Monday, May 03, 2010


MAY 5, 2010

Now remember that I talked about the scene with Scott Alexander, if not I will give you a reminder and here it goes:

Now the Due date of the Scene is May 5, 2010.

Here We are chilling before the scene and taking the Sexy shots!!!

Diesel Washington with a Big Black Dick in his mouth:

Got Prep the Ass, for Sticking the shit outta it!!!

Now wheter you Hate or Like Me, it is important for those wanting change!! And that is to make Porn more Diverse. Here is your Fucking Chance!! I don't want to hear any excuses or any bullshit!!!

This scene is not to support Me or further my Career...

It's simple Two Men Of Color, that have a hot scene together. Its not thug based!! No Do rags or smoking blunts or on some Project rooftop(Nothing wrong with that either, but not my style) I believe this is the first time that this site Suite703 has used any African Americans(It's a Very New Website)I was honored to give this site alittle bit of Color!!

Now I hope I can write this so People can understand how important this scene is. Take Diesel out of the equation, wheter you like Me or just can't stand Me. The scene is bigger than Me, and I get to see for myself the Influence of the African American Community, Men of Color, Everybody. I read all the statements and comments:

How there is never a scene between Two Hot Black guys, that isn't Homo Thug based or Fetish based(Leather, Intense Aggressive Sex)??

I can't support sites that don't feature any Men of Color.

How come there is never a hot Black Bottom getting nailed by another Hot muscle Black guy?? bah bah bah...

In the four years I have been in the Industry, this by far is one of the most important role I have done so far!! It wasn't some big budget movie, or most talked about feature. This was an important project, that I got to work on for personal reasons:

I created a Brand, Diesel Washington.

I took this character through Hell and Back, I came out of the Gate Cocky and Confident!! I wanted to make a Huge splash into this Industry!! I wanted to be Loud Intense and Direct!! I wanted to show the World, Industry, Community that Men of Color could be Sexy, Confident, Powerful!! It took Me step by step and I had my share of setbacks, but I came back stronger!! Finally I broke that glass ceiling of never having an African American wining Performer of the Year!! That was my goal!!! And I reached it!! At this point of my career I try different things just to shake up things. I do a scene on Twinkscape, just to say I'm featured on a Twink Site!!

I come up with the Crazy Sex Positions just to shake things Up!!!

I do the Youtubes with all these characters, just to be entertaining.

I do the Porn Star Interviews, just to give Press to another model trying to build his name.

I write this blog, in which I open my life to the readers and give you some insight into my Brain(Wheter I'm depressed or Miserable or Talking shit) I'm a Mess, Sometimes Crazy! And God knows what happens when I'm around??

Out of all of that shit, I carried so much weight going into this scene. Because I get to see for myself the impact I have on this Industry from the perspective of an African American.

There are alot of Active members in the Industry that wants to see change. I wanted changed, so instead of just talking about. The planets aligned and I couldn't choose a better partner than Scott Alexander to make that statement. Scott has his own fan base and I have mine. But it was just so important that the scene have the Energy, Passion but yet still be Intense and just Man on Man sex. I made the footage, the models are hot, and this is a Brand New site!!


This is your chance, to send a message to the Industry!! They would have to employ more African Americans if the scenes are selling!!! It's simple Supply and Demand!!!

Now the scene is playing on I'm a Married Man, of course I play the Married Man and Scott comes into my hotel room to "Clean"

And you know what happens then????

Scott gets fucked!!LOL


thegayte-keeper said...

The video won't you guys look SO nice twogether!

Anonymous said...

Wow thanks Diesel this looks so damn red hot and I can't wait to see it !!! Please also do top Marc Williams too as his muscle ass is so waiting for your big dick.
LOL, John.

Anonymous said...

Gayte-keeper - note that the video won't be released until May 5th (according to the Suite 703 website).

thegayte-keeper said...

Guess I was too excited I looked pass that....

Anonymous said...

Yes, Diesel, this is by far one of your best scenes even though I have not seen its entirety. I think Scott is one of the most sort- out black models in the industry right now. He has done great thing with the top mainstream industries (companies) and has done wonderful things with the "black" sites. I love his presence and his sincerity. He would be one that you would want to bring home to meet your family. Of course, I don't know him, but he seems to be very kind, warm and passionate. I'm sure the scene is hot. I have already joined the site to see the video. And yes you are right; I did not see any blacks previously on the site until you guys appeared. You and Scott seem to have great chemistry. Please keep up the good work and don't let this be your last black model (smile)

Rawiya said...

I love the scene. It is hot and fresh considering there is two black men as the main characters!

I am so proud of you Diesel. Don't worry about the haters and keep doin' what you're doin'!

Love ya'!

Anonymous said...

Hi T,..looks like another good video...Rgds..Laurie

Linnie said...

I have seen the scene with Diesel and Scott Alexander and let me say that it was better than I expected and it was SOME KIND OF H.O.T. HOT!!!But then again I love to see my black brothers in hot scenes.

vaporguy said...

Dude, just wanted to send some props. The Diesel/Scott vid is MAD HOT. Still jerking to that one. And fuck the haterz. For those of us who see past the labels -- "interracial" or whatever -- you know you deliver bigtime. Luv you, dude, on and off the screen. Keep doin yr thing....

franko in brooklyn

ps -- the blog's a trip!

Distant Lover said...

While this scene is hot, I would LOVE to see Diesel, Scott and Marc with ADAM DEXTER of COLT! I'm busting a nut just thinking about all of them together!!! And to really turn up the temperature, I'd add Aron Ridge, Eddie Diaz, Shorty J and Austin Wilde!!! That would be a FUCKING EXTRAVAGANZA!!!!
Call Chi Chi Larue and let's make this shit happen!!!

Anonymous said...

all i have to say is WOW! you guys are really into each other sexually. that video was fucking hot. i watched it three times which i dont do with porn vids

Anonymous said...

I wish there were more videos like this. Two clean cut, good looking black men fucking! No thug, ghetto talk bullshit!

Anonymous said...

I had a good time here but will return to google now.