Tuesday, January 12, 2010


My scene is up on www.ExtraBigDicks.com, when the pictures are released I will do an indepth post like I always do. Moving on.......

Here comes another post of rants, bullshit, Big mouth talking....

To you baby bloggers, those who have been blogging under 2years!!! I guess you know by now, that blogging aint easy....

For me, its just a venting tool to get out my thoughts, it kinda charts my Ups and downs.

I never claimed to be some English major, so I know my spelling might be off(Damn spell checker)and the misuse of grammar, sentence structure(Bascially the Written language)is ruined by me on this blog.

But yet, I managed to get by using humor, personal experiences, porn knowledge, bah bah bah bah. And yes..........

I fuck bottoms in my scenes, like I'M THE MAN!!!Nobody fucks like me, period!!!

Now even though that is a bold statement,some of the readers of this blog, have only seen pieces of my work(Free clips, pics, the youtubes, whatever illegal downloads ur using LOL)and there is a number of fans who haven't seen a single scene. You guys are just a fan/reader of the blog, and I must say Thank You for the support. And then you have the loyal fans, they have all the movies, pictures, Mags(even clothing, boots, underwear etc etc)and remain loyal followers, you guys have been with me from the start......

Without you guys, I probably would have been dead by now!!!(Of Course having my Mother's support as well helped alot LOL)

I'm rambling now.....

The point is, I was the first porn star ever to win an award for blogging(We all know this)and I continue to work on this blog, to make it beter and better. I do see this new age of bloggers coming up in the game, and some have that fire!! I'm reading some interesting blogs, and people are really letting it hangout, they are speaking honest and open(heartfelt meaning)and I'm impressed. At first, there was alot of crappy blogs out there(I said that in previous post)some of those crappy blogs evolved into real blogs finally. There are alot of interesting new takes on the blogging thing.

By nature, most porn star bloggers talk only about themselves(the movies out, projects, pictures, non porn work, their lives) I'm alittle different, I report the news, and I make the news at the same time. I tend to talk about other people, promote other people, and I even leave comments on blogs I like. I show support to other bloggers, it takes a strong person to put their lives in public. Doing porn is one thing, and We all have some sort of image that We try to sell.

The Diesel image is large and in charge, aggressive ass fucker type, I was a mean fuck. In 2008, I took the risk to go against my onscreen persona I created. At this point, I became this "Thing" and people only knew Diesel as this "Dom". There was more to this Mean fucker than just rough sex, there was a real person behind the character.

Hopefully along the way, I gave some insight into the whole Diesel character, at the same time, show glimpses of the "Editor" who is the guy pulling the strings. He's damaged, alittle off centered, and not as confident as his onscreen character. Geez??? That sounds bad coming out of my mouth, but its the truth. At the same time, hopefully people can tell that I'm caring, warm and a hopeless romantic.

In my first two years blogging, I was the porn star blogger. Now that I'm at the four year mark, I'm just a blogger who happens to do porn. I like the fact that people are digging the performances onscreen, but I love the fact that they dig the blog.

I hope to take this blog, to places where the blogger has never gone before. I will continue to give porn news and insight, the youtubes, pictures and the usual stuff. But I want to take the blog to the public, do my geeky thing and just bring a few new characters to light. There will be some characters I created, and I will bring people who I think are entertaining and give them a showcase on my blog. Promotion promotion!!!

I will be traveling more this year, and will bring the camera with Me. I will try to experiment with the Road blogging thing, more interviews with porn stars but with a twist!! I think people will enjoy the big changes coming....

I just wanted to take the time, to explain the new things that will happen on the blog.

So I intend on getting more Haters!! Back stabbers, and Liars this year!!!

God help Me remain strong!!! LOL


Anonymous said...

My dear Friend, I am glad to see that you are with many new expectations and new projects. I congratulate you, because that's what I like about you, that you do not stay with their arms crossed waiting for life to fend for herself, you take the upper hand and you start to work towards making everything go as you want.
Also I see you sent your fans a nice message and thanks to all who follow you for what you write on the blog. This seemed very good, because they are the ones that make you go up and down in your career and your fans are those who support you to still see the diesel that gives the best of your work in front of the cameras.
My dear friend, I must admit I am surprised every day for your strength and your ability to get up from your setbacks, it inspires me in my personal life and my personal battles.
Nor can I fail to admit that you look like good wine, improving with time, and I see every time you get better looking and smarter in your way of taking situations.
As you see, I feel much better because I'm home with people who love me and, when I feel better, everything around me better too.
And your stories really make me much happier.
I do not want to bother anymore, I just wanted you to know that here I am giving you my full support in your new stage.
I say goodbye to you with a big smile and sending you a kiss and a big hug.
I appreciate a lot and hope your next blogs I hope obviously surprised me.

Adrian .-

Laurie (WJ) said...

So what do you think is a good bottoms performance!!!...had a good try the other day but after caboom..I left the other bloke wanting more.. definitely felt guilty of not going the extra mile for him...any thoughts please..Rgds...Laurie

Laurie (WJ) said...

So what do you think is a good bottoms performance!!!...had a good try the other day but after "caboom"..I left the other bloke wanting more.. definitely felt guilty of not going the extra mile for him...any thoughts please..Rgds...Laurie

Anonymous said...

Loving the new design, great work. Do you think it will always be like this?