Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Well I attempted to do a Live Show!!

Major #FAIL

I don't know the software well and figuring it out is giving Me a Headache. I tried to do something to be more in touch with my Fans. I keep saying it, I'm here for the Fans, I set up the polls, using that to get info directly from the Fans. So I want to hear your thoughts.. Granted I set up the polls and give you the choices...LOL

But nevertheless you do have power here, I think that is so important!! I do the Behind the Scenes things and the interviews and still "Share" my life will the loyal readers. I'm often called, "Crazy" "Out there" "Outspoken" and then the not so nice stuff...

My life has been infused with Porn, Escorting, Promoting along with my own personal life. It's hard balancing the different aspects of my life, so I come here to vent and let my hands type type.

Whatever impression that people have of Me, I can't control. I write this blog of Rants and Raves and just talk about bullshit that happens in LIFE. Being somewhat of a public figure(still confusing Me)I don't know how this blog interferes with the Process of making Movies???? I say it like a question because some people have the impression that I'm a trouble maker!! I laugh because this blog is nothing but writings and jumbled thoughts that people read on a screen. People seem to think I have some power in the Industry...Maybe????

Now I will admit there is a certain power you have when you write a popular blog. I am a Blogger that is a Porn Actor!! Observations that I blog about are meant to be entertaining, share a glimpse of my personality and some posts do go the left field. I Over analyze and Overreact and readers will understand when I write something from the hip, its comes out Hard Hitting and Intense. But in the next post, I come back to explain the reasons for the Hard hitting post, after I had a chance to think about the situation fully.

I am prone to making mistakes, and I can only fix mistakes I made and make amends. The most touchy subject has been my Mom, and a few posts ago I flipped out!! While that made Me look bad I could careless...

Telling stories about the Users, abusers probably made Me look bad. But this is my life, and I write about What effects Me. So I could careless yet again..

I could guard myself with every post I write, but that would not be fair to the Fans. I think most of the people out there relate to Me even though I'm wrapped up in this Porn Star package.

I'm human and I could go on and on about all the email I receive about people going through the same problems. The readers that give Me props about talking about certain subjects that People would not speak about on this kinda of "Setting". The readers who come on this roller coaster ride with Me(Love You),You guys stick to Me so close because you can feel every key stroke of emotion....

Thanks for being constant readers of CRIMES AGAINST NATURE

Unlike other people I will not change the name of my blog(JEREMY FEIST HAHA)although I might change the design of the layout, and the way certain things are arranged but I will not change the name. Which brings Me to another Question??

In the five years of writing this blog(in Dec)I haven't added any Advertisements or Affiliates which is a source of money. Call Me stupid!! The reason behind that?? I felt do to the nature of some of my posts, I didn't want to feel like a slave to advertisers. If you don't understand I will explain it like this:

I have some blogging friends, that wrote some really down and dirty blogs(I don't link them here)and they tell Me the stories about advertisers pulling their backing because of some of the edgy posts. The day I sit down and write a post and have to start thinking about What to write that wont piss off your advertisers is the day I really need to stop blogging...

I don't like that pressure of not being able to write What I want to write about. So I never bothered to add all the banners and links because I want to be able to write freely. I am open to the idea of advertisers(you guys have been very generous in your offers)so I will be probably Sell out very soon, you guys have been warned!!

No seriously....

Poll Time:

Moving on.......

Since I'm Outspoken on my Blog, some people seem to think that might interfere with my ability to get jobs. Your Right!! It does become a problem for Me. But there are simple reasons why I should still get hired!! Here goes:

I turn out a product that people download/purchase/watch and get off to!!

Without sounding Cocky, I have a Huge fan base(Thanks for following)that have Big time buying power!!

I turn out Smoking Hot performances time after time.

I add that Diesel Washington touch to all my roles

Award Winning performer

Promotion Machine

Model, promoter, BTS guy all in one!!

And because I'm simply awesome!!(that was a joke)

I guess since I lack the ability to Kiss Ass(I only Rim it)it keeps Me from getting certain jobs. I don't live by Home bases where the Porn is created which is another factor. And I'm not apart of the whole WEHO mafia thing, or the newly minted SF Posse.

I'm a Free agent and out of those Loops, but I'm still fighting the good fight!! I'm the lone warrior still fighting the Odds in this ever changing Industry! I'm gaining ground because I'm still working, still getting nominated and still turning out Hot performances time after time. I don't have any large backing, I'm not an exclusive I don't have Sugar daddies, all I have is my knowledge and experience and Passion for making Memorable scenes. Those factors alone keep Me popular and a Fan favorite.

More importantly the supporters and Fans keep Me sane and keep Me wanting to explore more of this business. I'm lucky enough to have people that keep reading this blog, I'm lucky enough to remain popular despite the Ups and Downs I go through on this blog.

Another treat for Loyal Fans, here is another Vid I brought back for Fans Starring Jeremy Feist and Diesel Washington:

I like doing these Tributes to good Movies, expect more of them...

I want to cover some business...

Congrats to Zach(Unzipped blogger)for making the leap to blogging for www.TheSword.com(well played)

Bye Paul you will be missed!! If that didn't make sense to you here it goes slowly.....

The writer of the Unzipped blog was hired by theSword to write for them! Paul out, Zach In!!

On a serious note, Paul you will be missed!! Can someone please leave comments of Paul you will be missed on www.Thesword.com in the comment section announcing his departure??? God you people are mean, Paul was cool!!

Moving on to Zach

I think he is the perfect fit for TheSword, also I hear he is moving to SF and out of LA. I hope he gives the middle finger to the WEHO out there(Bitches). I know he won't cause he's a nice guy and a juicy story is a juicy story.....So I can't blame him!! Cheers to leaving Fake WEHO(sorry still sore for being kicked out of Here Club so my post)

And that for any person is a great thing, maybe WEHO is not my thing(We all know this)so coming over to the refreshing SF is a good thing. Anyway Congrats!!

Congrats to Race Cooper who was hired as an Exclusive for Raging Stallions Studio. I hear He took the position left by Scott Tanner(Love you Bro) who moved on to Kink.com Big Shout Out to both these guys.

In other News, there is talk about Colt Studios having money problems. I hope its just rumors and Colt pulls through. Ashame to have such an Iconic Studio fold in these hard times of recession....hope its just rumor!!

Well another post coming at you.

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