Monday, March 01, 2010


Okay everybody knows by now.........

Diesel Washington and Jeremy Feist are an item now. Now I know what your thinking, I'm going to be this sappy guy who constantly writes about his Lover and do all that bullshit.

Nope!!!When I was single, I hated that whole lovely couple bullshit myself. So I will be damned that I do that bullshit myself. Even though I'm in a relationship, I will continue to post(Rants/Raves)and I will continue to be myself, its just that simple.

This is an exciting new venture for the both us, for the past five years I have been writing about my life in porn. Jeremy has been writing his blog for almost 2 years its about his life and observations on Pop culture. He also writes another blog about his cooking skills called

But it doesn't stop there, he is also a contributing writer for for almost a year.

I write this blog, and I'm also a contributing writer for I need to get on and start writing some stories)

Both Diesel Washington and Jeremy Feist are serious bloggers, since We are an Item now. We have combined our talents and created another blog. On this blog, there will be movie parodies, funny posts, and we are going to open the blog to Our relationship!!! So this is all new to Me and him and I think it will be another train wreck to watch.


So check that out, here are some samples of our work:

We will be Porn's First Power Geek Couple!!!

Me talking about my Big Ego!!

This "American Psycho suffering from Bi polar" not really funny but it's still a Vid

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