Tuesday, January 05, 2010


A father and son jerking off together on a website.....

Brilliant!!! I think the idea is great and ground breaking. Why not make money with ur son for taking it off??. So far most are saying that is a horrible and wacky idea. I think the scene is a PR dream for the younger model involved. Who else can say I did a scene with my father?? It's not incest...its a father and son that jerked off together. It's on every blog every website and the idea is bringing in alot of traffic for the Straightcollegemen.com site.

Rhett and Rhett SR, my hat is off to you guys for working the system and making that money. Rhett can go on to doing other sites and use this scene as a spring board. Even Rhett SR can go on to something else as well.... Bear porn??? Something?? Looking at the comments, of course everybody likes Rhett(the 18yr son)but there are some comments supporting Rhett SR(believe it or not) Porn is pushing the limits and I think its a great idea. Hate all u want but I bet the scene is getting high numbers.

Moving on.......Leo Giamani

I'm reading the article on QueerClick http://www.queerclick.com/archive/2009/12/leo_giamani_threatens_to_sue_qc_for_post.php

Wow!!! Leo Giamani basically worked for every studio and website out there. He was given a pass(because of his past)and then was signed Exclusive by both Falcon and Randy Blue. Let Me start by saying, I was very jealous at first seeing how people quickly accepted him into the Industry and made him the Golden Boy of porn in the matter of months. Leo is a great looking guy, versatile with a big dick and I have to admit is very very sexy. But WTF????? He has done 6 times the number of scenes I have done in my whole career in porn(4years)and escorts and dances. He has worked with every big name in the business, Roman Heart, Resse Rideout, Eric Rhodes, Ty Colt, Blake Riley, bah bah bah the list is too numerous to recount. And he's broke now???

WTF???? Jason Crystal(another model who overexposed himself in 2009)once was quoted in saying that he made $50,000 in three months from all the work he has done. Leo Giamani had to make twice that much(at the very least)so what happened to the money??? He is inbetween contracts right now, and goes on Queerclick to complain that he is broke???Really??? He goes on to say his contract with Falcon is at an end in March 2010 and he won't be able to find work......and you go on QueerClick to complain about it in the Comment section??? David Forest will have to go into damage control..

I have given Leo a hardtime in the past(the Cover of the Redlight thing)and I want to give him some advice.... At this point of ur Career you will still find work, so I wouldn't worry about that. During this down period, I would say start a blog and start promoting yourself. People know ur face and body and dick I would take this time to open up to Fans and give them some insight into your life. This is the entertainment business, a hot guy can go a long way, but U have constantly worked without giving Fans time to take in your scenes yet. It's time to show some personality, U created the Leo Giamani image now you have to continue to evolve if you want to stay in the Industry. On top of that I would alter ur looks, maybe get some Ink?? Grow out chest/facial hair and start anew. I have four years in this game, so I believe I have alittle insight in the matter. Take Care of Yourself Leo!!

Johan Falcon World Largest Dick???

I totally get this guy, but I have a question, Whats up with the dirty pants at the 48 second mark of the Vid??? Johan lives in NYC and I have seen him around at events. He's a little guy, alittle chubby and way geeky!! Best part of it?? Totally Gay!!! He even has a adam4adam profile online:

JAF1970 is Offline
USA - New York - New York City - Manhattan - Chelsea

Superhung top nerd

38, 5'9", 174lb, 34w, Average, Blond Hair, Some Body Hair, White, Looking for 1-on-1 Sex, Relationship.

I'm just an actor/writer looking for work who's looking for that special (patient) someone. I'm 37 going on 38, white, 5'9", 175#, green eyes, 13.5"uc, and a total top.

Currently blond

computer, video games, baseball, nerd stuff

Casual, Out Yes, Smoke No, Drink No, Drugs No, Zodiac Leo.

Top, 13.5" Uncut, Safe Sex Only, HIV Negative, Prefer meeting at: Your Place.


Dude if Ur reading this, just do porn!! Really make yourself a website and get that money. He's like a Man Child(I can be one as well)he really didn't have to work when everybody is going Nuts over his cock. He needs alittle work on social skills(but don't we all??)if you had his Size would you need to develop a personality???Not really the dick did all the talking.....I suspect with this added exposure and PR he will soon either be doing porn or creating a site that is all about Johan Falcon. Stay tuned!!

This is a quick version of Porn News by Diesel Washington!!!

Another post later tonight

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Anonymous said...

Let's hear it for Bear Porn! I like your take on the dad and son scene. Well really I like your take on most things on your blog. Love guys that tell it like it is. BTW I was hanging out with Krist Cummings Sunday and he said some nice things about working with you...I just can't wait to see you say "boy pussy"!

Keep on writing!! Love reading your blog (and watching your scenes)