Tuesday, December 15, 2009

'GETTING LEVI'S JOHNSON" The Cast: Landon Mycles!

Okay this story this long over due.......

Working on the movie "Getting Levi's Johnson" was a much needed thing for my Career! I was getting emails from haters saying "I guess U only do websites now cause Studio's don't want to use you" that was the general talk amongst the haters. I'm the one that made the ill decision to retire, and I had to pay my dues because of it.
In a nutshell, I started doing the websites as a starter kit. I want to see if I had the desire to go back into films and DVD work. I wanted to see If the audience really wanted Me to come back....I wanted to find out If I was too old to come back. Alot of unanswered questions so I wanted to test the waters. Basically it was like I never left the business...

"Getting Levi's Johnson" what an honor to be in this movie. It was Mark Dalton's return to porn, Brent Corrigan's first movie since Velet Mafia outside of his own company. The news buzz surrounding Levi Johnston was huge!!! He even gave the movie a plug on TV about the movie being produced. I could go on and on.......

On the set of "Getting Levi's Johnson" I met two models that I got along with from 5secs of meeting, Casey and Landon Mycles.

Meet my new porn crush(I have a new crush every week it seems) Landon Mycles, Another Straight guy in that "Grey Space" of things, but he is so fucking cool!! All We do is laugh and laugh and We have the same sense of humor!!! When U do movies, U are thrown together with other models whom U never met before!! So everybody tends to wear their game face when hanging out. Ummm I'm goofy and weird and let it all hangout, so when someone gets my humor and they are attractive, I get smitten with them.

Anyway U can see the chemistry between Me and Landon its real and natural. Sometimes I have the camera on him and its like talking to my best friend. Sigh, Landon has a girlfriend, Oh well!!! Here is Landon:

That was just his Introduction, of course I got to get him when he is showing some skin. It's kinda hard hanging out with someone whom U are attracted to. Landon knew this, and just was cool with everything. Argh!!!Here he is showing some skin:

When We hangout I get lost in his eyes, and he's just a really nice guy. I told him I liked him and instead of him feeling awkward, or try to distance himself from Me. It only made Us tighter like Night and Day(bad pun LOL)we spent alot of time together. I never once made a pass at him....well maybe a few here and there LOL. Here is one of those times:

I should take it with a grain of salt that I get to meet hot guys and make friends with them(even though I'm attracted to them).Landon was a cool dude, I was enjoying his company the entire time shooting. We hung out on set and then hung out off set at the hotel just hanging out and talking(most of the time was spent laughing and laughing)

Let Me tell you how cool this guy is, He knew I liked him. So what is Diesel Washington to do when he likes someone who is starring in the same movie(but different scenes)??????

Ask him if He minds if I watch his shoot, to which he replied "Dude I don't mind at all, in fact I want you to be on set, Ur Mad funny and make Me laugh and I feel comfortable with you around" To be respectful, I also asked his scene partner if it was alright with him as well, his reply "I don't mind at all maybe U can help Me out and give Me some pointers" his scene partner was Tommy G see his interview here:

Funny to sit there and watch the guy u like, doing his sex scene. When the camera is rolling I'm staring at his ass and body. When the camera stops rolling, I'm having a convo with Landon when he's butt naked with a Hard On!! I had to make the Leap, I had to grab his ass and cock, he didn't jump, act surprised or anything!! Fuck!!! I want to not like the guy, but I can't because He has been nothing but cool and real with Me. Could I have played with him at the hotel??? Probably!! Could I have pushed up on him???? Probably!!!

But He has a girlfriend, loves her alot and We get along as such good friends. I text him every once and awhile to say hello, and he always reply back!! Its cool that I met him, I have been blessed to meet alot of models who turn out to be, supercool, and guys I would hangout with even If I wasn't doing porn.

Landon is one of the few that has Body, Face, Dick and Ass and most important!!! Personality with a good heart!!!! I treasure the time that I got to spend with him.

So Landon I will text you later tonight just to say hello(He reads my blog)Peace out Swine Flu boy(Its a joke)


Anonymous said...

landon is hot..i can see why you have a crush on him

B said...

Dude, your blog is awesome. Love the vids! I'd LOVE to have a private meeting with Landon. Is there anyway you could put me in touch with him? He's awesome. Thanks man...

Anonymous said...

I'm glad he's with a girl. You don't deserve such a great guy. Sorry, dude, it's true.

Anonymous said...

F@#$ the haters. I think your hot and smart and if you wanna do porn, I wanna see your cock. So you do your own damn thang.