Monday, March 08, 2010


I know the posts have sucked lately....

It's time to go back to basics, it's all about fucking!!!

I'm a porn star and sometimes I forget about that, and this blog has been getting alittle Asexual lately. I haven't done any sexy posts(since shower)in a while so lets go back into subjects that are always fun to talk about....


I'm a top, so this post is written from the Top perspective only. These opinions belong to Diesel Washington, I'm an experienced Top in the business and bring my own take when it comes to fucking some Ass!!

Lets go:

Plowinging some Ass!!!, Ripping the Hole!!, Pound It!!, Slam that Ass!!, Bang Ya!!

Tap that Ass!!, Fucking that Hole!!, Slide Up inside Ya!!, Train that Ass!!, Split

Open!!, Tearing Up that Back!!, Wear Out that Ass, Making that Ass Mine!!, Digging Out Your Back!!

Hit it From the Back!!, Assplay!!, Anal Penetration!!, Up the Hershey Highway!!, Push those walls back!!

Make you grab your ankles!!, Ride on Space Mountain!!, The Old In and Out!! bah bah bah!!!

In other words, this whole post is dedicated to sticking dick in a hole. It's about Size of the Dick, Motion of the Ocean, Sexual confidence, Sexual positions, Patience, Listening to the bottoms body. Stamina, Aggressiveness, there are other skills needed but lets expand on the basic idea.

You have to know the Ass:

In my experience I have found there are three walls of penetration to a bottoms Ass. There is that first wall, I call it The "Ass Lip Wall" it's that 1-2inch of depth upon first insertation. This wall is usually the most comfortable for the bottom. It allows the bottom to squeeze the outer opening of their anus thus creating that "Milking senstion"(squeezing the penis tip almost like a hand, dealing with experienced bottoms)I like to start out teasing this area for the sensual feel of it(feels good to Top and for Bottoms pleasure/pain) It's a good place to start.

The Second Wall, this is the thin muscle tissue inside of the anus at the 3-6inch depth mark. When you get past the "Ass Lip" wall this is the area that recieves the most attention in Topping. At this depth, you can start to massage the Prostate(rubbing your penis against the gland)its a good feeling for both the Top and Bottom. At the six inch depth, the feeling is described as a "Meaty Cylinder surrounding your Dick". In graphic detail, its like taking three thick chicken breasts(boneless that is important, LOL)that are raw/uncooked, and wrapping them around your dick. For smaller guys that would be two chicken breasts to get that sensation. For freaks that just have to try this(I have)its laying each breast from tip to tip, against your penis from Tip to shaft and down to the balls!! LOL You Food freaks!!

The Third Wall, this is the deep muscle tissue inside of the Anus. At a depth of 6-8inches this is where the larger dicked guys spend alot of time. This is where the top is working overtime deep dicking that hole. The bottoms that I have fucked say this is where they feel it in "Their stomach". I love the way my dick feels at this depth, your really in someone that this point. You can feel the muscle tissue inside throbbing, and constricting against your penis. Let's call it the "Sweet Spot". The Top can ejaculate from this depth(and the others)same for the bottom as well(at any depth) In my experience, this is the depth that I love to fuck at and bust my load.

The Fourth Wall, this is "No Mans Land". At a depth of 9-?inches, this by far is the deepest that you can go inside a bottom. Your dealing with 10 and above inches, large toys, fisting(taking it past forearms), footing(Experienced Bottoms only) This is reserved for Pain Pigs, Fisters, Heavy Ass players. We are talking Rosebuds, insideout assholes, and extreme ass stretching.

Now you know about the Ass, lets now talk about attacking it Effectively!!

Dick Size

Having a Big dick is a good thing, you can work a hole hardcore with one. You don't always have to have a big dick. You can have an average to small dick and still work a hole. You have to use all of your dick, Tip, Shaft, Girth. Deep fucking is good, but there other aspects than length of dick and how deep it can go. Longer dicks should go from Tip of dick to balls deep and really aim for that back wall(if there is one)deep deep. Now thickness has alot to do with the feeling and sensation as well. Thick dicks push upon inner ass muscles causing the bottom to feel almost like they are being almost "Split Apart" I have heard some bottoms say it isn't the length of the penis that causes the most pleasurable sensations, its the girth of the penis. So guys who have a small but thick penis, can cause some serious pleasure or some serious pain!!.

Motion of the Ocean

There is something called "Rhythm Fucking" when the Top times his movements to those movements of the bottoms. Meaning if your fucking a bottom doggystyle, when that bottom is pushing back his ass to accept the penis, you time your forward thrust to collide against his backward thrust. You can either match his intensity or use a stronger thrusting motion, you can also let the bottom do all the work and find their own rhythm. So there is alot of options for the top to use, forward thrust, downward thrust, upward thrust bah bah bah. Bodies in motion should have a natural rhythm in intercourse, natural ability, timing, and working your hips plays a key part in good fucking.

Sexual Confidence

Tops that know what their doing, is a huge turn on for bottoms. Guys who suck in bed usually have no confidence in their skills and is clueless in the sack. Clueless Tops in bed(Esp on Screen)are boring, unsatisfying and rarely get repeat performances(not a good thing) To inexperienced tops, I would develop a game play before fucking. For new tops, I would use Doggystyle, Missionary and let the bottom "Ride" their cocks. Advanced Tops can show varied skills showing off their confidence. Showing your sexual confidence is Key!!

Sexual Positions


Riding It

Advanced Tops have alot more options added to the basic movements, you have also "From the Side", "Reverse Cowboy", "Upside down", and "Carrying the Bottom"

From the Side

Reverse Cowboy

Upside Down

On the Head

From Advanced Topping, I hit the level of becoming a Master Top. Creating sexual positions "Bully", "Motorcycle", "CannonBall"(you have seen these) Camel Clutch, Superman,

Changing up sex positions allow for more access to the Ass, greater pleasure for both the Top and Bottom. Keeps things interesting in the bedroom, and it's always good to switch up/and spice things up!!

Being Patient

Allowing a bottom to get comfortable with positions, intensity, and insertion of the penis is very important. Some bottoms need to be eased into taking the dick for the desired results. Some asses take longer to open(tightness, inexperience, comfort level)taking your time and slowly easing into the Ass will make the experience a huge success. It shows that Ur willing to work with the bottom, creating a closer bond with your bottom(trust, being attentive)it's good to have this. When the bottom is comfortable then you can truly push their limits!!!

Listening to Body Language

There are certain signs I look for when fucking a bottom. I tend to look in their eyes, you can tell alot about the "State" of your bottom from the eyes. Eyes rolling to the back of the head is a good thing. Surprised looks could go either way(Bad or Good)eyes popping out of the head can mean Pain/Pleasure and being able to read the difference is tricky. Closed eyes could either mean they are focusing on taking the dick or suffering through pain. Being verbal with your bottom allows you to find out the condition of your bottom, "Does that feel good??" "You like this Dick??" This exchange allows the bottom to verbally express what feels good or not. Silent fucking is common with alot of people, but inorder to please your bottom you have to be able to read the signs. Verbal responses are a sign as well, Moans are great, they mean your really working your bottom. Woofs/Grunts can be hot!! Heavy breathing, Light gasps for air, all of these are good signs. Warning signs verbally are Hissing sounds on the inhale of air(too much friction, or inflicting pain) The common Ouch, Argh, or biting of the teeth are warning signs of pain.

Other types of body language, Tension in the legs or toes can be signs of pain/pleasure. Clinching of stomach muscles, rocking side to side, uncontrollable shaking of the legs. Alot of bottoms use their hands, pushing against the Tops stomach or hips, those are signs of the bottom waiting the top to slow the pace, or to lower the intensity level. Being able to read signs can make or break a good fuck session.

Being a good Top is knowing when to push the limits, slowing the pace, changing up positions and other things...

I get alot of negative comments saying that I abuse the bottoms on screen. How could I?? I like to push models limits to bring out intense scenes!!Yes!!! I work closely with each bottom performer finding what positions are better for them(Comfort wise)and then work them in positions that are good for filming. There is alot of talking before scenes coming up with a game plan. I do run into performers that just like to "Go with Flow" during scenes. So I have to bring my skills to the bed using the methods above!!

For more reading go to this post:

Now this post was written about Fucking!!!!

Making Love is totally different!! It comes with feelings and emotions and that triggers many more responses than just rather fucking!

Love making is entirely different, that is separate post I hope to write one day!!

Since I'm in love at the moment I can't speak about it.........

This is just animal fucking at it's best!!


Anonymous said...

all these positions look great in porn but in real life just stick it in ...for me if the guy has a hot face i'm on my back legs up so i can see his face..if its just about the dick ..doggy style is far as size..theres just so far a dick can go in without doing damage..if you can find guys that want your 10 inches jammed into them good luck to them

Anonymous said...

Hi T...thanks for that!!...very informitave..Laurie

Anonymous said...

Have you actually measured your dick? Not to be rude but I don't see how your 6.5 inches at best is really hitting that third wall. Truly the bottoms in the industry are disgusted by you...