Saturday, December 12, 2009


Alot of writing lately......

In LA I was hanging out with the Lovely Lady Tara these are her pictures that were used on and she caught these pics of Me and Wolf Hudson.

I had a great time with you in LA(despite all the drama)and We hit it off nicely, show her some love in LA and check out her site: I have to show love to everybody in this business, this is a hard business, We have to look out for each other!! I know its a Striaght site(Gay Fans are probably like Ewww pussy, Im joking LOL) She was so nice to Me so I thought I would give her a plug.

Thanks for hanging out with Tara, I would have stayed in the hotel that night because I didn't know anybody in LA and after HERE I thought all people in LA were stuck up!!! But its cool I met you and tons of people over at the Faultline, MJ's and I had a renewed energy about LA. Wolf is my buddy in LA but He had to get ready for a Studio Shoot. My other peeps in L.A., Will and Tim when I come to L.A. U guys are one of the numbers I call first. To let you know that I landed in L.A. and I'm ready to party!!!

Another post coming up.........

Fuck my fingers hurt!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanks for the mention! I added your link on my blog roll and linked to your story about your LA shoot. It was great meeting you!