Thursday, April 22, 2010

IM CRAZY!!!????!!!!


Battle Mode:

I was deemed CRAZY by Paul of

Long story short, I was horny in SF saw Paul online On a "Hookup Site", We "Talked" things got ugly. Whatever!!

But I guess Paul got pissed off because I didn't want to talk him anymore and He post our chat from the HookUp site. Ummmm Okay??? As I have said on Twitter, and I will say it here. I HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE!!!

To address Paul:

Paul I never thought you would post what I told you in Private(From a HookUp site) on I have nothing to hide but I just thought, Wow!!! You did all of that because I didn't want to Post ur Vids??? I mean I don't get paid for the Editing work and posting these types of Vids, I repeat I DON'T GET PAID FOR THIS!!!

So of course, If I ask to fuck your ass and you say "I'm not much a Bottom" "You need a bottom that can take you" "And there are plenty of those in this City" It's basically saying "Your not getting anyway near this Ass my Friend" So why would I work on editing Vids of you??? I mean come on......

I came to the NakedSword office and sat and talked to you for two hours. Why would I hangout that long talking to you only??? Come on???? I guess you were tired that day like you said. But come on look at the heavy flirting in this Vid:

I'm grabbing your dick..........

Anyway, I don't hate you Paul. I just think things are awkward now. Time heals all wounds, and I bet in a couple of weeks from now, We will be laughing about all of this.

So I just wanted to clear this subject up, everything is okay....

And look I even posted another Vid of you, Like I said I would.

Now I have Crazy Crazy stories and Vid footage of the trip that I need to start posting like Now!!!

More later.

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