Monday, June 07, 2010


Shit!!! I had to have a way way different title than anybody else....

This time around I stuck to my guns, I took about 7 pictures and no footage. This was my trip, my time to shine and despite DRAMA!

I still kicked Ass!! I can't lie I had an amazing time!!!

I waited enough time, to let everybody else put up their footage and Vids. Same ole same ole. Shoutout to Hunter!! Now usually I'm the guy that is sticking a camera in people's face but I played this trip so low key. It was strange watching him with the camera people were just drinking and laying on the couch and stuff just chilling...

I do have to admit, I felt kinda of Old with this crowd. Not in the sense like I was the old man in the room(I probably was)but this was my fourth time at Grabbys. I did the hotel running around and IML and club hopping. I did take in the scenes and go to the park and did some shopping and just take in the city.

Okay usually when I write my posts I start at the very Beginning play by play.

Not this time, I just want to get right into the Vid of the Show.... No drama no bullshit!!!

Big shoutout to Jim over at He did the Vid work and the Editing work on the Vids and plus He's a cute Pup!!! Round Asses on Asian boys is a good thing

I do have to say sorry for one thing, I did a foul at a party..

My Bad to Howard, I was hanging with the Dazed and Confused way too long and I spilled some protein shake at the party. Yeah I will put myself on blast, Damn Protein!!

I spilled some on my WarMachine baseball cap(You will see in pics)anyhow...

On to the show, here is the opening Vid footage of the show:

Now Chi Chi does her bit on stage with Honey West and of course, I was going to get caught in the cross fire of some mean jokes.. mother jokes...

After their bit they call out the Co hosts and I was ready to hit the stage. Here is the Vid of Diesel hitting the stage...

Now we had to bring up the next presenters for the awards....

Meanwhile I'm running to the dressing and doing a quick change of outfit. Yes I was that Host(Going all out), I see that Chi Chi and Honey have different outfits on for each section of the show. I was doing the same thing, I had 6 outfits ready for the show and each time that I came out on stage I was wearing a different outfit. It may be corny to you, but I was going all out and having some fun. No other host(Previous) got on stage and had a change outfit and kept pace with the big names of Chi Chi and Honey West..I was rocking with my cock out......

Okay, I did my bit on stage and at first I thought the energy was going to be high paced. I looked at Chi Chi and We glanced at each other and We just decided to go out and just have some fun. It was a long two days of partying beforehand just to get to the show, I just wanted to have some fun on stage. So We played Nice!!

Now this is the most important piece of this post, I go on stage and talk about the most important subject that I wanted to talk about and I had the chance to express my feelings about the Industry..


Now I figured I would come out in the big pimp coat and start off with a funny bit. Just to get the crowd into the action, get a quick laugh. After you hit them with the go into serious mode.

Serious mode, now I probably didn't win over any friends by stating my opinion. When I first came into this Industry, I wanted to force the Industry to take notice of a Dark Skinned African American....a Kid from Brooklyn NYC raised on Staten Island. I was the guy on the DL that was jerking off to Falcon Movies, Titan Movies, Hot House, JetSet, Raging Stallion, Colt the list could go on and on. I went from jerking off to those movies, to being in them. Before I got into the movies, I always wondered why I didn't see more Black guys. At the same time, I would see hot guys with these Bubble asses but they were always paired up with these Lazy tops that wouldn't POUND some ass. I told myself if I ever had the chance to become a performer I would beat up some ass every time on screen.

Anyway having the opportunity to address the entire Industry about the subject of Diversity. And the need to have more Men of Color...

I was Direct, Honest and Straight forward..

During the course of the Show I won Best Supporting Actor. When I went up to the Microphone I kept it very short. I just said Thank you....

I want to be a true gentleman and finish my acceptance speech here.

I like to thank Gay Chicago, Mark and Stacy for throwing a great show. I have to Thank Falcon Studios for giving Me the opportunity to work for them. To work for Falcon was a highlight of my Career and I'm truly blessed that I was recognized for my work with Falcon. Big Big Shout Out to Ryan Raz my Co star, there was alot of energy on that set and We performed. that is the post I wrote about working with Falcon. That scene would have not been the same if it wasn't for Ryan Raz. Big Shout Out to Adam from Falcon, Good to see you in Chi town and my lips are "Unzipped" on how much I love hanging out with you.

Speaking of Unzipped, theSword and Unzipped bloggers Invaded my room!! Damn Bloggers always knocking on my door!! HAHAH Here is the Vid:

And I guess I will put up whatever pics that I got from Unzipped, TheSword, Giophotography(Big Shout Out Gio who won Best Still Photographer)Hunter,..

Just random pics:

I wanted to get that out fast, I still have another post to write about talking to some of the Big Heads in the Industry. That I have to save for its own post!!

Pictures are still coming in and I'm uploading some of the pics I took and I will finish telling the stories from Chi town.

Stay tuned!!


Anonymous said...

the front of Jim is even better- I remember him from when I did political blogging on LiveJournal- wish I still had that pic...let's just say I was very impressed!!

Dre said...

Looking real sexy as a Mack. U wanna pimp me Daddy?