Monday, March 22, 2010



I walked into the Black Party Expo and it was packed!!! So many people came out for the event and everybody was ready to play and have some fun. I got the view of Black Party Expo from the top here you go:

Running around the Expo and bumping into Porn Star after Porn Star:

New Couple Spencer Reed and Phillip Aubrey going shopping:

Samuel Colt(Mustang Exclusive), clearing rumors about, Demonic Sex and just being hot!! Here it goes:

Brandon Baker(VP of Special Events/Marketing for Fabscout, Rentboy Top Dog)We talk about what is in his CD collection:

Getting Style from Joe Oppedisano:

Rafael Alencar and Mr Pam at the Black Party Expo this is THE TEAM!! I have always liked Mr Pam's work behind the camera and I just love Her!!! She is funny, full of energy and does some of the best Videographer!! Congrats on Grabby nominations Rafael Alencar, the man is hot!!! I keep trying to get him to bottom for Me!! Tease Tease Tease!! LOL Anyway he has some hot scenes this year and Congrats to him for all his nominations. Here you go:

Ricky Sinz at Black Party Expo, Diesel and Ricky hung out for the rest of the day. We even had a lunch together to talk about business. I love having the opportunity to talk business with people who work just as hard as Me on scenes!! I had alot of ideas that I wanted to bounce off Ricky. Ricky is hot!! I had a hard time keeping my hands off Ricky!! Ricky is a good friend of mine, but if it got down to doing a scene together!!! I probably would nut before putting my dick inside of him. His body is smoking and he just has this calming effect on Me when he is around. I can't wait to see Ricky in Chi Town, We are going to tear up that city. Here you go:

After hanging out at the booth, all the Black Party performers had to have a meeting. We needed to go over ideas for the show!! And we are going to have a good time at Black Party. After the meeting I had to get some more footage, put seven guys in a room and of course there is going to be some Sexual tension. Here you go:

And of course I'm getting interviewed again for the Black Party Expo and I had to get some footge of it:

To anybody that saw Me at the Expo, I was tired!! I had two clients after the Hookies and then ran off to the gym the next morning. And then had to be at the Expo by 1130am to find out Info about Black Party and just hang around the porn stars and just meet the Fans. Spotted in the crowd were Zach Alexander, Dominic Rider, Rusty, Colby Keller some many people I couldn't catch all the names!! I was run down at this point, and wanted to take a nap before performing at Black Party!!

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