Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Everybody knows I love Bubble butts...

I have a treat for Fans of Bubble butts!!!

Diesel Washington tackles one of the roundest bubble butts in the Industry today!!!!

Derrek Diamond, the Star of Diamond Auto:

I have been dieing to work with this model, I mean come on!!! Look at that Ass!!!

Derrek is not new to the Industry!!I have followed his work from Randy Blue to Hot House and now to Raging Stallion and it seems that Ass just gets better and better. Call it Ass kissing if you want(Rim Shot insert)I just can't wait to dig my face into that Ass. I want to suck on those Ass lips all fucking day. I'm really looking forward to this scene!!!!

Last couple of days all I have done is stare at this Ass:

You know I have get footage of that Ass so people can really see this Monster!!! God I love Ass and what better way to show that to people by doing a Live show with Derrek Diamond.

So catch our Live Show on www.MenLive.com on Raging Stallion. I have to say again, Look at that Ass:

Okay this is the last picture:

Being an experienced Top(a true Pro)I know how to handle bubble butts. This is how you handle Bubble Butts:

Bubble butts are tricky, you have to go into it with a game plan. Since there is alot more muscle tissue surrounding the hole(more cushion for the pushing)Off the bat you need a decent size penis. Small to average cocks simply cant reach the hole of a bubble butt, they get friction sex(rather then beating up the hole)so instead of getting inside, the owner of the bubble butt simply has to squeeze their buttocks together and can get off the little to average guys. Secondly, sex positions are also important, doggystyle, fucking from the side, and missionary positions work the best!! But of course Diesel Washington has his own special movements for bubble butts. I have some new stuff for this Bubble butt, be sure to check out the Show!! Lastly, before the dick going in, before the crazy fuck positions. You have to eat that hole. I rim the fuck out of holes, and since I have been wanting this hole for a loooooooooong time not only will I rim it. I will tongue fuck it, lick around the hole making sure I clean out that Ass well. Maybe before the scene, Derrek will be kind enough to work out(at the gym) beforehand getting it nice and sweaty for me. This is going to be good!!

So lets check our list shall We??:

I have a Extra large dick, so I can reach that hole with plenty to spare (check that one off the list)

Sex positions, I create my own(check that off the list)

Rimming that hole (funny I was nominated for Best rimming scene at Grabbys Def check)

Seems that everything is in order and this is One Live Show that you don't want to miss.


Derrek Diamond and Diesel Washington

Now you know the deal.....


P.S. the classic Baby got back!!! and Derrek Diamond got some serious Back!!!!


Anonymous said...

Derrek's butt aint nothing like Marc Williams perfect bubble butt. Marc's bubble butt would be a more fitting challenge for Diesel big dick.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree that Derrek can hardly be called a bubble butt. Now Matthew Rush as well as Marc Williams they have pure bubble butts and would love to see Diesel top them both in a hot 3-sum.

Rawiya said...

He is sooo hot Diesel. Damn...woohoo

I am glad that you don't have hangups about men that you like.

=) Keep doing what you are doing!

Ken Williams (a.k.a) Zepth Cassen said...

what no WRECKX-N-EFFECT - RUMPSHAKER song .... you slippin LOL naw but I do like your taste