Thursday, May 06, 2010


First off...

I want to say, Papi Chulo( "We Cool" and I had to steal an interview you did with Justin Long(Google Him)Str8 Porn Star.

I read his open letter to the Industry, and I had to agree with him. Wheter it is Gay or Str8 porn, the Interracial problem exists. I wouldn't know how to explain through blogging, the same feelings and same pressure I face on the Gay side of the issue. But I will use some of his examples.

I want to copy and paste parts of his letter that I wholeheartedly agree with and have faced several times.

This is Why I have the Issue with the Term Interracial

These are parts of his letter that just hit the nail on the ball.

This whole situation saddens me to no end. I am pissed off that I served in the military, to protect the freedoms of the same people that would discriminate. I am pissed off that I served in the military, and this is what my country does for me, i.e.: nothing - continues to allow discrimination in my work place. So, the normal way this goes down is a girls' statement: "I don't do IR. I'm sorry, it's nothing personal". How the fuck could it NOT be personal when a girl tells you that she will NOT work with you because of the color of your skin? Even worse it's not the color of your skin obviously, because these same girls work with European and Latin darker skinned male stars that are not labeled Black. The same contract and non-contract stars that say they don't do IR are still working with non-white performers. To make it worse a percentage of them are trying or are getting fucked off screen by Black males, either talent or civilian. So, is IR just a term 'cause it sure in the hell doesn't mean anyone not of that girls' nationality. For example, if an Asian girl doesn't do IR, it should mean she only works with Asian male stars right? Well, that's not the case. It means she will work with anyone that is not labeled Black by the adult industry. Some girls say "I don't like the movies that they put me in when I do IR. So I don't do it." Guess what? We Black people don't like the movies that makes us look like we just degrade white girls either.

If you changed the gender throughout that rant, that is one of the problems I face. And it gets better....Go On Mr Long

The fact is every girl that refuses to do IR is saying (regardless if they speak the words) "I'm doing whats best for me and I don't care what happens to you (Mr. Black male talent)." Every girl that refuses or dips in and out of doing IR affects every Black male stars' annual income. If contract stars did IR, your damn right I and others would have more scenes, because we have directors that would kill for those scenes. It is the same with all non-IR shooting females. Black males have no problem if the girls are selective in their choosings of who they shoot with and who the won't shoot with. That's fine, but to just say "sorry your Black"... Hello wake the fuck up! It's offensive, and then to follow it up with "it's nothing personal", that just makes us even more angry because there is no way to take it but personal. The girl will take 10 cocks in a day, ass, pussy, and mouth and multiple cocks at a time as long as none of them are Black? Come on, we are Black, not stupid.

He goes on to Rant about some issues that I do not agree with...but alot of the points he made are valid... a few more.

They like our music, and love our food, and women, but despise us, and will never look at us as equals, and this is the same conclusion drawn from some Blacks in the industry when told "I'm sorry I don't do IR, nothing personal though...

Hmmm??? on the gay side of it, I see these little white boys walking around. Clothed in Sean John, Roca wear, G unit walking with Swagger and pants off their ass. Mind you these are Gay white boys!!! They are listening to Hip Hop(Love Little Kim, Trina, Beyoncé) They listen to Little Wayne, Snoop Dogg, TI, Soulja Boy on all their Ipods. Can even freestyle abit(impressed). They talk about all their "Homies" back home, this and that. Will even confess to have taken a black dick or two or three. But when this person enters the porn world his decisions are based on whats best for his career. Some models have the notion that doing an Interracial scene is not a wise move, Career wise. But that is funny.......

In my case, that seems to be the opposite reaction. Every single model that I have worked with not only gained new found press and attention. Each model has went on to have their own successful Careers. And on top of that, every single model that I worked with last year was nominated for an award in some form or fashion.

"Having a Blast" Cum Shot Hard Choice Award.
It was my scene with Dominic Pacifico Big Shout Hot man

Best Duo nominated for Grabby (PlayBook)
Diesel Washington and Kameron Scott

Best Supporting Actor nominated Grabby (Asylum)
Diesel Washington and Ryan Raz

Savage Humor Award Hard Choice Award (RedLight)
Diesel Washington and Tristan Matthews

Best Rimming Award nominated Grabbys
Diesel Washington,Phillip Aubury,Zack Jamison&Lucas Knowles

I don't know about you, but that is a damn good track record to have. I know I don't say it much, but its the bottom Co stars that I owe alot of my success to. They trusted Me to put them in all these crazy positions and such... Alot of people say that I dominate and humiliate these models. But these models understand its a Movie, its Fanasty!! I wanted to bring something new to the performance and so did they. And it worked out well...

Here is the Truth..

I'm kinda of boring to watch alone, sure nice body, big dick, and the money shot. To this day, I still feel awkward about being Sexy in front of the camera alone. I make a living from being the Guy that might not be your type, but the boys I fuck are your type and even though your not attracted to Me, you love the way I plow those boys. You might hate the character that I play, but you love the performance. You might think I'm disgusting looking(LOL)but when you see the reaction of your favorite model getting plugged by Me, you bust your load and complain "How did Diesel get the pleasure of fucking him and I don't?" I'm joking...that is something that the Haterz say. LOL

Anyway back to Justin Long's letter:

Starting to get the picture? Black people are starving and getting real jobs and leaving the industry 'cause they can't pay their bills, but their counterparts are like nothin' major has happened because half are under contract with guaranteed money and the other half are working because the economy put mostly smaller companies out of biz not the big ones. So, who do you think shot the majority of IR? Smaller companies.

In my case, I already have a real job(Thankful for that). But to be honest, I don't work as much as other models. Of course they are Younger Fresher, willing to work for much less....can't blame anyone for trying to save a buck here and there.

I'm given one scene in a movie, that's it!!! One scene!! So of course I bust my Ass in that one scene!! I make sure that one scene stands out in the entire Movie!! I do all the Crazy stuff just to make sure of that!!

In this final part of the letter, he lets it all out.....

Guess it goes to show we all have an issue being told your money is gonna get fucked up because of the color of your skin, huh? I'm tired, I don't want to yell, I don't want to have a target on my back, and I don't want to lose work or have to cause waves, but I also don't want to feel like some fuckin' leper at work either. I would rather be judged as an individual when it comes to talent selection. Does color have to come in sometimes? Yes of course, you can't have a Black man play George Washington anymore than you could have a white woman play Whoopi Goldberg. Do you have any idea what it feels like to go to work and have 60% of your co-workers say, "Sorry won't work with you, you're Black"? Trust me, it's a shitty feeling, and then to have your advancement opportunities capped because you can't work with some of that 60%. Shit now you'll just get mad.

I worked this Industry using "Hot by Association" I know I'm not everybody Cup of Tea. Some people seem to think the Best selling model has to be White All American type, muscles, dick and ass. So to exploit this Myth, I created Diesel Washington!! You take the All American type add with Diesel and that equals a Hot scene with a contrast in skin tones, style, intensity, bah bah.

When I went Free agent I wanted to be paired with Exclusive models(I wanted to work with all the Exclusive models from all the Studios)I thought I was going to have the opportunity to work with the "Big Names". It didn't work out that way but the models that I did work with, came to the Set ready to perform and We put out scenes that were like Liquid Crack!!! So now I would rather work with someone lesser known because they will come on set with something to prove and something to show the world!!

I got tired of the excuses, every time I was approached to work with a company I went straight for the exclusives and got the same responses each time.

"That model has filmed all the scenes on his contract"

"That model is already partnered with another model"

"That model had to back out because of a prior commitment"

"That model is not scheduled to work on this movie"

I went Free agent in 2008 and I just worked with my First exclusive model in 2010??? Anyway.......

In a nutshell, the term Interracial I have a problem with it. If some models are not into Interracial, that cuts down the number of models to work with. If studios don't like Interracial(thinking they don't sell) that cuts down the number of Studios to work with.

The term Interracial is only applied when its Black and White. It doesn't apply to Latins, European, Asian, bah bah bah

So it's like being singled out, because every other ethnic group can perform with a white Co Star and not have their scene slapped with an "Interracial" stamp.

Because of that "Interracial" stamp your placed in a Niche market...

Some people say that they use the Interracial stamp so Fans can find their particular taste in Movies without it getting lost in a sea of other film work. My answer to this??? If you need to use the Interracial stamp just to sell movies then I don't think you have faith in the models that you chose for the roles. Hot guys are Hot guys.....

I think having Hot Guys in a scene IS the selling point right there. Adding the term Interracial because its starring a Black and White model just takes away the hotness of the scene. And believe Me I have been to Porn stores, all the Interracial work is grouped usually in the back of store. When you go through the DVD sections, Falcon, Raging Stallions, JetSet, Colt, Channel 1 releasing, Titan and other studios all of their work is located to the front of the store. In the back of the store, is all Fetish DVD's, Twink, ThugPorn, Leather, and of course your Interracial. So yeah the fans can find your work, its just in the back of store.

Anyway I'm ranting too much you get my point, and thanks to Justin Long!! You spoke your mind and anybody that has the courage to speak their mind without fear!! Gets my respect!!

So can the descriptions of the porn scenes be changed from an Interracial cast, to a Racially Diverse cast????

"Interracial"(1990's) to the updated "Racially Diverse"(2010)

Its a thought right???


Laurie (WJ) said...

Hi T....a good read thanks..I guess the odd/hard part about freedoms is that I/you (?) stand for them even when you don't like the other persons point of view ie the "no I don't do interracial"....not sure how you change that...I guess the video below in the blog is a good way of making it a trivial matter by making it just one of the options available...of course some actors cant do it all etc as they cant handle the challenge of acting out certain characters...thinking of regular movies (non adult) were some can only be the good guys as their image prevents them portraying a really evil character while others can handle this which I think proves their real acting abilities..I hope you se what I am getting at here... Rgds...Laurie

Eduardo Guize said...

great post. I'm white, dating a black guy and, although I use it sometimes for simplicity, I don't like the word "interracial" either. "inter" sounds like you're crossing a line, like an interstate road. I prefer to be refer to as a "mixed couple", cause it's on all the mix, like a good cocktail.

Anonymous said...

This may seem like nitpicking but I hate the term interracial because we are all the same race, we are just different because of where our ancestors came from.

Their bodies adapted to the environments they evolved in and that's the only thing that really makes us different. I think they should call it something other than interracial, our race is human and we are all that, our ethnicities may be different but we are all still 1 race.

It's kinda like this, a german shepherd and a labrador are both dogs right? same species just different breeds, that is kinda what it's like for humans when you break it down, we are a different species than a dog ofcourse but the same principal applies, we are all one in the same species just different "breeds" if you will of that species. I'm not comparing any one group to dogs either, had to throw that in there before someone gets overly sensitive and thinks I'm comparing them directly to a dog lol.

As far as people having preferences, I don't know about you guys but I am attracted to who i'm attracted to. I am white but have never been with a white guy, if I were a porn start my preference would probably be not to work with other white models because I don't find light skin or light hair and eyes attractive, would that make me racist? or just wanting to work with someone that turns me on? it's not like the fact that they are white is something I look down on I just don't find other whites attractive usually unless they are very dark featured.

This is the kind of subject that someone would have to look into pretty deeply I think to understand, there are too many conclusions people could jump to on the surface but when you look deeper I think their is more to it.

Anonymous said...

Hi T...having another read and "racially diverse" is a better description/term I reckon..Rgds...Laurie

Anonymous said...

Diesel I totally agree with you .It is totally fucked up that this goes on and as a Blackman from Philly: I grew up with that as well.. th non-admittance to clubs, hiring, even from my own "lighter skinned" distant family members who had social affairs! And I just mentioned this article to another friend and he shrugged and said "thats what sells..if Black porn sold they would buy it up like rap music"...I guess Barack Obama was a tipping point to awaken awareness but lets face it he looked really DARK,overweight, and not as attractive would he have been elected? my hats off to the new generation that now embraces we find these barriers dropping in our life-time.

James said...

Wrote about this topic AGES ago under the pseudonym Billie Armstrong. Looks like we sort of agree.