Wednesday, April 07, 2010


So I'm ready for the next round.....

Ding Ding its time!!!

You know the drill, I'm paired up with Ridge Michaels for this round of fun. Lets not bullshit!! Going right into it:

After shoot, it was back to the Coconut Cove FTL, call it kissing Ass or whatever I always have the best stay at Coconut Cove!! It's not even one block away from the beach and the staff is the best in town.

So after all this fucking, it was time to Eat, Dazed and Confused and to Bed. I was worn out!!! Put it this Way:

I slept very well......

The rest of the trip, I fucked some people here and there!!! Now! that is not to downplay all the fun I had, I just wanted to skip over to the most important event of the whole trip.

This event was having Dinner at Fabscout, now it might sound mushy or fake, whatever you want to call it. It feels like family, when there is home cooking from Gio(Who slaved all day cooking)Gio, the food was great and I'm paying for it now(hitting up the gym, cardio time)but it was well worth the extra 15mins on the treadmill, LOL!! What stood out the most for Me was meeting Howards Parents(once again)and breaking bread with Howards family. That right there, is what restores my faith in this Industry. I have known Howard for almost 7years, and he is my friend. He has met my Mother as well and I wanted to say to Howard, Love you Poppa!!

How does it restore my faith??? These kids come into this business, sometimes Lost. They have no direction and wind up making the wrong decisions(Bareback, Drugs,bah bah) It's nice to know that there is someone that actually cares about the models, this is no disrespect to any other Agents out there. But I have known Howard for 7 years and We both have seen how the Industry has evolved. Anyway buddy I had to say your Best Agent in the business....

Now after that Ass kissing(LOL)the attention is back on Me.

I had plenty of downtime to relax and plan out my next attack. The goal was to put a couple of things in can for the beginning part of the year Web based. And then move onto to some DVD work(I will talk about that Later)I have alot of big projects coming up. I see have that Top Secret still in the wings.

So to end this whole rant, I'm back in NYC and hitting up the gym for the next battle coming next week.

Most to post later

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