Sunday, May 23, 2010


It's so close I can taste it....

The Buzz is swarming over Grabbys, its like it grabbed every porn star by the balls and said "You coming, and your going to party your Ass off!!" I can't hate on that at all!!!! Last year was a long long year for Porn and this is a celebration of all that bullshit!!! I'm ready!!

Of course I'm going into the situation over thinking as usual. I tend to find myself trying to control what happens around Me. But then I realize I will just go with the flow and just enjoy things. I'm going to cruise on that stage and shock alot of people.

Writing this blog is one thing, to some people, I seem to have a "Tone" to my writing. It's like I grab the keyboard and start dissing people for no reason...

If people are good to Me, I will be good in return. I had my fill of posers, losers, users, abusers, and it seems the more popular I become, the more of them are around. I get seduced into the game, I'm not going to lie. If your spitting out a good game(doing all the right things, saying all the right things)I follow the game, play a couple of innings, see things through. In other words, you have caught my attention and eye.

But I would like to say, I hate Cock Teasers!!! I'm not going to lie or try to be all nice and clean and not talk about it. Let's get dirty!!!

Okay Lets Have It:

Guy/Girl when you sit on my lap, my dick is going to get hard. Now when you feel it hard, you have some decisions to make.
1. You can quickly stand up and walk away(my dick will be hard but Who Cares?)

2. You can sit there and slowly grind against it, but not longer than a minute.

3. You can shove Ur hands down my pants and jerk it for a bit.

Now!!I have no problem with this at all!! I wouldn't call it Cock Teasing at all!! BUT!!!! Lets go back..

1. If they quickly get up, that is a fucking bitch!! They know your dick is hard and they are like EWW! They brought attention to you and now you have to sit there with a hard on. And know people can see it, well I don't know about you but my dick stands out!! LOL

2. I like the slow grinding, its cool with Me but not for longer than a minute. Prolonged grinding leads to precum drip. What's precum drip?? Well if your not a guy, its when your dick is hard and precum comes dripping out. When someone hot is on my lap grinding, that precum comes leaking out into your drawers. If your wearing dark jeans your fine. If you have on gray sweat pants prepare for a wet stain LOL. Either way you have that wet "Thing" happening in your pants. Now I don't mind if I was getting the Ass!!! But to go through the Pre Drip and not getting any Ass? That sucks!!!

3. Shoving your hands down my pants and jerking it. I have to admit this is pure Cock Tease!!! If your shoving your hands down my pants(of course I'm letting them do this)We are fucking!! None of this, I just want to see it crap!!! None of this I just want to taste it real fast. Now If I was the guy going around and grabbing Ass, Wow!!! I would be the bad guy!!! I would be that old pervert squeezing bootys on the street. You can jerk it for a bit, but that is it. There is no jerking off my dick(I do it)its either hitting the back of that throat until I'm finished. Or tagging that Ass until one of Us is finished(Take that the way you want it)

I know I know I'm coming off mean and insensitive. I do have my moments when I can be a sweetheart. Yes those moments are inside of Me, but due to the "Game" I save those moments for rare people. Some dare say "Your a charmer".....

Who Me???

Moving on.....

Early feedback on on my scene with Ridge Michaels. Yes I took it easy on Ridge. First off the bat, the boys Ass was tight!!! And to put all that meat inside of him. It was starting to tear him open!!I'm not there to hurt anybody!! The kid was going through alot of pain, if you watch the scene closely his body was shaking each time I started to push into him deep. But He took it!! To help the situation instead of him feeling the pain of Me slamming into him. I slid my dick inside and worked it with Deep and long strokes!! If I couldn't pound him hard!! I would go slow and deep!!Pulling it out until it reaches the tip and then slide it in deep and slow. Until it hits ball level!!

This whole post has been about fucking and cock teasing, Fun stuff!!! Lets talk more:

Fucking!, Pounding that Hole!!, Slam Fuck!! Bang that Booty!! when I think about it.. those are some harsh terms!! I really do forget that I'm 6'6 235lbs with a Big Ole Dick!! Some people don't want a huge man on them ripping up their Ass!!Or tearing up the Pussy!! It sounds like and although alot of bottoms want that!! Some don't!!!

That is why I want to personally Kill that Myth!! That Diesel Washington only Power Fucks!! That is so not true!! I can't power fuck a bottom who can't take it!! I always come to the set with the notion that I'm going to try to be the best Top that I can be. As should the bottom performers, those performers that I have worked with gave their all to the scene. So I can't really manhandle these bottoms in scenes if there is no Chemistry, Connection or Trust.

It may seems like I don't care about the bottoms in my scenes. But when the camera is off, there is alot of stuff happening that the audience doesn't see. There was alot of cuddling bah bah bah..

I won't give all the info away...

As far as my personal life, its not as Glam as the Porn world. I'm not putting partners in the Bully or the Motorcycle. And I probably get sex about once a week(and that is healthy) If people haven't noticed I took some time off I just needed a break. I took a break from escorting, but I will be returning starting Monday!! So you Freaks finally get to be thrown around again by Me.

I haven't went into many stories of my escorting and there was a reason for that. I wanted to keep things separate. Most of my fans know Me by just being a blogger. Others will know Me from Porn/Youtubes. I was an escort before I entered this business, and I will continue to escort. I had to take a break, enjoy my free time and just live for a few moments without being on the Market!!

I was making a good sum of money escorting, and then one day I stopped. At the time, my schedule revolved around other peoples schedule. I would get calls at 2am, 3am and if I was hungry for the money I would head out. I had alot of clients into Water sports, I would have to load up with water to be ready. Sneaking into back doors and taking cabs to hotels in the middle of night. It wears you out!! That is why I did the Burnt Out Vid

Yeah it was for other things, but for the most part I was burnt out. I wanted to get in as much training as I could. The Grabbys is more important to Me then anything, yeah some people are missing Me!! Daddy will be back home soon!!!

Diesel is back on the Whore Train headed to Chi town!! I have some tour dates coming up and then I'm back Fucking that Ass for some Cash!!

Oh to those porn stars who do not escort, well that is your choice!! Don't look down at Me because instead of shaking my Ass in a crowded room for dollars, I prefer to have one on one interactions with my fans, resulting in I leave situation with hundreds, not folded dollar bills that is in my underwear!! But I'm not hating!!! I know the excuse, I'm not a whore!! Porn is an Art and you can't have sex with a complete stranger for money(which is most of our scene partners??LOL)But to be fair, I can't be sexy standing in a room in underwear when everybody is dressed!! I like showing off my body and everything.... but I can do that wearing jeans and sweats not superman underwear and thongs!!

I will get in trouble for that one....moving on

Big shout out to the Fat kids that lost the weight and became Porn stars!!!Wow!! Those guys really tear up shit!!! Once the Fat kid that people teased in school. They got in shape and hot!! And now they are fucking everything in sight!! More power to you!! Fuck them and dump them!!! Big shout out to the Geeks and withdrawn people that came into porn to break out of their shell!! These guys come into the game with a mission!! It's like night and day, they are all shy and shit but when the camera comes on, they are just like Pigs!!! I love it!!!

Big shout out to those people without hang ups!! Geez!!Tired of people with racial hangups!!!

Back to sex, I love bubble butts(LOL)

Bubble butts are like a thing of beauty!! The way they are perky and full of bounce!! When its attached to a thin waist its like a Masterpiece!!! I repeat it has to be attached to a thin waist because it tricks the eye!! Now there are more important things than a bubble ass of course. I just notice a bubble ass on a thin frame the most because it looks odd!! I have fucked some dimple asses, fat asses, flat asses(which I hate)Hairy asses, stubble asses, Muscle asses.

But I come back to the Bubble Ass!!! Oh how I love you!!

I think my next post will be only about bubble butts!!

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Anonymous said...

'Porn is an Art'-um, yea, keep telling yourself that. No, sex for profit makes you a 'sex worker' and therefore no different then a 'escort' or prostitute. Sometimes I get annoyed when porn 'stars' get in that mindset. Don't kid yourself, you are a ho. Nothing wrong with trying to earn a living, but don't be so delusional about what you are doing. I respect you[diesel] for being honest. Although sometimes, too honest, but honest.