use this performance to reenact the Bully, then move to Motorcycle and then Cannonball then to FleshJack(Newest Position)and then to an Unseen Move. I wanted to do a performance like this for the fans...Sure U have seen the moves before, but they are mine!! Bring out all the old tricks and then hit you with the new material and give the fans show!!


IDEA 2 I can keep the scene basic, Fuck hard!!! And wear out Steven's Ass. A good hard plowing bringing out his bottom role in the scene!!

Your choice??? and remember I'm basing this on Hundred votes!!!and the scene is next week so vote now:

Now I'm looking at the Tiger Tyson poll, and it seems that Tiger is ahead on topping Me now!!! almost 500 votes(that is huge)and the Flip Flop went from mid sixties to fifty four percent now!!! Things to think about.....but everbody knows my status on that.

So far...Steven Ponce next week(That is huge for Me and special), Jesse Santana(Power Top meets Power Bottom!!! Epic!!)next month!! And you my friend Tiger, Ur next!!!

Umm this might sound strange??? At first I only liked smooth asses!!! Well I have grown to love hairy asses(as long as they are Bubble asses)so I thought I would say that for the fans. Hair is a good thing!! I know, I was talking about one thing and came back to bubble asses...UMMMM That is how much I love Bubble butts!!

I mean flat asses are cool(they have nothing to block the hole)but there is something to be said about parting a nice bubble ass.. lets say an Ass like Mister Sagat... When ur slamming in ur dick and they clinch their butt cheeks on the down stroke, it feels so good!!!!God I love that feeling!!

Oh and parting that bubble ass and cleaning the hole with Ur tongue....I'm there all day and night. I love rimming!!! I'm one of those tops that has to lick it before I stick it!!! Oh and for the ladies, I'm told I eat pussy equally well......

Right now there are some gay guys reading this going "EWWWWWWW Diesel Washington eats pussy" and I say to them "I eat Ass and that is where Men take a shit from" so get over it!!

Cock sucking, my co stars say I'm good at it.

Kissing, can be like sex sometimes...a good kiss goes a long way. On screen, I could have alot more kissing in my scenes(I'm working on that)alot of the scenes I do are intense, so its hit or miss to kiss in a scene depending on the character that I'm playing.. In the movie "Taken" I practiced on being Aggressive and Passionate at the same time. The handling of my Co star was aggressive but I added alot of Deep Kissing and Tongue into the fold. I think it was a nice balance and in the finished project it added to the scene.

But lets say for a Movie like Folsom would have not worked!!! It was a revenge fuck and I wanted to stay in character for that role! For those who didn't see Folsom Prison, I was a Innocent Man convicted of a crime and abused by prison guards..and let's say I get my revenge in the scene!! Anyway its a Hot scene!!

Speaking on scenes, has anyone noticed that the scenes I have done is like a mini movies???? I have one film under my belt that I have two scenes in and that's Telescope. There will not be a movie centered around(Unless I produce it) So I make sure every scene that I'm in, U can watch it like a Mini Movie!! I get so deep into the scene, every move, every position, every angle... I make sure I pull the audience in, either your going to jerk off, or watching it with Ur mouth open going Damn!!!! That is reaction I want!!! and still want!!!

What more to say about Sex??? Keep it safe!!!

That was ur daily dose of Diesel.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Terence...that was funny... didn't get one bad reaction!!

Anonymous said...

BTW Terence..about you cutting off were you are looking for a no fan hook ups..not a client...not just sex 1st...understand the thinking but you really are cutting off possibilities... who's to know were you meet up with some one for you..?? Its not like you join the "looking for a partner queue"...Rgds Laurie

Anonymous said...

Diesel,let me say "you do you" and be true to yourself, regardless what others think. I have to agree that there is nothing like a bubble butt and rimming a perfect ass.I have seen all of your vids, with the exception of "Taken."I will see it soon because I'm such a fan

Anonymous said...

First, you talk to much and go into to much detail. Have you ever heard of spontaneity? Scenes can have that too.

Why are you always doing scenes with skinny white boys?

And, we get it you're a "TOP".

You don't have to tell us every other sentence.

If you really want to expand your career, stay relevant, attract more fans than become versatile.

You're hot but, boring. Sorry.

All your excuses, a few post down about not bottoming, were just that excuses.

It doesn't make you less of a man to become versatile or more of a fag. (if that is what you're worried about) It will make you more marketable, more in demand and a hellava lot hotter to those of us that like you but, think you have become boring.

You're wasting your time fucking these skinny white boys when you should be flipping with hot black dudes.

Anonymous said...

Most of us would rather you get it on with Tiger Tyson

QUIRĂ“N said...

Dear Diesel, I have carefully read your last post, and I mean you only one thing:
First and foremost, besides you to be a porn star, You my friend are a human being, and though I know you do not know me and I do not think I ever know, but I tell you this, you can sell many things into the porn industry, please do not sell your love and virginity by a band of depraved that only want to masturbate watching with delight as you leave an image behind.
Because after you do, if you did not really at heart, you will feel terrible.
I'm not saying this because I want to see you in your movies in an active or passive, I tell you as a friend. Yes, I know, I can not call myself your friend, but that's my advice for you, I'll give it to you as if I would give it to my best friends.
And one more thing, your privacy is yours alone, you do not have to ventilate it to the public, your privacy, your personal relationships are yours, are private, my friend, and what you leave to the knowledge of others, provided they can use against you, to criticize or hurt your image or your heart.
It is quite possible that you wonder who am I to say this shit. I just want you to know that I see the pressure situations over you and that is why I try to humbly give you my support in the distance.
Some time ago, and I trusted let me down, made fun of me and as gifts to offer my confidence I got HIV, with which I live now.
Dear Diesel, I hope my advice can help you serve.
I will apologize because my English is not very good, I try to improve it.
I sent you my respect and admiration for the man who you are.
With love, Adrian .-

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm ditto on rimming good bubble I was the only odd ball looking at them here and you're as bad as some of the blokes u complain the guys at the piss party and yourself oggling innocent, passing bubble butts...hehehe...Rgds..Laurie

Anonymous said...

Hi T...must remember about the "GBU party" if I get back to NYC sometime..even if u aren't going...would be good to go...Rgds..Laurie

Anonymous said...

Some people are saying Diesel needs to be versatile to become more marketable.

Tiger Tyson is still popular as a Top only (bottomed once or twice during his early days).

Ricky Martinez is popular as a Top only.

Ty Colt is popular as a Top only.

White gays really want to see Diesel bottom for some reason.

Anonymous said...

One of the hottest scenes I have seen recently was Scott Alexander and Race Cooper flip-flopping. I didn't know Scott bottomed. Soooooooo hot!

Anonymous said...

This hottest scene I have seen recently was Scott Hamilton and Race Cooper flip-flopping. I didn't know that Scott bottomed, and it was soooooooo hot!

Anonymous said...

Tiger Tyson is calling for you again on his site check out what he saying.

You both Flip-flopping would really please both sets of fans !!!

Anonymous said...

Diesel your poll for options on your proposed scene with Tiger Tyson is now buried way down on your blog below many other pages Even so it has still got well over 500 votes.

Please can you reinstate the Poll near the top of your blog, as believe that it will get so many more votes if folks can easily locate it, prior to your closing the poll on Dec 3. LOL JOHN.

Anonymous said...

Who said that its mainly White dudes that want to see Diesel. Just look at some major well known Black Blog sites and you'll lots of Black dudes want to see Diesel bottom as well many wanting to see Tiger bottom too.