Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Okay I wanted to clear up some misconceptions....

Model development is an ongoing process when it comes body type.

I didn't emphasis the importance of the body. God!! It's seriously the most mental mind fuck of the whole process of being a Porn star. It's a lifestyle change, that never stops and you have to be prepared for that.

There are so many people out there that are Exhibitionists!! Having the body to show off is a major plus. Duh that is not easy to understand..

Before I decided to get into Model Development I was receiving emails from potential models that wanted to get into the Industry and no offense...

Some of the people that forwarded their pictures, I'm sure you have the desire and the passion for becoming a Porn Star. The road will be long for some and shorter for others.

It's personal training, people have to have the desire to make a change I can't force you to run or exercises, but I can give you that motivation!!

There is a Bear Market out there, Big Shout out to the Bear performers!! I got to give love to the Bears!!Matter of fact, Big Shout out to the Muscle bears, bears, cubs, otters...there are many parts of this community. Holla!!

Back to the body, lets nail down on the overall general version of the porn body(not including Twink, Bear, Tranny LOL). Body type for the porn star changed, its the more Muscle/Jock shaped body that seems to popular right now.

Good broad shoulders(front/side delts)

A good chest stands out, one that shows development of the upper/outer pecs(mostly).

The classic V torso(development of upper, mid, lower lats)..having a good back.

Definition in the triceps(Lateral, Medial, Long heads of the muscle)

Nicely shaped biceps(you don't need baseballs, I want to lick LOL)

The hardest part, that is a pain in the ass!! Stomach!!

Abs, is the most important trademark of the Porn Star body. I fucking hate doing Abs!! I really do!! Don't get it twisted, I do not like going to the gym 5times a week to work out and train!!. Half my life is spent in the gym, but its worth the pay off!! I'm always asked the same question how to work on getting those Abs.

Honest answer: Exercise, Cardio, Diet.....you have to pay to find out the rest. LOL

Back to body:

Having tight legs, If your a bodybuilder the whole tear drop quadriceps is like highly advanced(More power to them that is Pro shit)I'm fine with strong tight runner legs.

The Ass!!! Yes the Ass!!!A round firm Ass!!Making those Glutes nice and tight! A bubble ass that is something that ur blessed with. Sorry!! Although with proper training you can work any butt into a gold mine.

That is the overall picture and that changes because everybody has a certain body type(ectomorph mesomorph endomorph)and u have to gear the work outs toward the body type. This is not easy stuff to teach through a blog post!!


I know it sounds like I'm using Model Development just to get Laid!! That is not the case....

I went from watching Porn movies and jerking off to them. To starring in them!!!! I'm not only a model but I'm a fan!

I didn't have an open door to get into this Industry!! Matter of fact I was turned down when I first applied to Titan. True story!! I was turned down by alot of studios. But that was my first attempt!!

I came back stronger and more focused, the body was tighter and I was ready! Titan gave Me a shot and I ran away with it......

I personal train, that is my other job! So taking that knowledge and applying it to Model Development, the porn star body will be achieved.

And what is the worst case scenario??

You don't achieve that Porn Star body??

Your still wind up losing weight, getting in better shape and just living healthier!!

Model Development sounds like fun and games, but I know its basically personal training and that is a job.

Distance is no problem, I have How to Vids showing the exercises that are needed for each body part. I will write out the work out schedules, diet plans and cardio. Then take progress reports charting your progress. I don't like scales(so its not about the weight loss) its about the Visual picture of your body. Looking at your progress pictures almost like a Porn still picture. U can see the changes that the body makes, the muscles are fuller or more defined. Waist is becoming slimmer, you can see that in pictures and fine tune workouts to hit target areas.

Anyway I have been holding this news for a long time and finally I want to experiment with this project. It's nothing formal yet...

Its just passing on some Promoting tips, Work out tips, performer tips on to some people they may have no clue how to start.

Nobody helped Me!! But I want to give back and help people who may have no clue how to start or where to start.

And this blog is living proof that I started from the ground up. I was writing this blog before I even jumped on a Porn Set, before I signed a contract.

It started Dec 12, 2005 http://www.dieselwashingtonxxx.com/2005/12/it-has-just-started.html

That was my very first post....... Dec 2005??? Wow!

Alot has changed!!


Anonymous said...

I'm so confused about your "Model Development" project. The things your are describing sounds like DV8 Casting and Fabscout with some long distance personal training sprinkled in? And how do you make money from "models" that are just getting into the industry broke and that performers don't make much money these days (exception Sean Cody, Randy Blue, etc?) Everyone knows that these come to the industry needing money.

OK, now you are calling yourself a "model". What the difference between a "model" and a porn performer?

Anonymous said...

I think you Model Develop. Proyect it's a good idea, as you say you have a good inside of how things work, and if you had see porn as long as you say, have you think in produces your on product. Has you said tech has change the world. and You have a great taste for what you do and your proyects, I thing the most logical next step for you profesional grow is do your on work... from develop the model you want to the script of the porn that you know work. As Bobby Blake Opened alot door for new Actor and piss alot people on there moment for promote the respect the alot Blk Start on that time deserved,( the Martin Luther King of porn ) . I think you can you can do that and more. It just a natural grow of your own develoment. What happend when you hit the sky..... Just keep moving

Rex said...

Way awesome!