Sunday, June 27, 2010


I don't speak about my escorting that much but I had an unusual experience with one of my clients.

Direct to the point, I fucked in a Church..

Before everybody goes nuts, We fucked in a room above the Church(one of the Churches in Manhattan) No it wasn't a priest or any religious figure. It was someone working at the Church.

It might sound strange, but that was one of the places where I wanted to fuck. On my List of Places Where I want to fuck at. So scratch church, I was so hyped that you know I had to take pics. Good session as well, Big Shoutout Bud!(He reads the blog)

There you go:

So moving on, it was Pride Weekend in NYC and I had a good time. It's alittle weird going to a huge event at during the day. But it was cool, I was walking around the city just taking pictures and I wanted to share them with you.

Friday night the colors in the air:

Great graffiti art on the truck:

Well here is Me being Nerdy and showing my My Tee shirt and my Body:

Sights at the Pride in NYC 2010:

Here is a Dominic Ford pic from the Man himself:

And the Vid:

So the parade was a bust for Me(not in the way you think)I'm kinda of jaded when it comes to the parades, its alot of people and the sun was out hard!! All the walking and then the cops closed off some the streets, so its like you have to go four blocks over to find an entrance inside and it was the same was for the exit.

I enjoy meeting fans and taking pictures with the People. I notice the common trend out there when it comes to meeting your Fans?? You people are some cheap bastards!!!Every Fan that came up saw Me on this Tube that Tube..Geez!LOL And from what I'm told the scenes up on those sites are doing very very well!! Note to those tube sites, the Watch Dogs will get you one of these days, they want to safeguard their material By All Means Necessary...I can't blame them. You have been warned!

Let move onto the realness part...

Vid of John Magnum, explaining why he wore the wig(hair piece)at the Grabby Awards

The Realness comes into play, I have always had a crush on John Magnum. I listed him as one of the Newcummers that I wanted to fuck in this post

When I saw John Magnum out in Chi Town, he had the wig on. I approached John and We started talking...

John asked Me if I liked his hair I asked him "Are you Sensitive??" He said "Fuck No!!" I said "No Lie, I liked your hair the way it was Man! No offense" He said none taken, We talked for a few more moments and then He was gone. I thought He might be upset because I told him truth, it was brutally honest but I wanted to be real. After seeing that Vid, I'm glad that I was honest!! I'm not fake and I don't need to lie to make someone feel better. So I'm glad John that u got first hand knowledge on how some people in this industry operate. They smile to your face and act like everything is okay, but behind your back they point fingers at you and talk shit!! I knew that from Day one. That is why I don't get involved in Crews and Clicks, you must be able to stand on your own!! I take pride on not being a follower!! The rest are a bunch Ass kissers, Liars, Game players and Time wasters!!.

Speaking about lieing to someone to make them feel better.......

I recently read on a former friends blog, that somehow I lied to him. Really??? This so called friend tried to call me out on his blog. I was shocked because I did not know where it was coming from. Regardless of the story, this guy is starting to believe his own hype and is becoming more and more his porn character.


I will have little concern for people like that who can't be direct and str8up, he needs to express himself through emails and tweets. Come on How do you expect any relationship/friendship to work if there is no communication?? moving on...



Instead of handling the problem directly, and talking to Me like a Man. You again want to play the twitter and blogging game!! Dude I have my issues to deal with and I never said I was perfect. Writing on a blog, that U dont want Me in ur Life. Reality check, this isn't some episode of Deseparte House Wives NJ(Love that show) That is Some Bullshit!! I'm not in your life!! We talked on Twitter and We skyped twice...How is that being in your life? Its called Unfollow on twitter..its a simple button, and I know you know how to use Twitter.

You plan to try running your own website?? And you are afraid of hurting peoples feelings??? Good Luck with that......

Lastly U say I bring negativity in your life, and that your tired of my constant bashing of people(who either fucked me over,was insulting to Me)and that I act like the world Owes Me something?? Bold words, for someone that writes on a gossip blog that bashes all the celebrities. Some of it witty banter, funny observations and then just some str8out Hate!! Wanting to punch celebrities in the face, kick down stairs, Die Die and all that stuff.

But yet....

Will not say a single bad word to models You and I know YOU do not like?? You are a smart cookie, you see the bullshit that you encounter with this business yet you dont write about in your posts??. U can break down Vids(frame by frame), you make observations about people, celebrities, twink culture in you neck of the woods. Your critize everything....... except the porn business.

I will give you props your tweets(are funny)and I like most of your observations(sometimes alittle mean when it comes to famous people)I still respect you as a blog writer. At same time, knowing that you will not apply that same sense of humor, when it comes to the Porn Industry. Hmmm???

As a writer, you will not cross that line when it comes to the Porn Industry!! Its because your a newcummer, and you wouldn't be stupid enough to say anything bad about anybody cause You want the jobs. "Don't bite the hand that feeds you" type of thing? Cool I can understand that.

We differ because I earned the right to speak my opinion. Geez if they are going to use my image and pictures, which they can sell to any other company(endorsements, posters, merchandise) I think I have the right (as I am the character)to speak about the Industry. Unlike other people, I like to have control of my character(much as possible)because....My sexuality is my own!! I perform on film to show off the skills!

On the Flip side, you can trash any celebrity figure(movies, TV, stage, radio, political, Reality star bah bah)but won't make one single funny witty
"Observation" about the Porn Industry?? I would have thought as smart as you are you would say that something about Steven Daigle. You know the Reality Star that does porn now?? Nothing?? Don't want to touch it?? I would have thought you would have said something about the "Flying FleshJack" but nothing...

You couldn't go there?? Hmmm? You can hope for Tela(whatever)to get stabbed in the face!! Burned alive bah bah bah..... But nothing about the Industry?? Wow

I forget you get Paid to trash people online, that is your pass. I'm wrong because I trashed those that fucked Me over for free or was seeking press. Its okay you that spread negativity, and the most hateful comments about celebrities cause it's all fun and games.

So logic would say, that you would trash porn stars if you were paid to do so. Hmm interesting...

But I'm not giving you a whole post, you just get a small piece.

To the haters who read my blog, I constantly brag about the awards??? Dumb asses I have new readers everyday that come to my blog for the first time. I keep reprinting the awards and accomplishments because I have new readers, who may not know anything about Me.

I know how people read blogs, they go through the recent posts to a certain point. I have almost five years of experiences on this blog, I cant expect the readers to go through every single post..

So loyal readers be patient, I know you get tired of hearing Me talk about this award or that award. I just want to make sure the new readers are on the same page when it comes to my story!!

What else??

Deadline for ANBB is on July 1, 2010 remember that!! I'm looking for the Newest Black Bottom that wants to attack the Industry just as hard as I did. I will release some info to applicants in the next day or so. This is a real contest, and
you the Fans get a chance to show your power. Stay tuned for that!!

And its poll time:

Hmm what else??

Thats it until the next post!


James said...

Um... YES!
Just thinking of this is taboo & HOT!

Anonymous said...

and when you get to DC go on up to Philly next

Diana said...

california, maybe?

the former friend: it is what it is

i dont blame him for not talking about the industry he wants to be in. do you want to make money or do you want to run your mouth? hes choosing to make money i suppose. and as a greenhorn in this he probably should not be biting the hand that feeds him.