Tuesday, April 06, 2010



Right into action!!!

Scott Alexander, I never met him before and I went into the shoot with good energy. My first step, was to create some chemistry between Us(which was easy)I saw Scott the night before the shoot. We introduced ourselves and then went to bed(separate rooms)I was tired!

It's the next day, we are on set and it took Me awhile to build that chemistry with Scott. It wasn't his fault(He's hot, Big dick, bubble ass, hot kisser)it was my fault and I will tell you why:

When I went Free agent, I went through a hard period of time looking for work. Then Scott Alexander started doing scenes for Titan. Thinking back, I was like "Who is this Guy??" and of course I was hating on Scott Alexander(and I never met him)the feeling I had at first was "Who is this Guy?? He can't replace Me!!" That is the honest truth!!! It's childish thinking, and I can laugh at it now because having worked with Scott Alexander made Me feel like the biggest hypocrite. I want people to stop judging Me before they meet Me and here I did the same exact thing to Scott. Anyway....

We started taking stills pictures and I was still alittle stiff at approaching Scott. It clicked when my bipolar brain told Me to "Let it Go" as I soon kissed Scott. My sexual side came out like a wild fire, and it was nothing but Ass eating, Dicksucking, Making out and Heavy fucking for the rest of the day of the shoot. So that chemistry is strong throughout the entire scene. You know I always bring my A game and Scott was aiming to please. Big Shout Out to Scott Alexander, even before working with you, you only had good things to say about Me. It was a pleasure to work with you. Your Funny, Sexy and have a crazy sense of humor!!

Reactions about the scene??? You have to see for yourself. Hey Scott Alexander introduce yourself:

Cool....So Scott???? Did I slam it home for you??:

After the scene, we headed over to Boardwalk. I had a chance to talk to Scott and it was like I was hearing the same experiences that I have been through. We instantly connected even stronger than On Set(if that is possible)!!! We get a bad wrap sometimes, people have these "Judgements" over our work. And it confuses Me time after time. So many people want to point fingers rather then help the problem. I have gone on record before and said I wanted to see more Diverse models in the industry. I have shared my experiences good and bad. But it seems that most people only want to hear the horror stories, while I fight the problem head on. I'm the performer that is working his way through the system, while being outspoken at the same time. It's not my fault if you guys are not reading my blog, but I speak in depth about the Industry needing to evolve.

But no.... I get Mutts on the MOC blog that want to point fingers at Me like Tre Xaver. Why do I even talk about you on my site??? We had our words yet.......

You still talk about Me!!! Such a hater!!! Geez its annoying..If people don't understand why I keep saying Bye Bye to these kinds of haters here is the reason why:

I write my own blog and you can read all the stories and fights I had with racism in the industry. You guys over MOC don't want an interview about my career, you want the horror stories, and all the bad things. I'm a model in this Industry who is trying to change things from the models point of view. Tre is a mutt and not a model(or ever was)and everybody else is a blogger and not a performer so they are not walking in the same shoes I am. You guys get an interview, I still have to work in this Industry and keep putting out good work and an image that other Men of Color can be seen in a big budget movie without being a Thug or Homeboy. That is the Point!!! I'm fighting the battle every time I jump on set. I fight the battle, by trying to be on so many different types of websites just to add the image of a hot sexy Black Man. I'm not going into it anymore but here is Diesel Washington and Scott Alexander talking about the subject:

Moving On I like Scott and here we are just playing around and having fun:

For the record, I'm 6'6 and 240lbs but you know that now!! Maybe you knew that before?? Who knows I have more posts to write!!

BTW The shoot was for Suite 703 and its site I'm a Married Man!!! I will Promote the hell out this scene!!

I had alot of thinking to do about the scene. I wanted to work with Scott Alexander because He is hot and he is a change of pace of models that I have worked with. Having the opportunity to work with another African American doing a Non thug scene, where it's all about chemistry and hot sex was priceless. This was a major scene to shoot for Me. I was familiar with set, Big Shout Out to Coconut Cove FTL for providing the space. The director was Gio(From www.Giophotogrpahy.com/ Bait Buddies/ Twinks.com) So I was working with a close friend, so I could trust his vision and his artistic eye. And having the perfect partner to work with in Scott Alexander.

Alot of good things came out of this shooting this scene. Having the opportunity to work with another African American on top of his game, to work with close friends. And just giving the industry images of Hot African Americans working together.

To the Fans that want to see more Men of Color, this is your opportunity to get your Voice heard!!! When the scene comes out on Suite 703 support it!!! Support it hard!!! Giving Us your support will force this website(and others) to start employing more Men of Color because customers are renting and downloading the performances, makes sense right???? So the power is in your hands!!!

One Battle at a time....

It was to get into the Industry....... check.

It was to become a popular model......check.

It was to show that Men Of Color can have hot scenes .....check

It was to show that Men of Color can sell DVD and scenes ..... check

It was to win awards and break that glass ceiling for Men of Color winning performer awards...... check

It was to show people that not only can I do porn, but I have a personality........ check

To become an accomplish blogger/writer........check

Getting more Men of Color into the business.......... still working it!!

What have you done Tre Xavier???Nothing but sit on a soap box pointing fingers at my Porn Career cause your washed up!! I'm working to change the problem, all your doing is running your mouth!!!


Breeding Jock said...

I can't wait to see it! I love watching Men of Color have sex. I love having sex with Men of Color! I use the term "Chocolate" but only affectionately.

Now, you need a scene with Race Cooper! It would be Off the Chain!!

Miko said...

Can someone provide the URL link for scott alexander's site (if he has one)?

Anonymous said...

I like these interviews, it makes watching the scenes that much hotter.

Anonymous said...

Still think you should do a scene with Marc Wiliams. No one to date has been able to top his muscle ass properly, especially Tiger Tyson who was so pathetic in trying to top Marc in the embarrasing TED4.

I also think that Marc like Scott is a decent person and that like with Scott, you will get in harmony with Marc. Plus I think he would appreciate you. LOL, George.

MOC Blogger said...


You write, "You guys over MOC don't want an interview about my career, you want the horror stories, and all the bad things."

With all due respect, you are projecting. When I interview a subject (please, let's put to rest once and for all this third-person singular "you"), I am interested in any number of things - how the person's background has helped to shape the person they are today, their views on the gay porn industry, their views on Racism in the industry, etc., etc. But to suggest that I'm interested in just the horror stories? Any review of the two dozen or so interviews I've done with everyone from Bobby Blake to Chi Chi LaRue to Race Cooper to Johnny Hazzard shows quite clearly that this simply isn't true.

Throwing out sensational (and false) accusations may make for good copy but it's certainly beneath someone of your stature.

Anonymous said...

If you read my earlier message. I knew that you guys would get along. You really make a handsome couple...like Franchesco and his hooker bunny. But, I know you guys may try to separate business from pleasure. But, be honest... would you fuck him without the lights, cameras, direction and contracts? Would it be even more intense in private? Inquiring minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

Also, I've seen Marc topped by two black guys at once. It was on his website. His body is hot, but the mug is average. Scott and Diesel are gorgeous together!

Anonymous said...

you two are soo hot together. cant wait to see the scene! I wonder if this could ever turn into something other than a professional relationship. u guys would make a super hot couple.

Rawiya said...

He is very sexy Diesel, can't wait to see the scene.

I agree with you about the lack of beautiful black men in the industry. True I would love to see a black man in other scenes and movies besides gay gangbangs and thug flicks. It is rather racist.'

Your scene in Double Standard was pretty hot. I loved that you got romantic with the actor. I also loved Taken as well!

Love your work buddy, keep up the good work. BTW, will there ever be a chance that u and my other fave David Taylor will do a top scene together??? That would be sooo hot!

Anonymous said...

I am always glad to see 2 sexy men like you and Scott get together without the false thug imagery that is utilized too much.Scott is sexy and so are you. I was wondering will you ever do a scene with Race Cooper or Austin Wilde or Aron Ridge? keep up the good work