Tuesday, December 29, 2009


So it started the year...

I had alot of promoting to do for some of the releases that were dropping early Feb/Mar 2009. So its Jan 2009 and I'm Las Vegas for the Dirty Secret Party and hit up the AVN's(I will post that on the best of 2009 pics)

So Move to Feb and then I decided to do a movie with a Heavy Weight in the Business. Barrett Long "What Happens in Vegas" here is that Vid:

Crazy Times in Las Vegas...another Vid:

And this is when I started playing around behind the camera(its a start)with Kirk Cummings

Then fast forward to the Black Party rocking it out!!!:

March was not a good month for me....moving on..

April Remaking Diesel Washington:

In Depth Interview with Mr Summers(its funny) Take care of yourself in retirement sweet boy, U will be the best Nurse out there. Ur clip:

Harsh words Now mind you, I never met Brent Corrigan as of yet....and then I do:

A strange Vid to do but its cool:

Road Trip to Chi Town for Grabbys:

Accepting the Award for Best Porn Star Blog at Grabbys:

I was so shocked!! I really wasn't ready for that.... at all!! Big shout out to Grabbys(Mark and Stacy) check out the Grab Mag as well Congrats on the Mag fellas!!http://www.grabchicago.com/

And then the Big Win!! Performer of the Year:

I hate to keep bragging about it!! Most even forget it happened Not Me!!! Thanks to the Fans that put up with my Mouth on this blog
More Vid from Grabbys:

Okay after the Big Win, I had a period where I just needed space after all the work I put in this industry and U can see the look of confusion on my face(the eyes don't lie)trying to explain....How Lost I was at that moment..I needed to find my direction and fast..

Now lets do some traveling...Washington:

Now I like characters and I consider myself as a "Pitch Man" so when Billy Mays passed on.... I was hurt so here my tribute Vid to Billy Mays there will be only one Billy Mays!!:

This is where I started to see Vids popping up showcasing Me, for all those who missed my performance in Double Standard, www.titanmen.com THIS VID FOR ALL THOSE WHO THINK I CAN'T DO A ROMANTIC SCENE!! Yeah its download off Youtube that I found but I think it's cool as shit:

Dexter DeLarge as Buffalo Bill(U guys hated this Vid, I thought it was creative)

In LA this Vid shot by Wolf Hudson:

In LA with Wolf Hudson, Mister Sagat:

Cameron Marshall and Cameron Adams

Lucky Daniels, Phillip Ashton, Rob Romoni

Ryan Raz

At LA Zombie post party:

Behind the Scenes of JOJO THE MOVIE:

The Crew:

This is my death the only way to Shut Up Diesel Washington is to cut his throat...So this Vid is for all the Haters wishing Me to finally be Quiet:

Splash Bar with Avi Dar and Matan Shalev(Hot Hot Hot Guys!!)

This was the most popluar Vid I have ever done and the numbers still grow everyday, simply titled FUCK LIKE DIESEL:

I wrote a post called http://www.dieselwashingtonxxx.com/2009/09/in-real-life-im-goofy.html, because I have a huge crush on the GAYCOMICGEEK...well he responded to my post with a Youtube Vid I was honored!!


Austin Wilde:

Austin Wilde Photo Shoot:

The Hottest shit ever On the Cover of Unzipped and Hanging on the Wall:

Ricky Sinz:

Stars of HustlaBall:

Tommy Defendi:

Ben Andrews:

More Barrett Long:

Logan McCree Vinnie D:

Tommy Defendi dancing:

Spencer Reed dancing:

Jake Steel:

Chi Chi LaRue:

Mike Dreyden:

Interviewed by Frank Decaro on his radio show:

Some Butt Action:

MarvelFest 2009:

Exclusive Footage of Levi Johnston by Me:

Steven Ponce my Co Star from Telescope, yes it's that Ginger Boy I'm talking about:

Wolf Hudson, Lucas Knowles, Eddie Diaz, Diesel Washington:

Jason Crew:

Then Tons of Vids from "Getting Levi's Johnson" the Movie:

Brent Corrigan:

I thought he was Nice.... I gave the Kid a hard time but He's so fuckable!!!

Mark Dalton:

Landon Mycles:

Zac Spears:

More Tommy Defendi:

Rusty Stevens:

Bel Ami Peters Twins:

Richie Sabatini:

More Landon Mycles:

More Peters Twins:

Casey Monroe from "Getting Levi's Johnson":

Dallas Reeves, Luke Marcum, Landon Mycles, Tommy G:

Tommy G:

I have alot more Vids, but I thought I would post the ones that were Porn based for now.....I still have alot more Vids to edit and put up but I will save that for Next Year!!!

That was your Best of 2009 in Vids for Diesel Washington, wow alot of Vids this year, and there will be tons more next year!!



Eduardo Guize said...

wow thanks for taking care of your fans like that and happy new year!

Anonymous said...

looks like you had an amazing year...hope 2010 is even better!!! you deserve it...

gabriel. said...

oh man you're so fucking sexy and hot. I love your movies. you're the most handsome porn star.